Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 10)


Recap – dhaani believes widow rules more strongly
Viplav and dhaani meet and again fight
Viplav decides to keep the chain and give it to dhaani one day

Today episode
Kanak comes to Viplav room to give milk, she sees that Viplav is not there….
Kanak – hey bhagwaan, this boy na,,, full room is in mess…. He was going to buy a chain for me but I am sure he must have not had money so he dint buy
He is a well known vakeel now but still we r poor because he doesn’t charge money…
Let me keep his things
Kanak opens his drawer to keep something…she sees the chain
Kanak – this chain? whose is this? viplav said he dint buy anything na,… I’ll call him..
Kanak calls viplav… Viplav is busy talking to his clients but still picks up
Kanak – beta I heard you talking in the morning that you will buy a chain for me, I want to go out now, was thinking I’ll wear the chain u bought… where is it?
Viplav – mom I am busy with clients…. I told u na…. I couldn’t buy a chain… I’ll definitely buy u soon… Now I will keep the phone, I am busy
Viplav keeps the phone, kanak gets angry
She throws the milk on the ground… And messes Viplavs room in anger and goes
Dadi watches this from far and then calls ramdheen to clean the room

Pandit sabha
( as ull know dasharath is a common Pandit but wants to be mahapandit, but he has a bit name and atleast more than phoolchand, so phoolchand is jealous of him)
dasharath – namaste
Mahapandit – haan come
Phoolchand – as I was saying, this time, with the donation money, we can try making a bigger temple,…it would be better
Dasharath – mahapanditji,. I feel Phoolchand is not right, people give us donation because of their bhakti… We should not misuse their trust
Mahapandit – what do u mean
Dasharath – instead of how Phoolchand is saying, we can use the money to donate for the needy, the temple is big enough…. So we will make free lunch in the temple so all the poor comes and eat
( dasharath does not care about poor… He just wants to impress mahapandit)
Mahapandit – I liked ur idea… Sorry pandit phoolchand, but let’s do pandit dasharaths idea
Dasharath – thank you
All leave… Dasharath taunts phoolchand calling him useless and goes… Phoolchand gets angry
Dasharath – viplav baba
Viplav – dadu..
Dasharath – what are you doing here?
Viplav – was waiting for raj… U want me to drop u?
Dasharath – no ill go, take care
Phoolchand – ohh this person who insulted me is pandit dasharaths potha… Now c what I do
He phones his men and instruct them to beat viplav
As viplav is waiting one person comes and asks him to help him, viplav agrees and goes with him… He is taken to a lonely road, where viplav is beaten badly
Viplav falls unconscious and is bleeding

Dhaani comes to the market to buy some thing…..
Phoolchand is there and he is still angry and frustrated at what happened, he sees Dhaani
Phoolchand – this is the papin because of whom I was insulted… Wait now c what I will do…. He goes to Dhaani and touches her
Dhaani – aap
Phoolchand – what happened, why are you so tensed…. U wanted to eye someones husband na, now I am there come with me
Dhaani – be far from me
Phoolchand – come with me,
He tries pulling her, Dhaani pushes him and Phoolchand falls on cowdung
His full face is covered with dung… Everyone around laughs at him… Dhaani runs from there
Phoolchand feels insulted and calls his men to kill Dhaani
Dhaani is running and behind her the men are there… She hides behind the tree… As the men goes, she continues running but then see the wounded unconscious viplav
Dhaani- arae rakshas, what happened to you…get up… Hey bhagwaan, what to do….
She turns back and Sees the men… She gets scared
Dhaani -I need to run, but I can’t leave the him like this… What to do?
She sees a hand cart…. She takes it and with difficulty puts viplav on the cart, she then runs, those gundas see her and again run behind her,.. She runs by pushing viplav and goes into the jungle and hides…. The goons search for her everywhere and go…
Dhaani – o god he is beaten so badly, I need to bring him back to consciousness… What to do? first I ll have to stop his bleeding…
She tears a cloth from her saree and ties it on his wounds
Dhaani – I need to take him to hospital. No no I can’t go out, if they are still there then… I’ll go a bit more inside… Who knows there can be a place where we can get water.
She takes viplav more inside the jungle
Dhaani – hey bhagwaan maai will be worried… There’s no water also…
Those leaves.. Ya… I remember maai used to use herbal leaves for any wound….
Dhaani takes some leaves and with a rock squeezes out the juice and applies on viplavs wounds
She then sits
Dhaani – I hope I put the right medicine on him…. That’s y traditional medicines are best…. But now what do I do… I came very inside the jungle.. I don’t know how to go out.. and those goons… That pandit why is he doing this…. I pushed him by mistake on the dung… God what to do… I am hungry also
I’ll go there and see if anything is there to eat

Viplav gets up after Dhaani went… He wonders what is he doing here in the jungle… He remembers how the goons hit him… He hears foot steps sound and takes a stick
He keeps the stick ready to beat.. He is about to hit Dhaani.. But stops seeing Dhaani..
Dhaani in fear shouts and drops the stone she was holding on viplavs foot
Viplav- ouch…. it’s paining…. That’s good, keep hitting me without any reason
Dhaani – u were going to hit me… I got scared
Viplav – ya, so throw the stone on me for badla
Dhaani – I dropped it by mistake
Viplav – Acha tell me one thing, u n me both in this jungle…. Ur with this stone.. It cannot be that u want to spend time with me so u r with me in the jungle,
Dhaani – I and spend time with u… Impossible… U r a rakshas, find a rakshasini to spend time with,
Viplav – so u have come to kill me right
Dhaani – excuseme..
Viplav – stone in the hand and u don’t like me, in a jungle in a moonlight… No one’s here.. U can kill me n go
Dhaani – shut up… I am not a murderer… How can u call me like that.. What do u know about me, I dint kill anyone… No..
Dhaani remembered how because of her Soham had died and sulekha had blamed her, she remembers the incident what happened before she left kanpur and starts crying
Viplav – arre I was joking.
He touches her shoulders and says i trust u dhaani …u won’t kill me..u r not a murderer..
Though dhaani was angry with viplav, these words of viplav was enough for her to cool down
She looks at him and they have a eyelock
Viplav touches her cheeks and removes the tears
Dhaani realises she is close to viplav and moves apart
Viplav too realises
Viplav – I know why u r there in the jungle, aakhir how much ever u stay in banaras, jungle ka animals need to meet their relatives na
Dhaani – no actually… Wait… U called me an animal?
Viplav – if u r one.. obviously I will Call u one na…I even know why they are not here,…they also must be tired of your shikayat…. Shikayat ki pudiya
Dhaani – u…
She takes some leaves and throw on viplav.. She then takes stick
Viplav runs and she runs back…
Suddenly viplav gets pain and falls down. Dhaani stops and gets worried… She goes next to him and asks if he is fine and checks his wounds… Viplav stares at her..
She notices him and goes far.. There is an awkward silence
Viplav – okay how r we both here?
Dhaani – how were u wounded…
She tells viplav everything
Dhaani – I hate u that’s a fact, but I couldn’t leave u on the road, so I bought u and applied these medicines
Viplav – u dint apply wrong medicines na
Dhaani – no I remember maai putting them so I have knowledge
Viplav- u saved me
Dhaani – I know today I saved u but that’s only humanity otherwise I hate u because u stole something very valuable from me
( she doesn’t like people showing their wealth and she feels he is the reason her babas chain is not with her,she sold for medicines and then he bought it)
Again there’s a a silence
Then viplav bursts out laughing
Dhaani – what happened
Viplab – that pandit face must be very funny na, he fell on cowdung… Good reply u gave him… I am scared of u now… Even though being a rakshas according to u I am scared
Viplav laughs and runs behind a tree
Dhaani also starts laughing
Viplav looks at Dhaani


Dhaani tells viplav that her opinion on him will never change even If she is in the jungle with him today
DulAari sees Dhaani with viplav and gets shocked
Dulaari slaps Dhaani

Thank u so much guys, that ull like my ff, and don’t think I don’t read ur ff,…I read all of ur ff and love them too

Credit to: Goldie

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