Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 16)


Viplav agrees to.take shanti case
Shanti hears viplav talking on phone and is shocked
Dhaani goes to meet viplav

Today episode
Dhaani walks towards viplav office but stops when she sees viplav talking to someone outside…. She tries to see whom viplav is Talking to and is shocked to c that it is the same person who was beating shanti… She sees that man giving viplav money
Dhaani gets very angry and goes to viplav office

After talking to that man viplav meets raj..
Viplav – u recorded na what all we spoke
Raj – ya.. But really ur very intelligent
They both reach outside the office where dhaani is sitting inside

Raj – sachme kya ullu banaya unko
Viplav – they deserve it raj…. Now c how I will make them lose the case
Dhaani hears this and misunderstands more
Viplav – now u go, take my mobile and see if u can make a casette of the recording
Raj goes and Viplav enters the office
Viplav gets shocked seeing Dhaani

Viplav – Dhaani
Dhaani – namaste vakeel saheb
Viplav – Dhaani, what are u doing here, I said na I’ll start case work from tomorrow
Dhaani – where were u…I was waiting for a long time
Viplav – actually…
Viplav is about to tell but thinks once the casette is made he will tell them
Viplav – I went to meet my client
Dhaani – ohh such a great lawyer u r…. Ur clients are so lucky to get a lawyer like u
Such a rakshas like u

Viplav – dhaani what are u saying
Dhaani – ur such a double standard person…. u know I thought I was wrong about u….but u proved me wrong… Ur so shameless
Viplav – dhaani bas.. What are u saying…
U know what are u saying
Dhaani – I very well know what I am saying…..I even know u r not fit to be a lawyer… Arae other lawyers atleast told us direct on the face that they can’t take our case but u stabbed us on our backs…. U know why? Because u are sold to them… They bought u by some money and u got sold… U lost all ur principles… Ur values everything… U know I hate u.
Dhaani takes out 10 rupees and gives it to Viplav…
Dhaani- this is ur fees for how u heard us in the morning… I won’t give u more than this because u r a very corrupt lawyer… Goodbye

Dhaani leaves
Viplav has tears in his eyes… He felt really bad because all his life he worked for poors good… He regarded his profession as a mean to help others….it was his life and he couldn’t bear anyone raising questions on his faithfulness…. He started crying since this was the first time someone raised a question on his profession
Raj who had come back to ask Viplav the address of the shop had heard everything… He gets very angry and goes behind Dhaani

Raj – Dhaani wait
Dhaani – u? oh so u r the rakshas friend na… Came to give safai for ur friend…. I don’t want to hear any explanation… I had so much from ur corrupt friend lawyer
Raj- mind ur language dhaani…. Mind ur language…. What do u know about viplav? from day one u shout at him and that bechaara just remains silent…. I was also quiet because it was some small argument but today u crossed ur limit… U raised a question on his profession,his character….
What did he do that u shouted at him like that

Dhaani – he played games with us… He took our case…. N then he meets the opposite party… I saw him talking to them with my own eyes

Raj – whatever u c Is not always true…. Did u even bother to hear what they were speaking
Dhaani – when shanti came to take her sons photo she heard him speaking on phone to them that he wants to talk to meet them regarding shanti and her child…. And he also said on phone that he won’t let shanti know about this…. While coming I saw him talking to the person who beat shanti… I saw them giving money to vakeel saheb and then I gave him a chance to tell me the truth… I asked him where was he, but he lied to me

Raj – what is ur relation with viplav,ur his wife? relative? arae ur not even his friend.. Why does he have to answer u…I don’t think he Is answerable to u but still because u r thinking wrong of him n I know he is hurt, I’ll reply u…..
Dhaani- what?
Raj – he is a lawyer…. A true lawyer… See this video

Raj shows a video to dhaani From viplavs mobile

Video starts
In that video viplav acts as if he is shanti brother and begs them to give shanti child or give them money
Shanti husband pushes viplav and says that he will never give shanti child back to shanti… Viplav then asks what mistake did shanti do?

Shanti husband – shanti parents did not give us dowry and my current second wife is more beautiful and basically her family had some enmity with shanti and her family so they gave me a lot of money to marry alia and take her child… Till I have money I don’t care.. I won’t give the child
( shanti husband current second wife name is alia…shanti husband name is gautam!)
Gautam -now take this money and keep quiet and go away… U said u r shanti far relative brother na, so be far from her and our case… Now go
Gautam gives viplav money ( dhaani had seen this)
Viplav – thank u for this money… Thank u…
Viplav then gives gautam back the money

Viplav – try to buy someone else…I am shantis vakeel and today I promise u that I will break ur pride for money and get shanti justice…. Whatever u want do… Try to stop me… U can’t do anything…. Count ur days gautam saheb…. Because soon u will be in jail with ur wife alia and sasural for separating a child from his mother… U thought she won’t get lawyer na but c she will get her son and justice too that to soon.. Goodbye and bad luck..
Viplav – come raj
Video ends

Dhaani is completely shocked at what she saw
Dhaani – but he said he will start the case from tomorrow
Raj – he told u like that because….. No u Hurt viplav so I won’t tell u why he started it today… Go and ask him… Now come with me
Raj takes Dhaani to viplav office and shows how sad viplav is
Raj – he told me to make a cassette of this video as a proof… As in this everything is recorded… Shanti can get her child easily… U felt so bad na for shanti… First try to understand others, then speak and ya dhaani one more thing
Dhaani is feeling bad
Raj – u remember someone had saved u that day from phoolchand in the marriage… Viplav had saved u…he stopped phoolchand from slapping u
Dhaani is shocked completely
Dhaani – he saved me?

Raj – yes… And because he shouted at phoolchand in the marriage for raising hand on u…he beat viplav with his goons
Dhaani – what?
Raj – I won’t give more clarification of viplav because how much I speak of him, it would be less… He is the best friend I ever had.. Bye dhaani… Anymore questions about ur shanti, ask viplav
Dhaani feels very bad at what she did… She sees viplav and starts feeling very guilty… She gets teary eyed

Dhaani apologises to viplav… Viplav is angry with dhaani…. And refuses to accept her apology… He tells dhaani that he will fight the case only to get shanti justice and he doesn’t know her

Now dhaani manofying viplav episodes will be there

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Goldie a very sad episode. Good going dear. Go on.

  2. Are wah goldie. It seems love between them would blossom in next episode. Great writing good job u r fabulous.

  3. Goldie…loved it ….was crying when viplav cried…..go on dear…:)

  4. Goldie mam you are rocking.. Seems like new ikrs is made for all of us.. moving on just similar patterns as the original one.
    I remembered that scene when dhani came to know what tripurari did with suvarna.. And then she was with viplav.

  5. goldie ji aap toh platinum hai….kya kamaal ka episode tha….loved it…..raj rocked…..but sad to see viplav sad…..dhaani go and say sorry to viplav first….

  6. Superb!! ? Keep going on!! You are making us to ride back to the start of IKRS! ?

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