Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 13)


Sorry guys for updating late… I am in my relatives place now.. Will go back only by Wednesday
And guys I feel ull may feel this episode and next one boring but they are important for me to bring the interesting part out
Recap – dhaani misunderstands viplav ;..dulaari slaps dhaani

Today’s episode

Dulaari slaps dhaani.. Everyone are shocked
Dulaari – how dare u dhaani, lie to me
Dhaani – maai
Dulaari – quiet
Badi amma – dulaari what r u doing
Dulaari – dhaani has become shameless…. So much love I gave her,. So she is now taking advantage of me…. She doesn’t respect me didi
Dhaani – no maai
Dulaari – bas dhaani,…. didi… Full night, she was out… She arranged her pillows and went so we don’t come to know.. Didi u know since dhaanis father died I kept dhaani as my only priority, full life I followed widows rule, dint enjoy because I used to get happiness seeing dhaani happy… My life was colourless but dhaanis happiness put colour into it … Didi I am feeling myself sad now that her happiness.has been gone

Dhaani – maai u r misunderstanding
Dulaari – dint u spend the whole night with that man… Dint u tell suvarna not to tell me… Dint you arrange that pillows… That man tells me u r his to be wife… dhaani I know u r not used to this life but atleast… I know it’s my fault…. U r taking revenge from me na that because of me u have become widow
Badi amma – bas dulaari… Hear her first
Dhaani(crying) – stop it maai.. Listen to me
Badi amma – tell me beta

Dhaani tells everything about phoolchand viplav how she fainted
Dhaani – maai u know.I love u a lot.. U r my life… I know I told suvarna not to tell u because I don’t want u to get scared… I told her to tell. Badi amma. But because of connection problem she dint hear….
Suvarna – maai I arranged the pillows so that u don’t know
Badi amma – Dulaari without hearing why do you come to any conclusion
Dulaari feels ashamed of herself….

Dulaari – I…. that….
Dulaari goes to her room
Suvarna – maai went…
Dhaani – maai is feeling bad that she shouted
Dhaani goes to.dulaari room… Dulaari is crying badly
Dhaani – maai don’t cry.. I can’t c u crying
Dulaari – I.never raised my hand on u and today
Dhaani – u have all rights if I did wrong.. U dint know na maai
Dulaari – I should have heard you once and I slapped u…I cannot be forgiven

Dhaani – maai… If u feel I did wrong, u have whole right to slap me… N maai I am angry with you… Nothing happened because of u…I am a widow because of fate.. Not u maai…. Maai u r my life.. I love u a lot… I am lucky to have u
Dulaari – Dhaani
She hugs Dhaani and cries

Dhaani consoles dulaari
Badi amma – this mother daughter has a wonderful unique bonding
Tea shop
Viplav drinks tea with raj and pankaj
Viplav thinks about dhaani
Viplav – Acha raj tell me one thing, she keeps rakshas…. Am I as fat as a rakshas? I should reduce weight then
Dhaani – I call u rakshas because ur brain is like one
Viplav – dhaani
Dhaani – don’t take My name as if u know me

Suvarna too comes
Viplav – what r u saying
Dhaani – how dare u tell my mom that I am ur to be wife
Viplav – that actually…
Dhaani – what… U know I am a widow… I can’t even think about happiness… Not even allowed… U don’t even know me… U spent one night with Me in jungle u think u know me better… Come out of ur dreams…
U r also like phoolchand who think bad about ladies
Viplav – shut up dhaani…. Don’t think that I am amongst those people who can’t stand up for themselves…. I respect u…that’s y I am silent… I dint know that she was ur mother. And neither am I interested on how widows stop enjoying their life…. U were very scared about phoolchand…. The way ur mother had come and asked me I.thought that maybe phoolchand must have sent her… So I told her like that…

It’s upto u…u believe me or u don’t… I don’t care… What I felt right I am doing…and if u expect respect from me, u too learn to give me respect…. I am not some toy.. Yesterday u needed me so u were good, today u r rude..
Dhaani – I know I am wrong in judging u that u r like phoolchand but be far from me… Don’t think about my good and bad… And thanks a lot for yesterday.. Sorry for hurting u….but I don’t need ur help anymore
Dhaani folds her hand – plss
Viplav – I am.also not interested in thinking about ur good and bad…. I think for humanity and not for u
Dhaani – come suvarna
Viplav -,come raj, pankaj
They part ways

Suvarna – Dhaani he looks good
Dhaani – suvarna people who looks good r not actually Good .. I know he does not have any bad eye towards me… But he is a proud person… He is a rakshas.. okay we will go to market now
Suvarna – I have to go with rajlakshmi to temple
Dhaani – ok u go… I will go to market and come

Raj – why does she mistake u
Viplav – first impression is last impression… That’s y,,,, hope I never meet her now
Pankaj – u keep saying this but destiny makes u keep meeting
Viplav – I am going to office, u’ll go…

Dhaani meets phoolchand in the market
Phoolchand – what did u think papin,…. Now see what I do
Dhaani remembers viplav saying that we should stand for ourselves

Dhaani raises her hand to slap phoolchand
Phoolchand gets scared
She then touches phoolchand feet
People accumulate there
Dhaani – don’t worry pandit… I won’t slap u….I am younger to u and u r like my father. . . But don’t think I don’t know how to stand for myself… U r a pandit… N u disrespect women.. Don’t u have shame… Learn to respect,ladies then give me blessings…. Don’t you dare to think I am weak… This pandit tried to misbehave with me.. Even tried raising his hand on me
Dhaani goes from there
Viplav sees this from far and smiles… He knows Dhaani listened to him

All the ladies in the crowd shout at phoolchand… They go to beat him
Viplav stops them…

Viplav – u saw phoolchand woman power…. So don’t u dare think women r weak… They are strong especially dhaani… Today I saved u…every time I won’t save u…so respect woman, respect dhaani… Now go from here..
Phoolchand runs from there…. The crowd too goes

Viplav – don’t know why dhaani we keep fighting, I get very angry on u….but I always want to c u respected… And I am happy that u remembered my saying…
Viplav smiles
Dhaani walks and sees a.lady being beaten badly… She is shocked

Dhaani saves lady from being beaten… She takes her to viplav office and sees viplav and gets shocked

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Goldie really superb. Dhani crying eith her mother. Viplav discussing abt dhani calling him rakshas with raj n pankaj; dhani raising hand on phoolchand n viplav looking from back very nicely written n digs the nostalgic moments ??????????

  2. goldie…. nice one…

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  5. It wasn’t a boring one Goldie! ??? You just gave the right thing to read! ?

  6. Very nice epi mam good job

  7. welcome back goldie….how was ur trip? hey ur ff looks beautiful day by day…..reminds me those days of ikrs…..

    1. Thank u….still at relatives place so not able to post

  8. Goldie mam it was as usual superb and not at all boring…

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