Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 19)

Sorry guys for posting late… I.know ull wait for the ff…. But I seriously was very ill and doctor said rest so I couldn’t Make the ff… Now also very weak…. I hope ull forgive me and still like my ff. . Also todays episode u may not like… If like that pls tell me… I would be glad for any suggestions u give

And guys viplav dhaani won’t fall in love so soon atleast dhaani
Dhaani is feeling very guilty she Hurt viplav so she is trying to help him… She wants to be his friend… Because she realised he helps people selflessly… That’s it.. She still likes Soham
I wanted to post previous episodes link so ull won’t need recap… If anyone could tell me how to post link in the comments below I would be happy… Thank u all for wishing I get well… I love u all… Sorry once again if my today episode or ff is not good
Recap – viplav tells about cassette… Dhaani viplav nok jhok

Today’s episode
Dhaani – shanti what did u do? vakeel babu said u should not tell about the cassette
Shanti – I said in anger
Dhaani – shanti. If u want ur child u can’t think of getting angry.. Come with me
Viplav office
Dhaani and shanti tell everything to Viplav
Viplav – what! shantiji what did u do…. Do u know that’s such an important evidence and it can give u ur child within the first hearing itself….. What anger is this which can lead u to lose ur child
Shanti – I am sorry
Shanti falls down and start crying
Dhaani – Shanti!!
Dhaani kneels down and hugs Shanti
Dhaani – bas Shanti… Don’t cry
Viplav – Dhaani make Shanti sit in this chair
Dhaani makes Shanti sit in the chair
Viplav – see Shanti… I am sorry I shouldn’t have shouted at u…. But what can I do… I have promised u to give u ur child and I will fulfill the promise…. That’s my promise to u now. that I’ll fulfill the previous promise
Dhaani smiles
Viplav – I just hope pankaj comes with the cassette … Once it comes then let’s c who takes it from me and…..
Raj runs inside
Raj – Viplav what happened to ur phone… It not ringing
Viplav – raj what happened… Phones off… Why are u in this state
Raj – Pankaj is in the hospital badly beaten up… Come fast
Viplav – what!!!
Viplav runs out
Dhaani – Shanti u go to.the ashram… I’ll c and come
Dhaani goes behind viplav
City hospital
Viplav goes inside pankaj ward and hugs him
Viplav – If anything happened to u pankaj I would have died… Who did this? tell me
Pankaj – I don’t know viplav… I was coming with the cassette and some goons came and asked me to give the cassette and when I refused they beat me and took it away… I am sorry viplav.. I couldn’t help u
Viplav – shut up Pankaj.. Ur life is important… Don’t worry I’ll find some other way to win the case… U take rest… Raj just see him pls
Viplav comes out and cries
Dhaani puts a consoling hand on viplav
Dhaani – don’t cry pls… Pankaji will be alright
Viplav – Dhaani I can bear anything in this world but not anything.happening to my friends or family… U know whenever I feel lonely because I can’t fulfill family responsibility they my frnds Raj and pankaj supported me… There are times when I removed my anger and frustration on them… And they beared it quietly….. Now also more than his hurt he is worried that he lost the cassette and I can lose the case….. I will not bear if anything happens to him
Dhaani – nothing will happen to him… It’s only because of ur frnd today I know how good person u r…. I.know u haven’t forgiven me….I’ll get kada tomorrow… Maai made…. He will get alright soon… N don’t worry about cassette… I believe u will fight our case truthfully
Dhaani goes
Dhaani enters
Shanti – Dhaani that cassette isn’t lost na…. Viplavji got it na
Dhaani – Shanti take care…
Dulaari – cassette?
Dhaani – Maai they sent some goons and took the cassette after beating pankaji
Shanti – no!!! Oh god… Now what will happen…. How can Viplavji be a lawyer If he can’t take care of a cassette
Dhaani – bas Shanti.. Enough… U r being insensitive…. U told them about cassette… Vakeel babu, pankaji are humans and not goons to fight back with goons … Who asked u to tell about the cassette… Still Vakeel babu promised he will get justice for u
Shanti cries and goes
Dulaari – dhaani she is a mother…. Obviously she will be worried na beta
Dhaani – fault is hers and maai I saw a lot of qualities of sulekha ( sohams mom)…I beared so much Because of her… I won’t let shanti be another sulekha
Dhaani goes to shanti room
Dhaani – shanti., vakeel babu and me both promised to get u justice and ur son and we will… Keep faith..
Shanti hugs dhaani
Shanti – did u love anyone so dearly? Like how I lovr my son
Dhaani – I loved my husband a lot and I still love him….. It’s for him I am helping others.. Don’t cry

Pankaj – I hope dhaani ji dint misunderstand u
Viplav – no in fact she consoled me… I think I got promotion from rakshas to good rakshas
Raj – no say lawyer rakshas
Viplav – I am rakshas only for her… For ull I’ll be a lion ready to eat ull if u call me rakshas
Raj – I got scared pankaj… Someone throw the lion out
Viplav – raj!!
Viplav runs behind raj… They all have a group hug and laugh
Pankaj – aren’t u worried about the cassette
Viplav – I am worried for u…..cassette I can get anytime if u n raj r with me…. But I can never get any other friends like ull
Raj – we promise we will help u a lot
Viplav smiles

Precap –
Viplav shouts at dhaani
some goons are about to hit Viplav with knife… Dhaani catches the knife and gets hurt
Viplav dhaani friendship

Sorry guys for short update… Very weak… Now I pls request ull to give me some suggestions as to how ull want the ff to be interesting… Small pointe and someone pls tell me how to post link of previous episode
Sorry once again to be late

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  1. No need of sorry mam, we all can understand. Take care, get well soon!! And the episode was not at all boring, it was good, in fact I loved it… You can post a link by:
    Copy the link by clicking on the link and paste it on your ff sheet.. I hope you understood.. Take care

  2. Yes goldie as maria said i have written too good. N since you r weak i would suggest u to rest for some days n afterwards only post the ff. Request u to rest pl….ease. i think i am like yr elder sis. pl lidten. N as far as ff is concerned is fabulous n going good????

  3. First of all you must take care of yourself. So dont be sorry for posting late. Your health is more important.
    And the episode was good re, it might be a turning point into your storyline. So keep up the good work. Will be waiting for your next parts 🙂

  4. Goldie it’s good. Don’t ever dare to say your ff boring. Or u will have to face me first. And if I get angry then I don’t leave anyone. So remove the word boring from your dictionary. And also take care of yourself. Get well soon.

  5. No need for sorry mam, and please take care of your health ☺☺

  6. It’s too good .. love ur ff very much as it reminds us old ikrs .. don’t say sorry because ur health comes first.. take care of ur health and keep rocking?..

  7. Goldie mam great episode
    Loved the bonding between friends..
    Get well soon..Take care

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