Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Episode 6 Maha episode


Hello all. Okay as u read the title, it’s a Maha episode. So it’s confirmed that Dhaani is going to reveal the past. As shruthy had said she will take a cup of tea and popcorn and be ready. I think she is sitting with it and reading. If u don’t have its okay but take care u have a handkerchief. This episode will be the most serious one from all the episodes till now. I think u r cursing me for my bak bak. I know I start my bak bak at the wrong time. Iss bacchi ko maaf kar dena. If u didn’t read the last episode then here’s the link-

Here’s the episode-
A broad smile comes on Viplav’s face when Dhaani says that she is going to say her past. Dhaani asks now did u finish smiling? Viplav makes a serious face. Dhaani says okay Viplav now promise me that u will not even say a word about my past to anyone. She forwards her hand. Viplav says arey why promise? Do u not trust me? Dhaani just ignores and starts walking towards the car but is stopped by Viplav who is tightly holding her wrist. She turns back. Viplav says accha baba promise and puts his hand on hers.

Dhaani closes her eyes. All the bitter moments come in her mind. A man beating her. Then a lady being stabbed. Then a girl being beaten. In fear she opens her eyes and realises that she is near her friend. Her friend Viplav. The only one on whom she can trust. Viplav could understand her pain. He gave her a consoling pat saying Dhaani don’t fear. Just tell. I m there to help u. I will bring u out from this world of sadness. His pat and his words brought tears in her eyes. After her mother’s death it was for the first time she was being cared so much by a person.

She took a deep breath and said ten years ago……… A fb is shown……
A girl is shown sitting in a corner of the house. Her eyes were swollen and had become full red. She was crying. She could clearly hear the fight between her parents but this was no ordinary for her. Every morning her day would start like this but today she was feeling inusual. She was feeling as if a bad incident was going to happen. Yes she was dhaani.

She could clearly hear her parent’s voice.
:- Don’t dare u touch my daughter. Or…..
:- Or what? I know u can do nothing. How can I let a burden stay in my house?
:-(cryingly) what? U think she is a burden. Don’t forget she is our daughter.
:- who told u she is not burden? Girls r always a burden. She is of no use to us.
Saying this the man came out. Yes he was Dhaani’s father. Dulaari came out following him. Dhaani stood up seeing her father. She was so scared of him that she never uttered a word in front of him. Always she used to sit in the corner and cry. But her father never cared. From birth he didn’t even call her his daughter nor did he call her by name. Dev(Dhaani’s Father) had a knife in his hand. Dhaani stared at the knife. She didn’t knew what his intentions were. She was too small to understand it. But Dulaari knew what he was upto. She held his hand and signed him not to do it. But Dev smiles evilly. He pushed Dulaari. Dulaari fell on the ground. Dhaani shouted maa!!! For Dulaari it was very important to first save her daughter. Dev was going to stab Dhaani but in the nick of time Dulaari came in between and she got stabbed.

Dhaani had her eyes closed. She realised that she didn’t got hurt. But when she opened her eyes she saw her mother standing still and her father smiling evilly. Dhaani went in the front to see her mother’s face and got shocked to see her mother holding her stomach with lot of blood flowing out.

Dulaari slowly fell to the ground. Dhaani sat with Dulaari’s head on her lap. She didn’t understand what to do. Dev stood there seeing his wife struggling. But he didn’t care at all. He just wanted a boy. That’s all. Tears rolled down from Dhaani’s eyes as she saw her mother struggling for life. Dulaari who was in her last stages said very slowly Dha…dhaani…. Never cr…cry. B….be a ssstt strong girl….mumma wi…will al..always…see u…. Dhaani nodded saying yes. But then she realised she has to do something to save her mother. She stood up and went to call the doctor when Dev held her hand tightly and said angrily don’t dare call the doctor. Let her die. Hearing this Dhaani was he’ll shocked. First she was shocked that his own father killed her mother and then he stopped her from calling the doctor. She said in fear but..but papa…. Before she could complete Dev shouted don’t call me papa. Go and sit there. This shout was enough for Dhaani to get frightened. She went and sat. She could not see her mother struggling like this. Dulaari slowly came up and put her hands on Dhaani’s who was crying and slowly got up. She kissed Dhaani’s forehead. And then she died. Dhaani shouted maaa!!! She said maa get up. Plz get up. But her mother was already dead. She sat there crying seeing her mother dead. Fb ends.

Viplav was in tears and so was Dhaani. Viplav said then? Then what happened? Dhaani with tears rolling down says then…… Fb starts…..
Dev and a lady with a boy in the house. The boy is of Dhaani’s age. Dhaani is wiping the floor. Dev is playing with the boy. Dhaani is seeing all this while doing the work. She thinks why does papa not love me? She was lost in thoughts when Dev shouts saying oh girl. Do the cleaning. U have much more work to do. Suddenly a lady comes there. She says Dev how can u make Dhaani work. She is our daughter. Dev says no she is not our daughter but a burden. The lady goes to Dhaani and asks her to sit. Dhaani looks at Dev. The lady says no need to fear. Stop and sit. Dhaani sits. The lady starts playing with her. Dhaani is looking very happy but Dev is staring her angrily. Fb ends.

Dhaani says that aunty was like an angel to me who had come to save me from that man. But then……. Viplav asks then? A fb is shown……
Dhaani is sitting. The lady and boy both have gone out. Dev comes to her and calls Dhaani beta very lovingly. Dhaani thinks how come this man is calling me so lovingly? Dev says Beta I m sorry. I have realised my mistake. Plz forgive me. Saying this he holds his ears. Dhaani thought he is really apologising. She said papa plz don’t say sorry. U r elder than me na. Dev says okay I will not say sorry but at least we can go out to the garden. Dhaani excitedly said okay. They left. Fb ends.

Viplav thinks she had to bear so much pain! But now I have to console her. He asks then did he ever do anything to you? Dhaani says then……. Fb is shown……
Dev and Dhaani are walking towards the garden. They reach. Dhaani is playing. Dev sits and is waiting for someone. He sees Dhaani finding playing and hidingly leaves. Just then two men come to Dhaani. They have her photo. One of the man whispers this is the girl whom boss had told to bring. They go near her. Fb ends……(now fb is over. Dhaani will now narrate. So read carefully)

Viplav asks then did u escape? Dhaani says no. They took me forcefully in a big house. There were many girls of my age. There they would make us all work and work. They would also misbehave with us. I could not bear it anymore! But what could I do! One day as I was cleaning the house, I found that there was no one there. And the door was open. So I quickly ran away from there. I ran as fast as I could and went to my father. But that was the biggest mistake I ever did! My father was the one who sold me to those men. My father immediately called those men and took me away. That politeness was just a drama to take me out. Tears rolled down from Viplav and Dhaani’s eyes. Dhaani says then there everyday they used to beat me, they would not even give me food! Sometimes I would eat hidingly. If I was caught they would just lock me up in a room full of rats and darkness. I would think to just die tha….. Before she could complete Viplav put his fingers on her lips and says how could u leave me? I mean how can u think of this? Never bring this word from your mouth? Dhaani keeps on staring him. Viplav says now I m so handsome that u r always keeping on staring at me? Dhaani becomes shy. A piece of silence is between them. Viplav breaks the silence asking then how did u escape? Dhaani says one day all the men went out to bring more girls and had locked the door. They locked everything but the balcony was left. There was a rope there. What I did is I took the rope and tied it to the pillar and then with the help of the rope I came down. But in that process I got hurt. Viplav interrupts saying where u got hurt. He checks her from top to bottom. Dhaani says I got hurt ten years before Viplav! Viplav realises he did a very stupid thing. Dhaani is in tears recalling those moments. Viplav notices this and wipes her tears. He says when u cry na u look very bad. Don’t cry. Dhaani hugs him and cries loudly. Viplav understands her pain. Tears roll down from his eyes. Dhaani keeps on crying. Viplav caresses her head. Dhaani cryingly says if maa would be here all this would have never happened with me! All these years I have gone through a lot of pain. But Viplav u have supported me. Keep supporting me like this. Viplav also cries. Dhaani then realises what she is doing and breaks the hug. Viplav says now smile. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says very good. When u r like this u look like a doll.

Dhaani says oh. Now let’s go. Because of the past we will get late. She goes to the car. Viplav is standing there still. Dhaani calls him. Viplav goes close to her and asks Dhaani don’t hide your pain. Dhaani hesitantly asks where I m hiding? Everything toh I told u. Viplav says if u will smile also I can see how much u r crying from inside. He holds her shoulders and says Dhaani if u want to cry then cry. Never hide your pain in front of me. I can see your pain even though u r smiling. Tears roll down from Dhaani’s eyes. She wipes her tears and says come let’s go. Viplav says Dhaani why r u hiding your tears? Just remove it out. Dhaani changes the topic saying Viplav lets go. It’s going to become dark. Viplav thinks she is so stubborn yaar. Dhaani waves her hand in front of him and says do u want to stay here or will we go? Viplav says ok ok. Let’s go. He thinks yeh ladki ziddi bahut hai. Iska kuch karna padega. He smiles. The episode ends.

At last the past is unveiled. Hope u used your And I hope u liked this episode. Don’t forget to comment down…..

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  1. vry gud yar.. luvd it

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks kiara. I didn’t find u comment in previous episodes. Happy to find a silent reader commenting. Keep reading dear. And also support me like this.

  2. Arshdeep

    Louella dear the episode was heart wrenching..felt like crying… How were you able to write it?
    Hugs to dhani?? and you too??
    And that man..her father..devil???? such a bad man..
    I could imagine dhani’s state when her mother was stabbed?? and how she would have ran from there?

    Finally viplav is there with her now who wont let her cry anymore??

    And yaa it was a maha episode?? but was a very serious one

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes that man was a devil. Even I imagined everything. I was able to write it because of all my reader’s support. And see I have made it so long! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Louella like Arshi said it was a heart wrenching episode .. I am surprised on the fact that at the age of 12 u write such brilliantly hats off to u dear and its a true story it really happens ..
    Men like dev exists in actual .. may God punish these kind of devils
    but happy for dhani as he found a supporter and a lover in face of viplav .. keep going waiting for the next one

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Maha. Even I wish God punish men like Dev.

  4. Angel20

    Omg Louella I was about to cry so bitter past??? and I just can believe that you write so wonderful!! Really in such small age you write much better than me!! You are awesome!!!??

    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u so much Maria. Oh don’t say that I write better than u. Instead u write better than me. I have got inspiration from u all. Don’t dare to say I write better than u all. U r my inspiration.

      1. Angel20

        Ok baba I can’t bear your anger???

      2. Mariyam123

        Very good. At least u get scared of my anger.

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