Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Episode 3


Hi friends….. So be ready to read the next episode. Come with me…..

In the earlier episode we saw that it was the first day of vidhani’s college. Viplav and Dhaani meet. But Dhaani ignores him. After a lot of his saying Dhaani agrees to become Viplav’s friend.

Viplav says so Dhaani, if u don’t mind can I ask u something? Dhaani says ya ask. Viplav asks do u stay with your parents? Dhaani is shocked hearing the question. Viplav notices and asks Dhaani everything fine? Dhaani stammers and says ye…..yes yes.. Viplav says so why r u shocked?

Dhaani says Viplav it’s time for class lets go. She hurriedly goes. Viplav sees her in hurry and thinks why did Dhaani get shocked with my question? I have to find out. They both reach the class.

Viplav goes to Dhaani and sits beside her. Viplav asks Dhaani, where r your parents? Dhaani says why do u want to know? Viplav says Dhaani we r friends now. If we will not start our convo then how will we become good friends? Dhaani says okay my mother died on this day ten years ago and my father…..saying this she stops. Viplav curiously asks and your father?

Dhaani ends up saying and my father stays in Mumbai. Viplav says I m so sorry. I didn’t knew about your mother. Viplav asks but why does your father doesn’t stay with u? Dhaani thinks Viplav this answer I will never reveal to u. Viplav asks Dhaani why u get lost everytime?

Dhaani changes the topic and asks Viplav now tell about your parents? Viplav says my parents also stay in Mumbai. They start talking very nicely. Soon they become good friends. The teacher arrives. She teaches them about law and all that.

Dhaani and Viplav pay attention to all that the teacher is saying. The teacher then ends her lecture and goes. Viplav says come we will go to the canteen. Dhaani says u go I m coming. Viplav says okay come soon. He goes.

Dhaani takes out her diary and starts writing. Viplav is in the canteen waiting for Dhaani. He is waiting for her since 10 minutes but she didn’t arrive. He thinks to go and check out.

Dhaani is still writing. Viplav comes there and says Dhaani come fast. Dhaani suddenly closes the diary. Viplav says what u were writing? Dhaani says notes. Viplav says then why u closed? U write, I will wait here.

Dhaani says no…….. Viplav thinks why is she behaving strange? What’s written in that book? Viplav says then come. Let’s go. Dhaani says okay. Come. She leaves the diary there itself. They both go. Viplav orders for tea. Viplav brings it but drops it on Dhaani.

Viplav says I m so sorry. U go and change I m waiting. Dhaani goes. Viplav thinks Dhaani u go and I will go to find out what’s in that book. He goes. The episode ends.

Will Viplav be able to find out Dhaani’s past?
Why is Dhaani everytime lost?
What is Dhaani’s past which always scares her?
Why does Dhaani get scared hearing about her parents?
Who is that man about whom Dhaani always talks?
What had happened on 2nd June ten years ago?
I know all these questions r in your mind but to know this u have to keep reading this ff. Till then bye bye!

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  1. Go on Louella 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  2. Awesome Louella waiting for the next one

    1. Thanks Maha. I will post the next one ASAP.

  3. I was so concentrated reading and when I saw “the episode ends” i was like “what? already?”
    Anyhow! I just loved it. This story is so mysterious man. Cant wait to know what will happen, if Viplav will read her diary or she will catch him reading and will get angey on her… So tensed man!

    1. Aww Shruthy!!! U were so concentrated….. This happens with me also. Never mind. Yes it’s very mysterious. So u have to wait to know everything. Keep reading to know the mysteries.

  4. Nice Louella keep rocking….. ?

    1. Thanks Kavya.

  5. Good going Louella. ? Overall a Suspense packed story! ?

    1. Thanks Areeb. Yes a big suspense to be revealed soon. So be ready

    1. Thanks Renu.

  6. Intro.. to be very true..i guessed you are my cutie sister when i read your line “plz bear with me”
    I wish i had read it earlier and guessed. But really did not get time

    Episode 1
    Awwww the first epi was really sad?
    But great we have one more ff from our mastermind writer??

    Episode 2
    Good start at college.. became friends first day itself?..

    Episode 3
    Suspense hmmm…
    Good louella…keep going??

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