Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani- Episode 1


Hello everyone!! No one guessed me correct. So sad for it. Well if u want to know my name u just see the credit and u will know. Now let’s come to the story. Come on…….

Its night. A young girl is writing a diary. (let’s see what’s written in it) It says,
Name- Dhaani
Hello Diary,
It has been 10 years I m writing this diary. Tomorrow is my birthday and also the day when my mother breathed her last. Tomorrow is also the first day of my college. Don’t know how my day will go tomorrow. Everyday that horrible dream comes in my sleep just because of that man. Yesterday also I had the same dream. I can’t forget that horrible day which changed my whole life. I remember the date which was 2nd June 2006. This day was the start of my horrible days. Never I can forget this date!! I wish there would be a saviour who would always protect me and guide me. But all this is not suitable for my dreams also!! These r just in stories. Well now I m going to sleep. Tomorrow is an important day for me!!!

She closes her diary and goes to sleep with tears in her eyes. But this was not new for her. Everyday she would shed tears remembering that day. She falls asleep.

It’s around 3am. Dhaani is sleeping peacefully. But her face shows something else as if she is having a horrible dream. (let’s see what’s her dream) She is dreaming that a small girl is crying vigorously. A man is threatening to kill her. She tries to run but he holds her hand tightly. She cries and pleads to leave her. But the man doesn’t listen and starts beating her badly. That girl cries loudly in pain. Dhaani in fear wakes up and starts crying. She then sees the clock and realises that it’s her birthday.

She goes and brings a photo frame. It’s Dulaari’s photo. She says maa u know na today is my birthday. After u left I have not celebrated my birthday till now. After u left my life became a living hell. My whole life changed on this day ten years back. Maa I miss u so much. I know u r always watching me. I love u maa!! She hugs her photo and cries loudly. She falls asleep hugging her mother’s photo. The episode ends.

No precap as I have already told u.

So hope u all loved the first one. Plz comment and let me know your opinion. And yes I m Louella. Don’t get shocked. I ended one ff and started a new one. Now also I m balancing 3 ffs. So coming to the story I know there r many questions going in your mind. You will get all your answers one by one. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Chuttki…sorry for not being able to guess your name correctly….
    Coming to this episode…interesting…but sad for Dhaani….eager to know what will happen next

    1. It’s okay. Thanks for commenting. Keep reading.

  2. Wow! Such a sad starting. Well hopefully she gets to meet some happier moments on this birthday. Bit haan quite excited to know what happened ten years ago, and who that man is. Keep up the great work and hats off on balancing with so many stories at the same time.

    1. Thanks a lot Shruthy. Hope she gets some happy moments. Well if u want to know who is that man u will have to keep reading…

  3. Great writing buh with a sad beginning. U re stupendous and love ur cuteness

    1. Thanks a lot Aish.

  4. Are wah ?as usual i will ask how can you write so much ?☺good keep it up ??

    1. Thank u Renu. If u want to know what’s the secret behind writing so many ffs then the secret is my summer vacations. Because of this I got much time to write so many ffs.

  5. Not fair Louella I guessed your name right!? It’s OK but nice start post it soon!! Waiting for it!!

    1. Sorry Maria. I had already posted my ff. And then I saw ur comment. So it’s now my mistake also. Well thanks for commenting. I will post the next one today itself

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