Vimrita – {The devil and his angel} Prologue

Vishesh Raheja-He is the devil but in a human form.At the age of 22 he is going to become an devil.He is unknown about this.

Amrita Raheja-She is going to get married to Vishesh.She is unknown about his truth and loves him a lot and he also loves her.

Vishesh + Amrita = Vimrita

Viraj Raheja-He is Vishesh’s brother and loves him a lot.

AdityaSatyen Raheja-He is Viraj and Vishesh’s father.He knows about Vishesh’s truth and is always scared for him and for Amrita.

Vishesh’s mom died when he was 6.

A dark forest is shown and a old man with white beard is shown.

Old man:This world will soon see the love story of the devil and his angel.If they will get one by consummation then the devil will die but his angel will always be their to protect him and the devil will always be protected but no one can say whether the devil will be alive or not.

He says this to his one of the student.

A big mansion is shown.A couple are seen.The girl’s back is touched towards the wall and the boy is very close to her.They are Vimrita.

Vishesh:Soon you will be mine.

Amrita pushes him

Amrita:But not so soon.

She is running when Vishesh catches her hand and pushes her towarss bed.She falls on bed and he lies on her.

Vishesh:You have been always making excuses so that i will not come close to you but after marriage your body and your soul will be mine.

He kisses her neck.

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