Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Episode 4

Hello everyone… I’m back with my ff. So let’s go to the episode……

Dhaani has gone to change as Viplav had purposely dropped tea on her to read the diary. He comes to the class. The diary is on the bench. He goes and lifts it up. He opens it. It’s written 1st June 2006. (which is 10 years ago). He starts reading it.

Meanwhile Dhaani comes out of the washroom. She comes to the canteen but doesn’t find him. She comes to the class. Viplav is reading the diary very seriously as if it’s a story. Just then he hears someone’s footsteps. He keeps the diary in its place and sits on the bench with his hands on his head.

Dhaani comes. She sees him sitting like this. She goes to him and asks what happened Viplav? Are u okay? Viplav acts as if he is having headache. He says Dhaani…..Dhaani….. And then faints.(he is acting) Dhaani says Viplav get up. What happened to you? Get up Viplav. She thinks to bring water. She again goes to canteen to bring water.

Viplav slowly opens his eyes. He goes near the door and checks whether she went or not. He comes back and again starts reading. His mouth is wide open reading the diary. He is shocked. He thinks Dhaani has been in pain from so many years but has never revealed it. She is in pain. This is the reason she is always lost in thoughts. Poor thing!! But I have to console her. But how to tell her?? She will not even talk to me if I will ask her about this!! I have to think some plan. Saying this he keeps the diary and closes his eyes again.(arey because Dhaani is coming)

Dhaani comes hurriedly. She sprinkles water on Viplav. Viplav gets up. Dhaani says take drink this water. But our Viplav is lost in thoughts. Dhaani says Hello where have u lost?? Viplav comes out of his thoughts and says nothing. Dhaani says take drink this water. Viplav says thanks and drinks the water.

Dhaani asks what had happened to you?? Viplav stammers and says I…I always…. Dhaani asks what always?? Viplav gives a quick answer by saying when I m hungry I faint. Dhaani stares at him. Viplav asks now stop staring me like this. I know I m very handsome. Dhaani says now before u faint again let’s go to the canteen and u also eat something. Viplav says come. Dhaani walks in the front. Viplav is walking behind her.

He thinks Dhaani don’t hide your pain. I m here now. I will definitely help you but before that you have to reveal your pain to me. I will make you reveal your pain. Dhaani looks behind and says Viplav come. Viplav says yes coming. He goes with her. The episode ends.

So hope u all liked the episode. Now Viplav knows Dhaani’s past but u all have to wait till Dhaani reveals her past by her own. So you have to wait. Don’t forget to comment down…..

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  1. Pleaseeeeeee make it a little bit looooooonnnggggg….??????????

  2. Very good episode finally viplav come to know her past interesting☺ and viplav will become his protector? waiting for the next one.. please make it a bit long☺

  3. Awww ViDha are really so sweet! And I am sure Viplav will make her smile again very soon 🙂

  4. Super awesome. Really wonder how big ideas come to u?☺

  5. Louella keep going princess…. Loves it…. 🙂

  6. louella u just nailed it dear….

  7. So finally viplav knows the truth.. Hume bhi please jaldi bta dena.. 😛

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