Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 11)


Recap – dhaani and viplav gets trapped in jungle thanks to phoolchand

Dhaani and viplav walk to find a way out of the jungle….
Dhaani – I can’t walk more rakshas… I am tired
Viplav ignores dhaani and walks ahead
Dhaani – rakshas rakshas wait
Viplav turns and comes back….
Viplav – if we don’t walk ahead, we will not be able to come out of the jungle
Dhaani – I am too tired, just need 5 min to take rest rakshas
Viplav – it’s already dark Dhaani before it gets too dark we need to go
Dhaani – excuseme rakshas, how much fast u want to go na out, I want to go more badly… Maai must be worried
Viplav – my name is not rakshas, from that time ur calling me rakshas, my name is….
Dhaani – no its fine… Whatever name u give urself, the fact that u r a rakshas will not change.. So.don’t tell me ur name
Viplav – why do u hate me..? Atleast now c I am not as bad as u think
Dhaani – even if we spend 1 week na here, my opinion on u won’t change… I hate u and will always will..
Viplav feels bad a bit but thinks to change the topic

Viplav -no I can’t even think to stay here with u for a week… If from ur shikayat ka language, u call ur frnds to eat me then
Dhaani – they will get scared of u, who will not get scared of a rakshas
Viplav – a rakshas like animal which is u
Dhaani – so now before I hit u and eat u,shut up
Viplav – yes… I am scared
Dhaani shows him an annoyed look
Dhaani and Viplav walk for a bit more time
Viplav – doesn’t look like we can go out of the jungle
Dhaani – no I need to go
Viplav – there is no light, can’t c the way… Don’t even know we r going inside or outside
Dhaani.-.. But…
Viplav – what do u want, we keep going inside to meet ur frnds and they tell us okay welcome to our jungle, go and say hii to god?
Dhaani – ok… fine
Both Viplav and Dhaani sit for sometime
Dhaani – Acha rakshas listen
Viplav turns his face
Dhaani – rakshas rakshas, rakshas ur deaf or what?
Viplav – see I get it u think I am a rakshas, but don’t keep calling me that… Or tomorrow if I have to write my name I’ll write rakshas tripathi…. Just Say excuseme… Now tell what happened
Dhaani – I need ur phone, I’ll call my ashram and tell them.
Viplav gives the phone and Dhaani calls ashram..
Suvarna – hello
Dhaani – hello suvarna
Suvarna – Dhaani? I was thinking where were u…I was going to tell dulaari maai
Dhaani – no suvarna, actually I am stuck in the jungle, don’t tell maai, let maai take rest, tell badi amma that I’ll come by morning and I am stuck in jungle… Some people tried to kill me…so I had to run.. Hello hello
Suvarna – hello Dhaani…
Because of network problems suvarna could only hear Dhaani saying I’ll come in morning.. Don’t tell maai
Suvarna – where is dhaani.. I have to lie for her..tomorrow I’ll ask her where was she
Dulaari – suvarna beta… Call dhaani.. Come for dinner

Suvarna – she ate already, she slept..
Dulaari – she slept… I’ll c.. Is she ok
Suvarna – ya.. But Dulaari goes up
Suvarna – how To stop maai… Dulaari maai I am very hungry.. Please give food
Suvarna goes up and arranges pillows and covers it, she goes
Dulaari comes up.and sees the covered pillows and thinks dhaani slept

Dhaani.- I am too hungry
Viplav – shout more so we become food for others
Dhaani – no I was just saying
Viplav – I am hungry too but what can we do
Dhaani. – all your fault..
Viplav – ya ya blame me
Dhaani – I’ll better go to sleep instead of talking to u otherwise even if animals don’t eat us, ur bak bak will definitely kill me
Viplav – how will the animals kill you… they will listen to u and eat me
Dhaani – goodnight and be far from me
Dhanni goes to.sleep… Viplav is not able to sleep… He then thinks of a prank..
Viplav lies down and start making animal sounds
Dhaani gets up and looks around… She gets scared…. She goes near viplav
Dhaani – get up… Rakshas get up.. I think there is some wild animal near by
Viplav pretends to be in deep sleep and makes more louder sounds
Dhaani gets very scared…she tries waking up viplav but he doesn’t wake up… She sees a stick and starts beating him to get up.. Viplav gets up and catches the stick and pulls it
Dhaani falls on viplav lap
They have an eyelock
Dhaani gets up… Viplav too stands.. They both feel awkward
Viplav – is this the way to wake me up
Dhaani – u weren’t waking.. There’s a animal nearby… It was making sound
Viplav starts laughing…
Viplav – was the sound like this
And he makes the sound
Dhaani( angrily) – u made the sound…? To
wake me
Viplav – yes… I couldn’t allow my enemy to sleep
Dhaani – u…
Dhaani angrily goes to sleep
Dhaani hears the sound again
Dhaani – rakshas stop it now..
But Viplav is shocked
Viplav -Dhaani it is not me
Dhaani – I know it is you
Viplav closes her mouth and asks her to hear
Both Dhaani and Viplav are shocked… Then Viplav catches Dhaani hand and both start running…
They run a bit far and get tired… Both start laughing
Viplav sit next to a tree… Dhaani tries go away from him..
Viplav – dhaani ji if u go far away, even if an animal comes.. I can’t save you… So sit next to me..
Dhaani sits next to Viplav
Dhaani – how will I go home…. Those goons will search me
Viplav – banaras is not only the goons.. It’s urs too… Don’t get scared… May be by mistake but u did teach phoolchand pandit a lesson… U even shout at me… If I do wrong… Then teach those goons a lesson too… Now days women are not week… They are a step ahead of man and always will.. Take this stick with u…and if anyone comes near you, hit them
Dhaani – ur right, but what to do with people or rakshas who shows their wealth
Dhaani then closes her eyes
There’s a silence… Then Viplav thinks to tell Dhaani that he is middle class
Viplav – Dhaani I am not rich… That necklace was for mom… I gave u because I have a problem of getting angry… And I only saved u
Dhaanis head falls on viplav
Viplav sees her sleeping….
Viplav – she dint hear what I said
He smiles

Dulaari sees viplav carrying Dhaani and is shocked
Dulaari slaps Dhaani

Sorry for repeating the same Precap… I thought to write more on vidha stay in the forest
Hope ull dint get bored with this episode and upto ur expectation

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Goldie it was not at all a boring episode. Liked vidhani’s nhok-jhok. Keep going.

  2. Goldie you write so awesome loving it update the next part soon…

  3. Don’t worry about the same precap. Nowadays colors is also doing the same…
    Loved the episode…
    Make viplav also shout at her(only once??).. Poor guy… How much will he hear!!!!!!!
    ( just for a horror????)….

  4. Goldie first time I am reading your ff and yes its good, go on…..all the best……?

    1. Hi kavya goldie has brilliantly created a new story with similar incidents of ikrs??

  5. Superb ??

  6. Thank you guys… Love u all
    Meena yes next episode I’ll make a part where viplav replies dhaani back… Thank u 🙂


  8. “Shout more so we become food for others ” Literally, laughed out loud while reading this line! ?

    Goldie.. Goldie.. you are just giving us the right thing ! ?❤

  9. hahahaha…. goldie tumne hume bohat hasaya

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