Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 20)


It’s a long time since posting this update, so I’ll just brief ull on what happened
Dhaani loves Soham.. Soham died.. Dhaani and dulaari run away from kanpur because of something which will be revealed soon… They stay in banaras where Viplav and dhaani meet and fight.. Dhaani misunderstands Viplav and calls rakshas….. Dhaani meets shanti who has lost her child and after finding so many lawyers they meet Viplav who takes her case… There is a misunderstanding there too but soon is cleared and dhaani understands Viplav is a nice person… They have a cassette which is important but because of shanti the cassette is lost and pankaj is injured because he had the cassette

Guys I was really overwhelmed when I saw ur responses… Thank u so much for praying for Me… Please give me suggestions as to want me to proceed the story.. I’ll try my level best to incorporate those ideas.. Love u guys

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Today episode
Viplav gets pankaj back
Viplav office
Viplav – pankaj if u need anything just call me… Don’t take so much stress
Pankaj – yes Viplav, don’t worry
Viplav – I’ll get water for u
Viplav goes
Dhaani enters Viplav office
Dhaani – pankaji how r u? I hope ur not getting much pain
Pankaj – external pain can be cured but what about the internal pain
Dhaani – what do you mean?
Pankaj – I cannot forgive myself….
Dhaani – it’s not ur fault…..
Pankaj – don’t feel pity on my condition and say this… Tell me was the video important? how is that shanti?
Dhaani – yes that video was important for us to win the case..maybe if the video wasn’t lost shanti would be relaxed but ur life….
Viplav – bas Dhaani…. Dhaani how can u say that the video was important… Can’t u c that Pankaj is not fine…. U cant c his wounds.. Can’t u c his weakness…. That video got lost doesn’t mean that I lost the case…. How can u be so insensitive…. I can make 1000 of videos but I can’t get a friend like pankaj…. Stop blaming pankaj
Dhaani – vakeel babu u r misunderstanding m….
Viplav – right now go out from here….
Pankaj – Viplav…. How r u talking
Raj – listen to her
Viplav – I can’t even see the face of those person who doesn’t care of anyone’s life… What will I listen… Dhaani pls go out
Dhaani has tears in her eyes.. She leaves
Pankaj – Viplav r u mad…is this the way to talk
Viplav – take this water and leave me alone… I can’t hear u supporting her
Viplav goes
Raj comes out
Raj – Dhaani…. I am really sorry for what happened…. It was me who asked u to be calm with viplav… I don’t know why viplav reacted like that
Dhaani- it’s ok… But raj believe me…. I was going to say that pankaj life is more important and I trust vakeel babu that he will get shanti justice but before I could say he misunderstood me…. Now I understand how bad he must have felt when I misunderstood him….
Raj – I am sorry
Dhaani – it’s okay.. I’ll go
Dhaani leaves

Raj and pankaj go and tell viplav everything… Viplav feels guilty of shouting at dhaani
Tarini ashram
Badi Amma- dhaani food is over here… Ull go and buy from market
Dhaani – yes Badi Amma

Viplav is walking towards ashram when a man pulls him
That man name is arnav -(shanti sautan father)
Arnav – I heard u r shanti lawyer…. Chup chaap just leave the case… I’ll give u how much money u want
Viplav – everyone are not money minded like you…. U spoiled a girls life and now u r trying to buy me with some money..keep ur talks and hand to console ur daughter and son in law
Arnav- ur going to pay for what u said
He calls his goons and asks them to beat viplav
Viplav fights with the goons… One goon takes a knife and tries to hit viplav but a hand comes and holds the knife… It’s dhaanis hand… Viplav gets shocked seeing dhaani getting hurt
Viplav hits the goon… All the goons run away… Viplav looks at dhaani
viplav – dhaani r u fine… Show me ur hand..r u mad… Who told u to hold the knife?
Dhaani -I had to save u from them…
Viplav and dhaani have an eyelock
Viplav ties a cloth in dhaani hand
Viplav – dhaani I am sorry… I shouldn’t have spoken like that…. I am feeling very guilty…. Dhaani I got angry because…
Dhaani – it’s okay…. Misunderstanding do happen,.. N I know how does it feel when u lose a loved one
Viplav – I am sorry
Dhaani – but vakeel babu, these misunderstanding made me realise that u r not a bad person…. N my trust on u have increased
Viplav – thank u dhaani… Dhaani can I ask u something
Dhaani – ya..
Viplav – we fought a lot, now I want us to be friends… Will u be my friend?
Dhaani – widows are a bad omen for everyone… And u want to be friends with a bad omen
Viplav – ya… Widows r bad omen for everyone but not me
Dhaani smiles and shakes his hand
Dhaani – ok done friends
Viplav – dhaani, u think I’ll win guiness world record
Dhaani – for fighting shantis case no one will give award
Viplav – no for being friends with a gorilla
Dhaani – what? U called me gorilla… Actually I’ll get for being friends with rakshas… Bye
Viplav – dhaani listen…
Dhaani goes, Viplav smiles
Ishq Ishq rang rang Ishq ka rang safe…..

Dhaani and Viplav go to gautam ( shanti husband) house to search video and are locked

Guys I have become well now, sorry for late update… Love u guys
Give me suggestions or ideas please

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Arshdeep

    Loong long time mam. Good to know you are well?

    But what an entry..reminded me of tulsi incident when dhani saved viplav??
    Awesome mam

    You write amazingly well.. And i want you to continue the same way on the patterns of original ikrs as you are going till now

  2. Sujie

    Ma’am happy to see you back…This reminded me of Tulsi wala track…go on Ma’am ….loving it…. And take care

  3. Oh Goldie mam it was simply awesome dear and the last three lines were so funny ishq ka rang safed song reminds me the old sweet moments of vidhani..
    Happy to know that u are well now take care and keep rocking mam?

  4. Shruthy

    Really happy to know that you are well Goldieji ??? Hopefully you stay safe and all around you.
    Regarding the episode, it was wonderful. Thank God Dhaani didnt mistake Viplav’s anger and felt guilty for him. And now, they are finally friends! ??? Waiting for the next part.

  5. Hi goldie hope u r fine. Patience pays . After a long wait we got to read a lovely episode. Like others i too was reminded of tulsi incident when dhani had saved viplav. Here too dhani becomes saviour. Too good.

  6. Lakshmi

    loved it goldie ji……and where were u all these days…? missed ur ff….i hope u r alright

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  8. Meena

    Long time……. Happy that you are well and healthy.. Back with another dhamakedaar epi… I’m loving it…????????

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