Viplav poor dhaani rich love story (Episode 1)


As I said… I am starting with the story… Theme is what I said….. It will take a few episodes for viplav and dhaani to meet because I am starting with dhaani husband death part

A fine morning….
At awasti mansion

Soham (dhaani husband) – dhaani where are you. late ho raha hai… khaana office mein kha loonga… Dulaari maai se milte hua jaunga
Dhaani -kya bol raha hai ji… Khaana yahi kha lo… Chalo I’ll feed you…. I am going to search work today too…. Will come with you only… Maai se bhi mil lungi…. Waise bhi aaj bapu ke liye ro rahi hogi
Soham – kyun?
Dhaani – today was their anniversary and bapu is no longer there ( tears in eyes)
Soham – no Dhaani don’t cry…. Chalo let’s eat… N then go to interview n meet mai
Dhaani – yes… I love you Soham
Soham.. – ya mee too

In ayodhya nivas
This is a small hut… Where viplav lives with his dadi mother father and dasharath n sister

His mom always lives in dreams of being rich.. She hates her husband and tries to stick with her father in law since dasharath is an upcoming priest… people call him and dasharath very cunningly steals money from there… He has opened a bank where he stores all this money… Only kanak knows about this…. So whenever she wants anything she lures dasharath by spending time with him as dasharath has a lust for her
Kanak loves viplav a lot so does dasharath

Viplav is a very hardworking lawyer….he always works for the poor and tries his level best to fulfill his family needs

Dasharath – bahuji I am going to deposit money in the bank
Kanak – bapuji I need money.. Not bought a good saree since many days
Dasharath – okay but then u need to pay for it
Kanak – haan I’ll close the door
She then comes close to him
Dasharath Is about to kiss her lips but by then they hear viplav shouting
Viplav -maa maa
Kanak – haan beta
Viplav – aapke liye saree kareeda hai… Sunna maine aapko papa ko bolte hua ki aapne saree nahi kareeda hai… Tho socha baba ka pasand aur mera paisa se kareed loon… It has 2 people ka love maa
Kanak…- Thank you beta…. Dint u get the designed saree
Viplav – mom more than design this saree has love of ur family.. Dad’s choice.. Shalus favourite colour n I paid for it after giving approva…. Take it
Kanak – thank you beta… Loved the saree
Viplav goes
Dasharath – bahuji main tumhe Acha saree de deta par ab rehne do… Is par gehne kaise rehenge… Pheeke saree par zabardast gehna
Kanak – haan bapuji chahiye
Dasharath… Zyaada nahi bas ek kiss de dena… Phir khareed loonga
Kanak – jee… N kisses him on lips… After about 1 min they break up
Dasharath – chalta hoon bahuji… Tumne mujhe khush kiya.. Main tumhe karoonga n he goes
Dadi – jo how raha hai galat hai… Bhagwaan aap hi sab kuch sahi karo
Aise koi bhejo jo mere pati aur bahu ko sahi karde aur viplav ko tootne se bachaye

Surya bhavan
Dhaani – maai how r u
Dulaari – aaj unki badi yaad aata hai… Vidwa ki jeevan bahut safed hai… Uspar jara rang gire tho paap hai
Dhaani – maai hum educated hai… Har ladki ko zindagi jeene ki adhikar hai
Dulaari – nahi beta… Yeh hamare pati ke liye nishaan hai ki hum unse prem karte hai… Khair chodo… Soham kaisa hai…
Dhaani – Acha hai…
Dulaari – aaya nahi mujhe milne
Soham -kaise na aata…
Dulaari – beta
Soham – waise Dhaani ek baat hai… Main maai se sehmat hoon… Vidwa ho tho rangeen jeena chod do… If I die follow the widow rules
Dhaani – Soham bas karo
Dulaari – meri buchiyaa ke zindagi rangeen ho…use uski jeevan sathi ke saath zindagi bhar rakhna… She takes a flower and keeps on god n there flower falls on viplav head
Soham – chalo chalta hoon
Dhaani – Chalke aata hoon bolo
Soham…- bye…
dulaari – bye beta
Dhaani – maai I love Soham… Why does he talk of going away from me
Dulaari – mazaak hai beta
Dhaani – ok maa chalo bye
Dulaari – these are some papers which ur mil wanted
Dhaani – what is this?
Dulaari.. – puch mat bas unko de dena aur dekhna bhi mat
Dhaani – ok

Viplav office
Poor man – pls mera case lo.. Mera bhai ne mujhe cheat kiya
Viplav – haan pani peelo
Poor man.. Shukriya.. Mere pass paisa nahi hai.. Pls mana mat karn… Main sadak pe aaunga… Mere bachein…
Viplav.. – bas keejiye.. Hum nyaay dete hai… Paisa nahi chahiye… Bas aapko aisa na lage ki maine aap par daya kiya… Mujhe 1 rupyaa deejiye jo aapke like fees hai par mere liye aapka aashirwaad
Man – jeete raho beta

Precap – sohams death news..dhaani shattered…. Viplav sees kanaks jewels

Credit to: Goldie

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  1. Pls I don’t understand ur fanfiction as I love to read all IKRS ff buh urs is 80% hindi. Or I guess it’s only for Indian pple

  2. make it readable for everyone if possible …

  3. O sorry
    I’ll write in English from next

  4. It’s good but plz write it in English.

  5. I am writing the ff from beginning again… Have posted my theme…. Will write in English only… Pls read and comment

  6. I have also changed certain things….

  7. goldie nice but i’m also with others. write it in english as possible and u can add some hindi dialogues

  8. Yes viplav…. The episode 1 and 2 is not counted… The actual episode starts from episode 4 with episode 3 as the theme of my story

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