Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 14)


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Recap – dulaari and dhaani talk, dhaani answers phoolchand… She. Sees a lady being beaten

Today episode

Dhaani sees a lady being beaten badly… She is shocked and runs to save her…

Dhaani – stop, don’t beat her.. Stop it
Man – move from here
Dhaani – pls stop it
The lady hugs Dhaani and cries
Dhaani – can’t u c she is in pain… Leave her
Man – she is characterless…
Dhaani – stop it before I call the mahila samithi people and get u arrested… Go.away
Man – ok… But remember shanti, if u come here again.. I’ll forget everything.. I’ll kill u
Ok let’s go everyone
Dhaani is shocked…
Shanti- no wait… Pls
Dhaani holds Shanti and does not allow her to go
Shanti – let me go
Dhaani – they will kill u…come with me
Shanti (crying)- no
Dhaani – I promise I’ll help u…promise… Come with me…
Dhaani takes Shanti and makes her sit… She gives her water
Dhaani – don’t cry pls
Dhaani hugs shanti
Dhaani – I know I am a stranger to u but tell me ur problem… Why were they beating u?
Shanti keeps crying
Dhaani – what’s ur name? where is ur house
Shanti – I have no house
Dhaani – pls tell me…I promise to help u
Shanti – u will help me get my son back
Dhaani – son? tell me.. I will help u
Shanti cries
Shanti – my name is shanti…. Those people have my son
Dhaani – tell me everything clearly..
Shanti – I come from a poor family… My parents had promised to give dowry but at the marriage day my uncle cheated my parents and stole the money… My parents had nothing to give so they hoped that my sasural will accept Me after marriage but my sasural tortured me,beat me… And forced my parents to give dowry… My parents decided to sell their house but due to an accident they died
Shanti cries terribly
Dhaani – don’t cry…. Why dint u leave their house… U should have left the house
Shanti – I had decided to leave…. But then I came to know I am pregnant… So I thought I’ll stay back as I have no one… N I needed to take care of my child… I thought atleast now my husband, my sasural will change
Dhaani – but what happened?
Shanti ( crying) – after my delivery they took my child away
Dhaani – what!!
Shanti – ya… N gave me medicine so I stay unconscious… And when I regained consciousness I saw my husband was married to someone else… They refused to give me my son also… I tried so much to get my son back… But my husbands second wife parents came and by a trick left me in the village and came here to banaras where they know many people, and they told everyone that I am trying to steal his daughters husband and child… I came here to banaras but I dint even get to see my son… I want my son… Only because of him I am alive… He is my only family, my hope
Shanti cries miserably
Dhaani has tears in her eyes
Dhaani – don’t cry… Ur son will definitely come back to u…I promise to help u…come with me to my ashram now
Dhaani takes Shanti to ashram… Everyone gets to know about Shanti story and feels very bad…. Everyone tries their best to make her feel comfortable
Later in badi amma room
Dulaari – it is very difficult for a mother to stay away from her child
Dhaani – yes maai… Even it’s difficult for a child to stay away from mother… A mothers love is unconditional… I cannot imagine to stay without u
Badi amma – biggest example of a mother daughters love is both.. Of u dulaari dhaani
Dhaani hugs Dulaari
Dhaani – we must do something
Rajlakshmi – what can we do dhaani…. U only say… She does not have family, and we are apshagun to the society.. Who will listen to us…
Dulaari – rajlakshmi is right….
Dhaani – but that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything… I want to do justice for her
Rajlakshmi -…. What do u say badi Amma
Badi Amma – I just know that even law says that a mother has the first right on a child and if that right is stolen, it is injustice
Rajlakshmi – but with what line u just said nothing will happen… No one will ever hear what u r saying.. Leave her husband or sasural
Dhaani – maybe if we say no one will listen but if the court says then they have to listen
Dulaari – what do u mean
Dhaani – I decided to fight for her… I’ll search the best lawyer for her… I’ll get justice for her
Rajlakshmi – talk sense Dhaani… We don’t even have money… And those people who we r fighting against are rich… They will hire the best lawyer
Dulaari – Rajlakshmi is right dhaani
Dhaani – but maai we need to try something…. We can’t sit like that…
Badi amma – let dhaani try Dulaari… She’s doing a good work of uniting a mother and Child… God bless u beta
Dhaani takes ashirwaad from Badi amma and Dulaari
Dulaari – may u get success and u achieve ur goal
Dhaani hugs Dulaari and asks her not to worry

Dhaani takes shanti and goes to many lawyers but all refuse because dhaani doesn’t have much money …. Dhaani tries not to lose hope but shanti keeps breaking down
Dhaani and shanti then go to a lawyer Mr.verma. Who is a known lawyer, but they were insulted badly over there…..
Mr. Verma – how dare u step inside my office… I need to make it shudh again… Get lost…. One ate her husband.. N other is trying to steal someone husband and child…. Security throw them out

Dhaani and shanti go to a tea shop
Shanti starts crying
Dhaani – what will happen by crying Shanti… U won’t get ur son na
Shanti – I want my son dhaani or I’ll die
Dhaani – please stop talking like this…. Isn’t there even one lawyer who works only for justice, who does not c money….
Tea seller – there is madam
Dhaani – meaning
Tea seller – don’t u know viplav… He works only for getting justice to those people who needs it… He has won thousands of cases… He is the best person, the best lawyer and a very good man.. He is not at all proud… Go and see him if u want justice
Dhaani – thank u…what’s his name and address?
Tea seller – his name is viplav tripathi… And address is
Tea seller tells Dhaani the address
Dhaani – thank u….but why do I feel I heard the name viplav tripathi somewhere
Shanti – will he give us justice
Dhaani was about to say when tea seller says – madam u will definitely get justice if u r true.. That’s for sure
Dhaani – come Shanti let’s go to him ( to tea seller) thank u

Dhaani and Shanti reach viplav office… Dhaani sees so many appreciation letters, so many certificates on the wall
She enters the office cabin and sees viplav back and two old men talking to the lawyer… They were crying and thanking viplav… Viplav then hugs them and gives them a chocolate… They bless viplav and go saying he is god of justice…
Viplav takes a jug and is filling water in his glass when Dhaani comes near him from back and calls him… Viplav gets scared and turns back with a jerk and all the water in the jug falls on Dhaani… Dhaani gets scared and Is about to slip when viplav catches her…. Both have a eyelock… Viplav stares at Dhaani wet hair
Aftersome time
Shanti – dhaani ur fine
Dhaani and viplav come back to their senses and separate… Both feel awkward
Dhaani – I came here to meet viplav tripathi.. Where is he?
Viplav – I knew u were nachadi just having shikayat but today I came to know ur blind too
Dhaani – what do u mean
Viplav – can’t u c a person standing here or u feel really a rakshas standing here
Dhaani – u r Viplav tripathi?
Viplav – did u really think my name is rakshas tripathi…. Pls don’t say yes for god sake…
Dhaani is shocked

Viplav agrees to take Dhaanis case
Dhaani gets to know something what Viplav did and gets shocked
She goes to viplav office and shout at him.. Viplav feels hurt a lot.. Raj hears everything

Guys I know this episode was not much of vidha scenes but the whole theme was about this shanti plot, so I had to make an episode on this… Please I tried my level best to make it interesting… I promise u from next episode there will be vidha scenes

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. It’s OK yaar but I will wait for the upcoming Vidhaa scenes so please post the next one soon, eagerly waiting for it…

  2. It was superb dear. Will be waiting for vidhani scenes.

  3. it was superb dear….. vidha scenes are on the way ..i know…keep going

  4. .?? goldie good u r back hope aĺl wellm episode is fantastic . Ğreat effort

  5. Goldie mam its was superb
    Shanti story was very emotional?

  6. Goldie mam nice
    Waiting for vidha scene.
    Reminds me of ashram scenes.

  7. Oh goldie di loved it…..rakshas tripathi hahaha

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