Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 18)

Recap – dhaani apologises to viplav…. Viplav is angry on dhaani

Today episode
Dhaani – arae rakshas eat na
Viplav – I am already angry with u….n ur telling me rakshas to irritate me more?
Dhaani – r u a small child to get irritated…. Agree to the fact u r a rakshas, u will feel better and not get irritated
Viplav – very funny…. Why did u get food but
Dhaani – it’s my way of saying sorry
Viplav – I don’t want it
Dhaani – now if u dont eat it I’ll actually change ur name plate outside from Viplav tripathi to
Viplav – rakshas tripathi?
Dhaani – no..
Viplav- r u serious… U won’t call me rakshas
Dhaani – yes… I have a better name
Viplav – yes any name is better than rakshas… What’s the name?
.dhaani -. Hippopotamus tripathi
Viplav gives a fake angry look
Dhaani laughs

Dhaani – now pls have this food and forgive me…. I’ll go n c shanti till u eat
Dhaani goes.
Viplav smiles – mad dhaani is, for my forgiveness she made food… My mind feels to forgive her
Viplav eats the food
Viplav – wow food is tasty…. But no Viplav, she shouted at u, so u will trouble her
Viplav smiles

Dhaani – shanti everything done?
Shanti – ya I told
Viplav comes there
Viplav – pankaj u wrote down everything?
Pankaj- ya viplav
Viplav – take the printout…. Okay pankaj taste this food
Pankaj tastes it
Pankaj – wow its tasty
Viplav – no it has salt less
Pankaj – but
Viplav – so it’s not an acceptable food for whatever its made

Dhaani understands what Viplav is saying and shows a face
Pankaj – okay Viplav I’ll go and take the printout and get the cassette
Viplav- ok…. Dhaani and shanti pls see to it that no one gets to know about the cassette…. Because if it is lost, we.will lose an important evidence… It should not be known to anyone until I present it in court
Dhaani – ya, I’ll c to it
Viplav – ok ull go, I’ll tell u the date soon
Shanti goes
Dhaani – vakeel babu… Thank u for tasting my food…. Atleast I know u have forgiven me not full but Atleast half
Viplav – Dhaani I was and still am hurt… I need time
Dhaani – vakeel babu

A man enters Viplav office…
Viplav- govind…. U here?
Govind – I came to invite my sisters wedding
Viplav – congratulations… When is my little sisters marriage
Govind – next week…. U should come and bless her or she threatened me she won’t marry
Viplav – is she mad? tell her I’ll come
Govind sees dhaani
Govind – u r Viplav client? u have come to the right lawyer…he will get u justice…. My sister was accused of attempt of murder in the place where we had arranged to.get her married…. We were insulted that she even tried to suicide…. Viplav saved her and promised justice…. He cleared her name and bought happiness in her life… No body was willing to marry a girl accused of murder but because of Viplav my sister is happy again
Dhaani has tears in her eyes
Viplav – bas govind.. Don’t appreciate me so much… She is my sister too… I’ll come to her marriage
Viplav hugs govind
Govind leaves

Dhaani – there can be no one as good as u
Viplav – Dhaani, u r good too…. U r helping shanti….
Dhaani – no I.insulted u for no reason….
Viplav – u insulted me because u wanted to help her.. That doesn’t make u bad

Dhaani – so u forgave me?
Viplav looks at dhaani
Viplav -I want to but I can’t because doubting my loyalty was like doubting my justice to govind and his sister
Dhaani – I hope one day u.forgive me
Viplav goes near Dhaani
Viplav – I want to tell u something…. U r like a ELEPHANT
Dhaani – what
Viplav – elephant go.out
Dhaani – huh
Dhaani goes out
Viplav laughs

Dhaani – he called me elephant… Am,I so fat.. Huh….where is shanti
Dhaani searches shanti and sees shanti with gautam
Gautam – how dare u approach a vakeel….
Shanti – if u don’t want to go to jail, give my child
Gautam – never
Shanti – I will take my child
Gautam -how dare you stand against me
Gautam is about to slap Shanti, dhaani catches his hand
Dhaani – one time what u hit shanti, u think u can always do that…. Shanti is not week ok….. Don’t u dare raise hand on women or I’ll cut ur hand in pieces..
Dhaani throws his hand
Shanti – ull be in jail soon…. Vakeel saheb already recorded what u spoke that day and made a cassette… Now u lost
Dhaani – shanti…!! …… Shanti come with me
Dhaani takes Shanti n goes
Gautam – record… What record…. I need to find out

Dhaani – what’s the need to talk about the casette.. Vakeel babu told us they should not know
Shanti- I told In anger
Dhaani – god knows what will happen

Viplav is shocked to hear what happened
Pankaj comes badly injured
Dhaani Viplav shocked

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