Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Episode 5


Hello all. Hope u all read my promo and also the episodes. Here’s the link of the episodes-
Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1

Now here’s the fifth episode-
Viplav and Dhaani leave to their homes. Viplav reaches home. He is lost in thoughts. Tears roll down on his cheeks. It’s the first time he is crying for someone. He says Viplav think think. How will u bring the truth out of Dhaani’s mouth without making her angry? He walks left to right. Then right to left. He continues doing this. Suddenly an idea comes in his mind. He thinks arey wah Viplav what an idea! From tomorrow mission Dhaani past shuru. He smiles and sleeps peacefully on his bed.

At Dhaani’s house, Dhaani is thinking about Viplav. She thinks he is acting weirdly. I think he is hiding something from me. I have to check it out. She goes to sleep while thinking about Viplav.

It’s morning. Viplav is sleeping. Suddenly some noise disturbs him. It’s the alarm clock. Viplav just throws the alarm in his sleep. But then also the alarm is ringing. He wakes up half heartedly but suddenly smiles. He goes to the alarm clock and says thank u to it. He says now my plan will start. Dhaaniji get ready.

He gets ready and rushes to college. Dhaani also comes to college. They both collide with each other. Both get lost in each other’s eyes. Ishq ishq……plays…… Suddenly Dhaani comes to her senses. She waves her hand in front of Viplav’s face. Viplav who is lost in her thoughts comes out of it.

Dhaani asks now come. She walks forward but someone catches hold of her hand. She turns behind to see and finds Viplav catching her hand with teary eyes. Dhaani asks Viplav what happened? Everything fine? Viplav doesn’t answer but takes her in his car.

Dhaani asks Viplav will u answer where r u taking me? Viplav starts the car. Dhaani angrily says Viplav stop the car or….. But Viplav is concentrating on his driving. Dhaani says Viplav stop the car right now. Viplav stops the car. They both come out. Dhaani asks what’s this nonsense? Why have u brought me here? We r getting late for classes. Come let’s go.

Viplav holds her hand tightly and takes her to the cliff. He asks Dhaani now I will ask u some questions and u have to answer me. If u lie, I will jump from here. Dhaani gets scared and sees the depth of the cliff. It’s very deep.

Viplav asks Dhaani where is your father? Dhaani is shocked hearing the question. She remains silent. Viplav shouts Dhaani I asked where is your father? Dhaani doesn’t respond. Viplav holds her tightly and says Dhaani answer me. Dhaani is in pain. She says Viplav it’s paining. Leave me. Viplav says oh so it’s paining. Then why don’t u show u your pain? I know u r hiding something to me. Tell me.

Dhaani says okay u want to know the truth na. My father lives in Mumbai. Now happy? Viplav claps and says very good Dhaani. U lie very nicely. Tell me the truth. Dhaani says I m telling the truth. He lives in Mumbai. I came here to study law. That’s it.

Viplav says oh now another lie. Dhaani how many lies will u say? Dhaani shouts I m not lying. It’s the truth what I m telling u. He lives in Mumbai. Any more questions? Viplav says okay if u don’t want to tell the truth then I will jump from the cliff.

Dhaani tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Viplav thinks arey Dhaani say fast or I will really have to die. Dhaani shouts I will tell u my past but plz don’t suicide. Viplav smiles from inside. He turns back and rushes towards Dhaani. Viplav asks what did u say just now? Dhaani says I will tell u the truth. Viplav smiles. The episode ends.

So again missed knowing the past. But don’t miss he next episode because u will get to know the past. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Arshdeep

    Viplav is awesome..What an idea sir ji..??

    Very curious to know the past now
    Good louella. Keep going?

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Arshi di. Lekin idea mera

      To know the past u have to wait for the next episode

  2. Sujie

    Arrey Waah..
    .. Jiyo mere laal….. Viplav and his ideas 🙂 good one Louella

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Sujie

  3. Waah what an idea? .. Go on Louella waiting for the next one eagerly☺

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Maha. Keep reading

  4. Shruthy

    Arey wah! Yeh Viplav kitna dramebaaz hai! ? Btw this idea, though it’s yours, reminds me that scene where Viplav does the same to make Dhaani confess her love when she refused to marry him. ???? Anyways it was a splendid and cute episode. But each time you are delaying the moment she reveals her past. ? I hope this time she teuly reveals it. Oh! Well, she cares for Viplav na? so zaroor bolegi.

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes the scene reminded me the same scene too. Yes she will truly tell the past so read it carefully okay? Because it’s gonna be a very very serious one. Well thanks for commenting.

      1. Shruthy

        Hahaha see! ? Oh really? Then I am set with my cup of tea and popcorn to read it. ?
        Huuh? Everything has been serious in your ff till now re. ?? so i am ready, dont worry!

      2. Mariyam123

        Very good!! I know it has always been serious but u will find the next episode the most serious one. But u r ready na. Then no worries!

      3. Shruthy

        Alright I got it xD Of course I am. <3

  5. Good louella. Seriously u write too good

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Renu di. Keep reading

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey louella u r just too good i love your all 3 ffs and sorrry i couldnt comment in all of ur ff dear

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Fatarajo. Don’t say sorry. I know u r very busy as u r handling so many ffs. Even your one comment means a lot to me. Keep reading dear

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey louella thanks for understanding dear and love u dear and keep writing

      2. Mariyam123

        Your welcome dear. Love u too!!

  7. Angel20

    Sorry for the late comment but the episode was ???? just loved it! Viplav is the best?

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes Viplav is the best but don’t forget that he is the best because of No need of saying sorry to me. U must be busy like me. It’s okay. Well thanks for commenting. Keep reading

  8. Lakshmi

    yep louella as said in the above comment @maria viplav and the whole entire ff is cute becoz of u the one and only cutie pie of ikrs family……and it is none other than our louella…..big hands to u dear…..

    1. Mariyam123

      Aww!! Thank u so much. It means a lot to me.

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