Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 17)

Recap – dhaani shouts at viplav….. Raj tells dhaani the truth

Today episode
Dhaani goes inside viplav office
Dhaani – vakeel babu I am really sorry…
Viplav – Dhaani, right now go away from here
Dhaani – listen to me once, I met raj outside and he told me everything
Dhaani tells viplav about what raj said
Dhaani – I.know what I said was very wrong…. I don’t know how to apologise to u…. I am really sorry,… Really sorry
Viplav – do u think me as a toy… U needed me today… So ur kind… Tomorrow u will get angry so u will insult me ….. Dhaani I really had enough from u
Dhaani – vakeel saheb….
Viplav – pls Dhaani…. U know I love my profession…. I can bear anyone insulting me but anyone insulting my loyalty towards my profession is something I can’t bear and today u raised question on my loyalty
Dhaani – I am really sorry
Viplav – u told me that I am sold to them na.. Before saying this, did u even think…. I went to meet them because I wanted to hear both sides story…u just heard shantis story and decided she was right….but I am a lawyer and I wanted the right person to win for which I.wanted to hear both sides explanation… That’s y I went today without u or shanti knowing…. Dhaani I am really hurt… Please go from here
Dhaani – I know whatever I said was wrong.. I can never forgive myself for what I did… Still I am apologising… If u can pls forgive me
Dhaani folds her hand
Viplav – I want to be alone… Right now u just go from here and ya Dhaani though I am not forgiving u,doesn’t mean I won’t take up this case, like how u said, I am not like other lawyers…. I will get justice for shanti because she deserves it… And I am just ur lawyer,…I don’t know u otherwise.. Enough of our fights.. Now let’s just be strangers…. I am ur lawyer and u r my client…. Now pls go
Dhaani(sadly) – ok
Dhaani goes to the door
Dhaani – vakeel babu… That time with my anger I said u were a bad lawyer but now with my heart and truthfulness I say u r the best lawyer and nobody can change that
Dhaani leaves

Tarini vidwa ashram
Dulaari – shanti beta don’t cry, till god Is there nothing bad will happen… U will get ur son.. Suvarna get shanti water…. Didi where is dhaani!
Badi amma – she will come Dulaari
Dhaani comes and hugs Dulaari
Dulaari-beta what happened?
Shanti- u.spoke to him…? Dhaani what do we do…. He is such a corrupt lawyer… More than my baby his money Is more important… Such lawyers should be….
Dhaani – bas shanti…. Vakeel babu is the best lawyer… Think and talk… Do u know we were begging other lawyers to take our case and here Vakeel babu already got evidence…
Shanti- what
Dhaani tells what all happened
Shanti is happy
Shanti – I am so happy, I’ll get my child Bck…. Thank u dhaani…. Ill thank vakeel saheb tomorrow
Shanti goes
Everyone goes except duĺaAri and badii amma
Dulaari – kya hua beta
Dhaani hugs Dulaari and cries
Dhaani – maai I misunderstood vakeel babu and I spoke so many things… I insulted him… Maai whatever happened in kanpur after that I think I have become a bad person and started hurting people.. Maai vakeel babu is a very good person
Dulaari – no dhaani u can never be bad… U r very good person.. Mistakes happen by everyone.. It’s a sin if u do it purposely…. In kanpur sulekhaji did a sin… U just did a mistake…. Beta say sorry to him
Dhaani – Maai I said but he’s angry with me
Badi amma – apologise till he forgives u….I am sure if he is a good person he will forgive u because he can see u r apologising from heart
Dhaani – yes Badi amma I won’t leave hope and he will forgive me because he is very good

Next morning
Dhaani gets up early and makes breakfast for everyone… She packs a little for viplav

After eating dhaani and shanti leave to viplav office…. Viplav avoids looking at dhaani
Shanti -vakeel saheb, I am sorry… Because of me… U were insulted
Viplav – it’s ok
Shanti – I’ll get my child na
Viplav – I’ll leave no.stone unturned to get ur child…. My frnd pankaj does type writing…. So I need to take a written report. come with me and tell him what all happened
They go
Dhaani – he is so angry… I wanted to give this
Dhaani writes in some papers sorry in hindi and sticks it here and there… She then shouts vakeel babu… Pls come
Viplav comes there and sees papers stuck everywhere and Dhaani standing in the middle with hands in ears
Viplav smiles
Viplav – I said na whatever we talk should be only about case
Dhaani – I just want forgiveness
Viplav – I can’t give
Dhaani – I got for u something
Dhaani gives him tiffin
Viplav opens the dabba and sees a sorry chit with food
Raj comes
Viplav – I can’t eat yr food… Raj come let’s go and eat
Raj – I have work, I’ll go
Dhaani (jokingly)- arae rakshas eat na
Viplav looks at her

Dhaani Viplav cute nok jhok, Dhaani apologise again
Viplav tells them that no one should know about cassette

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