Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 12)


Recap – dhaani viplav nok jhok
Dulaari thinks that dhaani is sleeping

Today episode
Viplav sees dhaani sleeping on his shoulder and smiles
He sees dhaani shivering..
He carefully removes her head, removes his coat, puts it on her and places her head back in his shoulder
Then he sleeps too

Next day morning
Dhaani gets up and sees her head on Viplavs shoulder and Viplavs coat on her…she gets shocked
Viplav too gets up…
Viplav – it’s morning…we should go and find the way out…
Dhaani remains silent
Viplav gets up
Viplav – u want to stay in the jungle only or what?
Dhaani – ya.. Stay in jungle would be better than staying with u
Viplav – what’s wrong with u…everytime u remove faults in me
Dhaani throws Viplav coat on him
Dhaani – how dare u….how dare u touch me…u put ur coat on me? who gave u the right to touch me when I am sleeping.. And if my head did fall on u…u should have just pushed it…. I hate u…u proved ur a rakshas
Viplav – enough! I have heard enough of yr nonsense… From yesterday it’s only u who r talking and just listening… Enough now… I don’t have any wish to touch u….u were shivering so I placed the coat on u just for humanity..u were sleeping innocently, dint want to disturb u…. It was just a return favour that u.saved me… U have so much problem na that I touched u while putting the coat.. Then why did u touch me while putting medicines… Who asked u to place me in the cart… U threw the coat on me and showed ur anger na….now I’ll show u my anger…
He removes dhaanis cloth tied to his wounds and throws it
Viplav – if I had the power to remove the medicines I would but it’s better I create new wounds in the memory that I helped someone in humanity but I was insulted in return
He hurts himself and blood starts flowing in his hand
Viplav throws his coat down on the ground and walks away
Viplav – till we r in the forest, we r each others responsibility… Come
Viplav goes
Dhaani is shocked at Viplav retort and feels ashamed of herself
Dhaani – what did I do.. Just because I don’t like him and I am hungry and worried about ashram, I removed my anger on him! dhaani this is not ur sanskaar…. I raised a question on his character… U believe or not dhaani, the truth is he is a proud rich man but very good at heart… He took care of u…I am ashamed of u dhaani
Dhaani takes the coat from the ground and tears some kapda from her saree
She runs and goes in front of viplav
Dhaani – pls I am sorry
She folds her hands
Dhaani – I shouldn’t have shouted at u…I just removed my anger on u..please forgive me.. I know,…I raised a question on ur character
Viplav – it hurts Dhaani… When someone raises question on ur character
Dhaani – I know.. I understand ur pain but I know u don’t have any such intentions… I am feeling very ashamed of myself.. I don’t know how to say sorry… U want u can hit me with that stick ( says innocently)
Viplav smiles
Viplav – it’s okay dhaani.. I am seriously not as bad as u think… I know u won’t change ur opinion but don’t make new opinion
Dhaani – sorry… Maaf kardo hame
Viplav – it’s fine
Dhaani – take your coat
She gives him his coat…
Dhaani – ur hands bleeding and that wound is open.. Maai says wound should never be exposed to the open.. Can I tie it with this cloth ?
Viplav.- ya…
Dhaani ties viplav hand with the cloth..
Dhaani starts crying
Viplav – what happened
Dhaani – I never insulted a.person like this just for my anger.. I feel so ashamed
Viplav – stop crying… Dhaani I understand… And the biggest thing is u understood ur mistake and apologised… That’s a big thing… U should be proud of accepting ur mistake and then apologising
Dhaani smiles.. Viplav thinks to tease her
Viplav – anyways dhaani, if I would have touched u or not forgiven u na, u would have called ur animals to eat me
Dhaani – arae I have an idea for u
Viplav – what
Dhaani – u told me na that the animals won’t get scared of u…so do one thing eat spinach like popoye the sailor man…. Believe me.. U will be transformed from coward rakshas to brave rakshas… Then u won’t have problems with My frnds.. What say
Viplav – not a bad idea, but can u find spinach leaves in the forest or are you thinking I’ll eat spinach and come back to the jungle… Pls if any animal comes talk in ur shikayat language that I ate spinach… I am sure they’ll run away with that news
Dhaani starts laughing

Dulaari comes to dhaani room
Dullard – dhaani get up,…ur not well or what? dhaani
She removes the blanket and sees the pillows
Dulaari is shocked
She runs down
Dulaari – suvarna… where is dhaani
Suvarna – maai…
Badi amma – Dulaari what happened
Dulaari – dhaani is not up… Pillows are arranged upon which blanket was put
Suvarna where is dhaani
Suvarna – I don’t know maai… She was not there full night
Badi amma – what and u dint tell
Dulaari – yesterday why u told me lies then
Tell me
Suvarna – dhaani told me not to tell you maai, she said she will come by morning
Dulaari – it’s 11 now, she dint come yet. She told u not to tell me?
Suvarna – yes maai… I am sorry maai
Badi amma – it’s ur duty to tell na but
Dulaari – didi… Let’s go n search dhaani, I am getting scared
Badi amma – come Dulaari

Viplav and dhaani walk more
Viplav – I can see road there
Dhaani – I am so tired, feeling hungry thirsty
Dhaani faints
Viplav – dhaani! dhaani get up… What happened to u… get up… We r near the road…get up… What to do… I’ll carry her…
Viplav lifts dhaani and walk

Dulaari and badi amma search everywhere… Dulaari is very worried
Badi amma – I’ll ask mangala ji in case dhaani went to give some items… U wait here
Dulaari – yes didi… Where are u dhaani… God what mistake I did.. Where is my daughter.. Protect her.
Dulaari just turns and sees Viplav carrying dhaani
Viplav – I don’t even know where her house is… I’ll take her to my house… No I’ll buy water and a bit food and give her, in case she gets up
Viplav Places dhaani on a bench and is about to go. Dulaari comes
Dulaari – what is she doing with you, ull were together
Viplav – u know her?
Dulaari – answer me..
Viplav thinks phoolchand must have sent dulaari
Viplav – ya we were together… She’s my frnd.. Infact going to be wife.. Now don’t ask such questions and go auntiji… Please don’t interfere in our life… Sorry to hurt u..
Dulaari is shocked
Badi amma – Dulaari dhaani did not go there
She sees dhaani
Badi amaa – dhaani, dhaani beta get up
Viplav – u know her?
Badi amma – yes she stays with us.. What happened to her?
Viplav – she fainted because of hunger… Full night she dint have food na
Dulaari – she was with u whole night?
Viplav -auntyji.. U dint go from here
Badi amma – why will she go? Shes dhaani mother.. Who r u
Viplav gets shocked
Viplav – that actually…
Dulaari gets angry
Dulaari -what ur asking him.. I want answers from my daughter
Viplav – I’ll get water..
Viplav gets water

Dulaari puts water on dhaani
Dhaani wakes up and is shocked to c dulaari and badi amma
Dhaani – maai, badi amma
Dulaari – didi I am going to ashram, bring dhaani
Dulaari goes
Badi amma – come dhaani
She goes a bit ahead
Dhaani gets up
Viplav – now be with ur family… I am so glad to get a rakshas title from ur whole family
Dhaani – bye..
She goes with badi amma
Viplav – so Viplav tripathi, chalo now
Phone rings
Viplav – yes rakshas tripathi speaking… O sorry sir….viplav tripathi speaking

Everyone are silent
Dulaari is very angry
Dhaani and badi amma comes
Dulaari goes to Dhaani
Dhaani – maai
Dulaari slaps Dhaani.. All are shocked
Dulaari -How dare u lie to me. Dhaani
Dhaani is in tears

Dulaari shouts at Dhaani and tells her that she knows Dhaani is trying to take revenge from her.. Dhaani cries
Dhaani and viplav argue
Dhaani sees a lady being beaten and plans to help her

Credit to: Goldie

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