Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 15)


Recap- dhaani saves shanti
Dhaani viplav meet

Today episode

Dhaani – u r viplav tripathi?
Viplav – now for u should I change my name from viplav to rakshas
Dhaani – u r a lawyer..? no I can’t believe… U r lying… Where is viplav
Viplav gets irritated and takes a certificate in which his photo is there and shows dhaani
Viplav – saw or u need more proof… I hope u can read
Dhaani is shocked
She composes herself
Dhaani – I can’t read
Viplav – o god… Madam ( to shanti) u can read na
Shanti – Dhaani he is only Viplav
Viplav sits down
Viplav -tell me why u came here
Dhaani – actually….
Viplav – I am sure someone put a case against u
Dhaani – case against me..??
Viplav – basically against ur shikayats
Dhaani – no I put a case against a rakshas
Viplav – then sorry, I’ll better fight for the rakshas….
Dhaani- u…
Shanti – dhaani, what r u doing?
Dhaani – sorry Shanti, but I’ll take u to a better lawyer
Viplav – see dhaani our fights are on one side and case is on other side… Tell me what happened?
Shanti – he is right dhaani… U have seen na dhaani, how others are… Maybe he can get me justice
Dhaani nods
Viplav – sit down both of u… Tell me what happened?
Dhaani – I wanted to get justice for her… Her Name is Shanti
Dhaani and Shanti tell everything to Viplav
Viplav feels bad at what happened..
Viplav – don’t worry, u will definitely get justice
Dhaani – we dont have fees
Viplav – that’s okay… First let me get her justice, then we will think about fees
Viplav gives tea and biscuits to dhaani and shanti
Viplav – Dhaani u r doing a great job by helping her….everything good will happen to both of u
Dhaani gets surprised and Happy…
Shanti – thank u vakeel saheb..
Dhaani – thank u
Viplav – it’s okay… From tomorrow onwards I’ll be calling u here for case details
Shanti – u can start today also
Viplav – belive me I will help u get ur son…
Dhaani and Shanti leave…
Dhaani and Shanti are about to enter the ashram
Shanti – Dhaani I forgot something in vakeel saheb office… I’ll go and get it
Dhaani – Shanti we.will take it tomorrow
Shanti – it’s my son’s photo, my life… Let me get it… I’ll come back fast
Shanti goes

Viplav is talking on the phone to someone…
Shanti comes there and gets shocked hearing Viplav.. She starts crying and runs back home
Tarini vidwa ashram
Dulaari – a vakeel dhaani
Dhaani – yes maai
Badi amma – how is he? is he good?
Dhaani – I realised badi amma that maybe what we see and feel is not always true…. I used to feel that he is proud, but he helps everyone…. I think he is the best

Rajlakshmi – think him bad? who is he
Dhaani – actually na
Dhaani stops seeing shanti coming Back crying
Dhaani – shanti what happened
Shanti hugs Dhaani
Shanti – I want my son
Badi amma – beta u got a vakeel na… Dhaani was saying he won so many cases and works only for poor
Shanti- he is lying…
Dhaani – what r u saying…. I felt as if I saw truth in his eyes
Shanti – I went to his office And I heard him speaking on the phone
Shanti tells everything
Dhaani gets shocked and angry
She leaves to meet viplav
Dulaari – Dhaani.. Didi she looks very angry

Dhaani shouts at viplav… Viplav feels hurt.. Raj overhears…
Later Dhaani apologises to viplav but viplav refuses to accept Dhaani apology

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. goldie ji good to see u back with another super epi????

  2. Wow yaar it was awesome just waiting for the next episode pls post it soon…

  3. goldie……. good job…keep it up

  4. Seriously goldie it is very different from all ffs although they too r really good like kavya; maria; mahira n lakshmis but they depict vidhàni in new form but u are narrating the story on the lines of original episode with alterations. I believe that this is more tough .

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating me

  5. Good job mam. Keep writing man

  6. Superb mam… i love it
    Was really shocked as what viplav must have said
    please post the next soon

  7. Good going Goldie.

  8. So good! ? waiting for next episode Eagerly!

    Shanti said wakeel sahab and I was so waiting for Dhaani to call him wakeel babo!

  9. Reliving the old sweet memories ??? keep it up….

  10. Thank u guys so much… I am really happy that u all like my ff.. Even I do read ur ffs but I’ll try my level best to reply… Thank u so much guys

  11. good work goldie, keep it up

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