Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Intro


Hey friends!!! I m here with a new ff. So lets come to the intro.

Dhaani Raheja- A sweet girl, always sad, in her own world, has no parents, has a very bitter past which she has never revealed to anyone, she is studying law now.

Viplav Tripathi- A naughty boy, he stays away from his parents, he is also studying law, very understanding, always ready to help others.

Kanak Tripathi- Mother of Viplav, she is positive in this ff.

Mohan Tripathi- Father of Viplav.

This is the intro of my ff. Note that I will not give precap. Thoda suspense toh banta hi hai na. Also I m not sure that whether I will be regular or not. So plz bear with me and don’t forget my ff. If u want to know who I m, then u have to find it by your own. U all know me very very well. So comment and also guess who I am??

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  1. Interesting introduction! Now will be waiting to know what happens in Viplav and Dhaani’s life.

    1. Thanks Shruthy.

  2. Is it dear kavya

    1. No I m not Kavya. I m someone else. But what’s ur opinion about this ff?? Should I continue

  3. Mahira?

  4. Maria pl continue ☺

  5. No one guessed me right.

    Latha I m not Mahira and Renu I m not Maria. But thanks for encouraging me.

  6. Lakshmi or sujie

  7. Go on 🙂
    Are you Lakshmi…..

    Story is interesting…… bohot mazaa ane wala hai

  8. Thanks Sujie. But i m not Lakshmi. I just can’t believe that u all r not able to recognise me. U all know me very very very well.

    Renu I m not lakshmi nor sujie.

  9. You are Louella.. I guess

    1. Oh thank God!!! U r the only one who guessed me correct. Yes I m Louella.

      1. Wow I want a prize… Just joking??

      2. Yes definitely u will get a prize. After all u have guessed the most invisible person whom no one All of u don’t get serious reading this. I m just joking.

  10. nice intro louella, keep writing…….

    1. Thanks Kavya.

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