The Villian of my life turns out to be Hero! Shot 3 KKB

Pragya started to flashback all the incidents that took place with her just hours before, her brain was not ready to think about any other topic except this one this thing that she was going to be rapped has overcame her mind and the fear she wasn’t showing could now be clearly seen on her face, while she was lost somewhere a waiter came and asked her:
Mam, Cocktail or Juice?
Pragya looked at him and said: No thanks

The waiter went away, pragya was looking around the club thinking that: What Am I doing here again? at this place? I accept I do come at this place when I go through worst phases of my life but still I didn’t wanted to come here. It’s weird that I am still fearing the fear that is no.more, may be this feeling is not fear but something else but still….
What the hell! A sudden voice came and pragya’s chain of thoughts broke up, pragya looked at the person while person continued to talk over the phone: How can she do this at this time? You know we have paid her , she has to sing and you are saying that she won’t come?
The caller replied while person again continued: Hey , you can’t cut the phone… Hey wait..You can’t…… Damn it! Damn it.

The person in rage ended the call while pragya was looking at him, the person came and sat near pragya.
Pragya: Any problem Sonu ?
Sonu: No, actually a singer was to come but now she is not coming because her favorite dress has been spoiled by one of her employee.
pragya laughed a bit.
while silence danced between their convo.
Pragya: I can sing
Sonu: Pragya, I know you come at this club whenever you go through some hard phases of your life but singing and dancing?
Pragya: I didn’t said dance but I know how to sing
Sonu: You will get my club shut off. (Tu mera dhanda band krwaegy)
Pragya in bit sad (dramatic tone):Maan liya k asli bhen nhi hun na isee waja se gane nhi de rhay anop bhai hote toh gane dete [Yeah Yeah I understand that I am not your real sister that’s why you don’t want me to sing , if Anop bhai was here , he must have allowed me]
Sonu: Nautanki [Dramatic]
Pragya: Where is mike?
Person: Tu nhi gaa skty [You won’t sing]
pragya; But bhai
sonu: No means No
Sonu leaves while pragya stands up from her chair: What”s this? Now how will I make my heart light? I can only make it light by pouring my words into a poetry or song, this time my mood is for song and he is not allowing me, this is not fair.
Pragya folds her arms in irritation, and starts to look at stage, she sees that everything is ready but the only thing that is needed is singer , she looks around and finds Sonu no where so taking this as chance she goes at stage, and starts to talk with flutist, percussionist, Guitarist and pianist, all of them nod their head , while pragya stands near the mike holder

meanwhile At another side; [Police station]
Abhi: Hoooooooooooooooo and the song finishes here ! Clapppings
prisoner: Wah bhai, Your voice is damn awesome.
Amit; Boss mere hain gana toh aayega[He sings so well cause he is my boss]
Raj: Huh…..
Abhi: O Police uncle , listen to me.
Commishner in serious tone while checking files: I m not your uncle and this is police station, right now you are locked up so behave like prisoners….
Abhi: Hanikarak[ injurious] police uncle humein jane do!!! [let us go]
Commishner: In charge of Attempting rape you are under arrested and still you want me to unlock you.
Abhi comes near grills of jail and says: Police uncle , I didn’t even touched her , go and ask her.
commissioner : when she would come here , I will let you be free!
Abhi goes back and sits at bench while raj says: Hanikarak police uncle se yaad aaya bhai hanikarak toh bapu hota h [Bhai Police uncle is not injurious but Father is according to song]
Abhi: Humare case m toh police uncle hee h na ya tun zabardasti unhain baap banaega apna, .[ In our case Police uncle is injirous, or you would make him your father by oppressing him?]
Amit: Arey haaan! Sala m bhi sochun dimmag m tune kyun baj rahi h , yeh toh gana h [Oh yes, This is a Song that’s why a tune is being played in by brain!]
Abhi: Abe shuttlecock ke chitre, khush toh aise ho raha h jaise gana tu ne banaya ho [You feather of a shuttlecock, you are smiling that much as if you have made the song]

All the prisoners laughed and again the silence prevailed! Abhi stood up and went near grills of jail, he in his loud voice said tried to sang: Police uncle sehat ke liye Tu toh hanikaarak hai , Police uncle sehat ke liye Tu toh hanikaarak hai [Police uncle, You are injurious to our health]
All the prisoners seeing him singing the song “Hanikarak bapu” by changing lyrics took intrest and In chores they all sang: Police uncle sehat ke liye Tu toh hanikaarak hai [Police uncle, you are injurious to health]
The commissioner ignored them all.
While Amit (in his voice) sang: Hum pe thodi daya toh karo Hum nanhe baalak hai
[have some mercy on us, we are little kids]
Commissioner while mumbling: itne nanhe balaak Bhagwaan kisi ko na de [ God shall not bless anyone with these much little kids]

Now all prisoners in chores with their real voice sang: hum pe thori daya to kar
hum nanhe baalak hain
[have some mercy on us,
we are little kids]

Commissioner in anger(while sitting at his place) : Just shut up, all of you. Be in discipline, this is police station not your house.

All of the prisoners including abhi sat on floor and kept finger on their lips, while commissioner again started to check the files, Meanwhile Abhi in his voice: discipline itna ,re discipline itna ?khudkushi ke laayak hai
[so much, so much discipline,
it’s enough to force us to commit suicide]
Commissioner while patting his head: Satyanash [annihilated]
Prisoners in chorus: police uncle sehat ke liye
tu to haanikaarak hai [O police uncle, you are injurious to health]

Abhi (in his voice): tanne bola baahir jaana hai mana, yo to torture hai ghaNa re yo to torture hai ghaNa
(you said going for out isn’t allowed,
that’s a big torture)
Amit whispering to abhi: Rest of lyrics do not match to our situation.
Abhi: Is it? Ahm well sing from re tujhse behtar to line.
Amit: re tujhse behtar apni hindi filmon ke khalnaayak hain (better than you are villains of our Hindi movies.
All the prisoners in chorus: O police uncle tu toh hanikark h (O police you are injurious to health)

Commissioner: Shukr Gana khtam( Thank God, Song has finished)

Abhi to prisoners in low voice: Com’on now think for any other song.
Raj: How about Baby doll song?
Abhi: You just shut up, go and sit in corner , Go!
Raj: Sorry!
Amit: Ahm…… What about Channa merreya song?
Abhi: Tujhe toh m channe khila khila k marwaunga[ I will kill you by making you eat channas]
Amit went and stood with raj.

The prisoner: What about sadda haq song?
Abhi: Fantastic! (Abhi in excitement kissed the cheek of prisoner while seeing this Amit whispered to Raj: Bhai yeh Sala kuch ziyada boss k saath nhi chipak raha [ Bhai isn’t he sticking with Boss too much]
Raj: Lagta h Fevicol use kr raha h [Seems he is using fevicol]
Amit: Are you stupid?
Raj: What?
Amit: ughhhhh.
Abhi: So guys Sadda haq song is finalised!
The prisoners: Done.

while all prisoners were ready to rock at stage lol i mean in jail, at same time another person was ready to rock at club, she is non other than pragya, screen shifts to her, at the stage near the mike she was standing, musicians were ready to rock and the music played, keeping both her hands at the mike, she signed musicians to start playing the music, the music started and everyone in club looked at stage, pragya flashbacked how amit betrayed her and how abhi was ready to rape her, how amit pushed her out of room and how abhi pushed her inside car, with these flashbacks in her mind, she closed her eyes and with intense voice putting all her sorrows in song she sang:
: Kaanch Ki Neend Aayi
(I had a sleep made of glass)
Patthar Ke Khwaab Laayi
And it brought dreams made of stone (to shatter my sleep)
Kaanch Ki Neend Aayi
I had a sleep made of glass
Patthar Ke Khwaab Laayi
And it brought dreams made of stone
》》She flashbacked how abhi was going to slap her and with her male co-singer she sang: Jaane Rab Jaane Kab
O God! I don’t know when
Zakhmon Se Mil Gaye Naina…
My eyes got wounded

The co-singers and musicians joined her and with utmost energy they sang: Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched
Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched
Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

Pragya stopped singing, she flashbacked how much amit and she were happy together years before, she flashbacked their proposal day while her co-singer sang further:
Chitthi Jaave, Na Jaave Sandesa
No letter or message reaches
Sajan Gayo Kis Des
No one knows to which land my beloved has gone
Toote Dil Ki Jag Bhi Nahi Sunta
Neither the world listens to the tale of the broken heart
Na Hi Sune Darvesh
Nor does a religious ascetic

Pragya in following words puts her grief that she has been betrayed by life so much that it’s looking like she has already gave up, with deep voice she sings:
Tukda Tukda, In Saason Ka
Bits of my breath
Seene Mein Hai, Bikhra Pada
Are scattered in my chest
She stopped a bit, ’cause she was hurt to that much extant that even thinking about what happend with her was killing her at every point, yet gathering all her sorrows , she continued:
Tukda Tukda, In Saason Ka
Bits of my breath
Seene Mein Hai, Bikhra Pada
Are scattered in my chest
Sookha Hua Samandar
The ocean is dried up
Hai Aankhon Ke Andar
Inside my eyes
Dhadkan Chalegi Kaise
How will my heart beat
Dil Mein Chubhe Hai Khanjar
As daggers are thrust in it?
Din Kaale Kaale Lage
The days seem black
Lagti Hai Kaali Kaali Raina…
And the nights seem black too

Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

She flashbacked of how abhi was stalking her and how she bawled at him , how she was tied up with ropes, singing further:

Kaanch Ki Neend Aayi
I had a sleep made of glass
Patthar Ke Khwaab Laayi
And it brought dreams made of stone
Kaanch Ki Neend Aayi
I had a sleep made of glass
Patthar Ke Khwaab Laayi
And it brought dreams made of stone
Jaane Rab Jaane Kab
O God! I don’t know when
Zakhmon Se Mil Gaye Naina…
My eyes got wounded

The crowd sang with her: Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched
Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched
Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched
Chhil Gaye Naina
My eyes got scratched

And The Song ended, Sonu was astonished to see pragya singing song with that much intense voice, the crowd Cheered: Once more! Pragya thanked her cosinger and other musicians, and went down the stage, Sonu came to her and said: Fantastic!
Pragya smiled
Sonu: Listen, What happend? That much sorrow and grief , Is everything fine?
Pragya while wearing jacket: Everything is fine bhai ,
Sonu: You are lying
Pragya: Everything was not fine but now everything is fine, My heart is feeling relaxed
Sonu: So why everything was not fine?
Pragya: Someone was going to rape me
Sonu was shocked , not at the sentence but at the style of pragya: somone…Was going to rape you and you are smiling ?
Pragya sat at sofa: Ek muskaan hee toh h jo har gam chupa deti h bhai, ab muskrana bhi chod dun zamane k liyea? (Smile is onlything that helps me in hiding my grief, Now shall I stop even smiling for this society)
Sonu: No, but…. Rape…I mean everything is alright?
Pragya: YES! (haan)
Sonu was about to say something but someone called him so he left , while pragya mumbled to herself; ➡Haan ke peechhey ki kahani koi kyu sunega kissey to na ke peechhe ke dilchasp lagtey hain, haan to baat khatam karaney ke liye mashoor hai aur naa har baat ke shuru hone ki shuraat⬅ [ Why would anyone listen to the story behind a YES , the real intresting tales are behind a NO, a YES has got it’s fame because it ends the story before even it starts, and a ‘NO’ has it’s fame as it is the real start of those ending stories]
A voice comes: ➡haan kaho to baat Phail ke khatam ho jati hai aur Naa kaho to kissey kahaniya ban jatey hai ⬅ [ If we say YES, the tale ends after escalating, and if we say NO then tales end up being real Story]

Pragya turns back to see the person while screen shifts to abhi:
Screen shifts to Police station, there were about 6 prisoners in the jail where abhi was imprisoned, one of the prisoner was quite old, he had a stick so Abhi asked him to give that, as soon as the old man gave him stick, he stood over the bench, he held stick in a way like he is holding mike, the rest of prisoners started to clap, and said Waah waah! Abhi said Thanks , and in his voice he loudly sang;
Tum Logon Ki Iss Duniya Mein
In this world of yours

Har Kadam Pe Insaan Galat
Man is wrong in every step

Mein Sahi Samajhke Jo Bhi Karoon
Whatever I do, thinking it’s right

Tum Kehte Ho Galat
You say is wrong
The commissioner listened to abhi, and patted his head: Galat kaam krega toh galat bolunga na , k sahee bolunga (If he is doing wrong works, I will say him wrong of coarse what’s the point of thinking him right)

Abhi gave the stick back and sat at bench , while amit sang further(in his voice):
Mein Galat Hoon Toh Phir Kaun Sahi
If I am wrong, tell me who is right

Marzi Se Jeene Ki Bhi
To live the life I want

Mein Kya Tum Sabko karzi Doon
Do I need to give debt to you all

Abhi went to him and slightly slapped him: Sale Karzi nhiiiii Arzi, Arzi hota h wo, poore gaane ka satyanash , beda garkh ho tera [Stupid , it’s not debt , it’s request! You ruined whole song!]
Amit: Sorry boss.

While a prisoner went near grill of jail and sang:

Matlab Ki Tum Sabka
Does it mean you got

Mujhpe Mujhse Bhi Zyada Haq Hai
More right on me than myself

All prisoners together in chores: Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh
It’s my right, leave it there
Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh
It’s my right, leave it there

Commissioner: Mein bata raha hun m resign kr dunga , yeh saale konse haq ki baat kr rahe hain[ I am saying I will resign! What right are they talking about?]

Constable: Sir But that boy in white (referring to abhi) has got such a nice voice.

commissioner: Tu kya ab iski taareef k gun gayega (Now you’ll praise him?)

Constable: No sir , Sorry sir.

Abhi sang:::
Hey, Inn Qataaron Mein
Among these queues

Yaa Udhaaron Mein
Or these favours

Tum Mere Jeene Ki Aadat Ka Kyun Khot Rahe Dum
Why are you choking the breath of my living

The old man now sang:
Besaleeqa Mein
I am mannerless

Uss Gali Ka Mein
I am from that street

Wooooooooooo Uncle go on!!!!!!!!!! cheered Prisoners.

The old man pointed himself and sang:
Na Jismein Hayaa Na Jismein Sharam
Which doesn’t have any dignity or shame

Abhi in loud voice:
Mann Bole Ke Rasmein Jeene Ka Harjaana
Heart says customs damage living

Duniya Dushman
The world is enemy

Sab Begaana
Everything is somebody else’s

Inhe Aag Lagaana Mann Bole
Heart wants to burn them down

Mann Bole, Mann Se Jeena Ya Mar Jaana, Haan
Heart says, live as wanted or die

All in chores: Saddda Haq Aithe rakhhhh!!!!
Commissioner was hell irritated, he was pulling his hairs while saying Mummyyyyyyyyyy! While the constable Controlled his laugh

screen shifted towards club;
Pragya: Bulbul?
Bulbul: What bulbul? What are you doing here?
Pragya: hehe me?
Bulbul hugged her tightly; I was so worried for you after purab told me what abhi was going to do.
pragya broke hug; Com’on it’s alright, I am fine.
Bulbul cupped her face: I m fine? I know how many cries are burried under I am fine.
Pragya: Stop this dialouge baazi, I am seriously fine
Bulbul: Why would you even tell me?
Pragya: Meri Maa I am sorry
Bulbul: abhi did something with you?
Pragya: No baba, he even didn’t touched me.
Bulbul: sure? You are not hiding something
Pragya; Why would I? I am saying truth.
Bulbul: O’teri! Gayi m kaam se [I am gone]
Pragya: Now what you did? [ Ab kya kiya]
Bulbul: Actually…….
Pragya: Actually?
Bulbul: Abhi…..
pragya: Abhi?
Bulbul in one go said I called police and he is in jail now (bulbil closed her eyes, as she thought pragya would scold her)
Pragya: So let’s get him out.
Bulbul: you’re not angry?
pragya: Why would I be?
Bulbul: I mean , he did no mistake still…
Pragya: He did! Chu ha nhi toh matlb galti nhi? uske choone se pehle mere khayalon ne mujhe jo maara h uski saza toh usey milni chayh [He didn’t touched me but that doesn’t mean that he commited no mistake , before his touch, my thoughts killed me and for it he needs to be punished]

Purab comes there: Exactly pragya, he needs to be punished , that’s why we won’t go today for his bail.
Pragya looks at him: Ashok? Abhi told me about you, True friend?
Purab smiles: Us ne toh dosti khtam kr di thy, ab wo jahan bhi ho mujhe farq nhi padta[ He ended our friendship, now where ever he would be I don’t give a damn]
Pragya comes to him: Us ne dosti khtam ki thy tum ne nhi , or wo iss waqt jail m hai bail krwana toh farz h humara, galt kaam kiya nhi koi us ne , krne wala tha. Khuda bhi muaaf farma deta h Ashok, hum kon hote hain doosron per naraz hone wale[He ended friendship not you, right now he is in jail and it’s our responsiblity to get him out, he was going to do but didn’t commited any wrong action, Even God forgives Ashok who we are to get angry then]
Bulbul: Not Ashok but Purab
Purab smiles.
Pragya: Let”s go then Pu..rab!
Purab nods his head and pragya.
Screen shifts to Police station: the commissioner stands up and goes to abhi: Mere bhai, chup ho ja! Yeh police station h kuch toh lihaaz kr , meri position ka toh khyal kr, jab such tujhe bhi pata h or such mujhe bhi pata h k You tried to Rape her then what”s the need for all this?[ My brother , please just be silent, This is police station , respect it, and think for my position! You know the truth , i know the truth that you tried to rape her then what’s need for all this?]
Abhi; Sir I didn’t tried
Comissioner: You thought and your thought was itself the first try to rape her! You have to follow some rules , some regulations inside the police station.

Abhi stood silent , while commissioner went and sat at his place, there was silence, everything was going smoothly, commissioner was sitting as if he has won any type of battle after talking to abhi, but soon he smile faded off when suddenly
Abhi shouted:

Kyun Sach Ka Sabak Sikhaye
Why do you teach the lessons of truth

Jab Sach Sunn Bhi Na Paaye
When you can’t bear it

Sach Koi Bole Toh Tu
If someone talks the truth

Niyyam Kaanoon Bataye
You will talk about rules and regulations

Commissioner: meri mat maari gayi thy jo rules or regulations k baare m baat ki , yeh toh blkul match ho rha h lyrics se [ I was mad that I talked about rules and regulation before him, these words are already part of this song! Shit]

Amit: Tera Darr
Your fear

Old man: Tera Pyaar
Your Love

Raj: Teri Waah
Your praise

Abhi: Tu Hi Rakh, Rakh Saale
Keep it with you, idiot

Everyone in chores [This time the constables that were presnt there also joined them]: Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh
Our right, keep it here!

Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh
ur right, keep it here!

Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh
Our right, keep it here!

Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh
ur right, keep it here!

Commissioner shouted: Rakh doooooooongaaaaaa per pehle yeh toh batao Konsa Haq!!!![ I will keep your right! but just tell me what Right are you talking about]

While commissioner shouted , all of them stopped singing, at same time pragya purab and bulbul entered
Pragya; Sathya gaya h kya commissioner? (Has commissioner gone mad?)
Bulbul: I think so pragya!
Purab: Abhi must have irritated him.
Abhi: Dekho Dekho aa gayi wo dekho dekho (see, see she has came, see see)
Commissioner: Thank God , bala tali (problem gone)
Pragya went and gave her statement, after some procedures, some signs, abhi was bailed, as soon as abhi got bailed pragya left police station, bulbul went to purab for some work, abhi was going out too but he returned back and hugged commissioner, commissioner smiled, abhi again was going out but he stopped in mid and turned, everyone looked at him while he said: Hanikarak Policr uncle, Saddaaaaa Haqqqq [Injurious, police uncle , Our Righttttt]

Everyone shouted: Aithe Rakhhhh [Keep it right here]
Commissioner laughed while abhi went outside, he saw pragya sitting at bench so he went to her and sat beside, pragya felt his presence: Shukriya kehne aaye ho toh mujhe nhi lena or sorry kehne aaye ho toh ab faida nhi[If you are here to say thanks, I don’t want it and If you are here to say sorry then it’s of no use now]

Abhi smiles: But Still sorry
Pragya with somewhat anger (calmly replies): It’s fine.
Abhi: Khata ki saza nhi dogi? [Won’t you punish me for my mistake?]
Pragya: You are no one to me , why shall I even punish?
Abhi: Those scars that you are carrying , I have only given them and only time can heal them.
Pragya smiled at this: kehne ko toh aasan h janab k waqt zakham bhar dega, lekin such toh yeh h k yeh zakham kabhi nhi bharte, bal ke waqt k saath or ghre ho jaate hain, wo toh insaan itna qawi h k jaise hee waqt beet ta jata h , insaan in zakhmon ka aadi ho jata h, us dard ka bhi aadi ho jata h lekin namakooll yeh samjhta h k waqt ne yeh zakham bhar diyea![it”s easy to say that Time will heal your wounds, but the truth is these scars never heal, as the time passes these scars get enough deep, He is the human who is strong that he gets habitual to these scars but as the time passes Moron! thinks that time has healed the scars.
Abhi stood numb at her point of view.
pragya smiled: do not get lost anywhere mister, come to reality.
Abhi in guilt: I have shattered you!
Pragya: It’s alright! I am habitual to it
Abhi: It’s not al right, this guilt won’t ever leave me, please forgive me.
Pragya: I forgave you, now I shall leave
Abhi holding her hand: I love you!
Pragya: Mazak bana diya h janab aap ne in alfaz ka, kabhi bhi kaheen bhi istemaal kr dete ho, yeh lafz toh bane thay kisi ko khush krne k liyea lekin aap toh inko use krte ho kisi ko hurt krne k liyea [You have took these words as a joke, you use it where ever you want to, these words were used to make someone happy but now you are using these words to hurt someone]
Abhi: Iss baar suchai h in alfaz m[This time these words carry Truth]
Pragya: Suchai se bharosa uth gaya h humara,Pyaar toh hum dobara kr nhi paenge or na hee kabhi krna chahen ge khaas kr us se jis ki waja se meri poori zindagi barbaad ho jaaty [ Now I don’t believe im trust anymore, I can’t love someone again and I even don’t want to especially I don’t want to love the one because of whom my life could have been ruined]
Abhi didn’t showed any expression while pragya said: Haath chor bhi do ab, pyaar hee nhi toh saath toh door ki baat h [Leave my hand now, where there is no love how can you expect about companionship?]
Abhi left her hand but said; Pakda h toh ab chodunga nhi, tu jahan bhi chalee jaye tujhe bhulunga nhi, yeh gunah ho gaya h mujhe se pachtwa m zaroor krunga, tujhe dekhna khush meri ab pehli zimmedaari h, tujhe paya h toh kho nhi skta, khona hota toh tujhe kab ka chuu liya hota, tujhe khilona samjh na bhool kuch aisi thy k khudi se nafrat krne laga hun, [Now as I have loved you, I can not leave you, I know I have commited the mistake but now giving you the happiness is my first priority, Now I can not lose you, If I had to lose you I must have did that cheap work, it was my mistake to think you a toy , this mistake makes me hate my self]
Pragya: Now there’s nothing left in these talks? better we move on with our life.
Abhi: Exactly, I will move on with my life and you shall move on with yours.[sahee h, tum apni zindagi k saath aage badho or m apno k saath]
Pragya smiles and stands up to leave from there while abhi says: Meri zindagi toh tum ho , aage badhunga toh tumhare saath, tum saath nhi dogi toh tumharee yadon k saath,[You are my life, I will move on but just with you, if you won’t accompany me I will move on with your memories]
Pragya; Toh janab Yadon k saath jee lijea ga kyun k ab mera saath aap k naseeb m nhi [So mister, live with my memories because now I can’t live with you]
Pragya was about to leave but stopped and said: You made me believe in monsters again.

Pragya left while abhi sat silently there, for him it was like his world has stopped at the moment when pragya said him to live with her memories, it’s a quite impossible thing for abhi to move on in his life, seeing abhi numb purab went to him and sat beside him,
Purab: Bola tha m ne , lekin nhi baat to tun amit ki hee suna kr , best friend jo h tera wo, best friend nhi bal k Bhai h na tera wo, [I already told you not to do this but no you’ll always listen to amit, afterall he is your best friend , no not just a best friend but he is your brother]
Abhi listened to him, and tightly hugged him: I am sorry.
Purab smiled: Chal Nautanki, ab roiyo mat , m ne koi aansu waansu nhi ponchne tere.[Don’t dare to cry now, I won’t wipe your tears]
Abhi broke hug: I lost her
Purab: You lost her , but don’t lose hope of getting her back into your life

before abhi could say anything , bulbul came and said: Exactly.
Abhi and purab looked at her meanwhile she continued: well Abhi, purab I was here to say something.
Abhi: first tell me how you got to know about purab’s name?
Bulbul: Abhi, why are you being so jealous.
Abhi: I am not jealous.
before bulbul could say anything purab said: Bulbul abhi, not again! Bulbul why were you here?
bulbul: oh yes! Actually we are leaving for london.
abhi in shock stood up: London? for how many days?
Bulbul: Not for days abhi but for rest of life.
Purab in shock stood up: What?
Bulbul: we were here for my university, now as I have got degree, pragya and me are going back to london as our parents are there!
purab and abhi in chores; But You never tolf us thid thing!
Bulbul with weird expressions: Why would I tell you? purab we just met a week before and abhi we even don’t know each other properly so why would I tell you about it?
before abhi and purab could say anything, bulbul said: pragya is waiting for me , I shall leave! Okay bye abhi and purab, I assure you we’ll be in contact with eachother.

Saying this bulbul ran to pragya as they were getting late, purab and abhi stood silent, both of them didn’t knew what to do , what to say! Gathering courage, purab was about to go and stop them but abhi asked him not to do so! abhi didn’t told any reason to purab and they started living with bulbul and pragya’s memories, purab had started loving bulbul since the day he saw her , same case was with abhi and pragya but the next day as pragya and bulbul left, abhi and purab started missing them more , well the days passed, then the weeks, then the months and then 2 and half years, these were not easy for abhigya but some how easy for Rabul, pragya never thought that after leaving India she would start missing abhi, well she never realised she loves abhi, she thought it to be infatuation and nothing else, abhi had started living with her memories, purab and bulbul used to talk with eachother through video call, and when ever they used to talk with eachother through video call, abhi and pragya intentionally used to pass by so that they could notice eachother, for one glance of pragya abhi used to join purab and bulbul in video chat, and pragya used to admire abhi by standing at a place from where she could easily see him but he could not, in these years pragya had became a well known writer, bulbul had became a well know business women, purab and abhi were business tycoons! Pragya thought about writing the next book at Indian culture, because of what she had to go to India, she needed deep information , something unique that even internet doesn’t contains and she could only know this by going to India and continuing her session with local people, with villagers, with house wives, with working women, it was december so with bulbul she continued her journey towards India, she was bit nervous not because of her book but because of abhi, what if she met him? what if he again confesses his love? what would she do? these thoughts were disturbing her , at same time she got a friendly hug by purab, he was there to welcome them, bulbul was on cloud nine, pragya’s eyes were only searching him, it was 2 am in night so purab made excuse that abhi didn’t came because he was sleepy, meanwhile pragya thought: so he Moved on, his sleep was more important than me, this thought made her sleep fly away some where and so she said to purab that she wants to go at her favorite place, purab asked her not to go as it’s not safe, pragya’s one smile ended purab’s tension, bulbul and purab went to their destination whilst pragya went to the place that she was refering as her favorite place , well it was just a desolate bridge over water nothing else, but the sound of waves in silence , twinkling stars in sky made it favorite place of pragya, by the time she reached someone was already there looking at sky by resting his hands over bridge, she didn’t disturbed the person , she went and stood beside him and she started to feel the waves of water as if the waves were narrating some kind of story, a chain of thoughts was about to begin in her mind but ended before it began as soon as she listened to the person beside her (he was looking at the sky): Okay this is not fair God, see these stars are laughing at me, this is not fair. The stars are laughing at me and these waves are taunting me for the mistake i was about to commit, this silence is roaring with her voice, and my thoughts are occupied by her , for her one glance I kept fast okay okay, I love her. 2 and half years and i don’t know when will I meet her?
Pragya thought: his voice? he is abhi? Oh my!
abhi continued: These waves again are taunting me , okay i accept I have met her in one of seminar in london, and I attend those functions where she is invited as chief guest.
pragya (to herself): And I thought he moved on!
Abhi smiled: God , you know, I wrote something for her, I’ll tell it to you.
Her eyes
They were like sunset telling everything about the day ..
They were like a painting
You don’t want to stop looking at!
You get lost in them
They were that kind!
They were a world on their own
They never lied..
her eyes were beauty , everytime I get lost into.

Pragya smiled listening to this.
Abhi; Raat k 3 baje yahan use yaad kar raha hun or wahan wo madam mere baar e m soch bhi nhi rahee hongi [ here I am remembering her at 3 am and there she would even be not thinking about me]
pragya: And How you know that?
Abhi looked at his left side: Pragya?
Pragya nodded her head.
Abhi: Phir se? [ again?]
pragya rasing her eyebrow: What again? [kya phir se?]
Abhi looked at sky; Phir aagayi yeh, dobara aagayi yeh, har roz isee tarah aakr pareshaan krti h mujhe yeh bhagwaan, utha lo mujhe bs ab [Again she came! Bhagwaan she comes every day like this to irritate me, just take me with you I don’t want to live]
Pragya: per m toh aaj hee london se aayi hun [But , today only I came from London]

Abhi: mein tujhe pagal lagta hun? [I look mad to you]
pragya: Haan , Naaaa Naaaa [Yes, No No]
Abhi: dekh chali ja, wehm h tu mujhe pata h , thodi cheesy batein kr k phir se chal degi tun, tera toh roz ka h aana jana [Just go away, You are just a mere mirage, you will do some cheesy talks and then would go away]
Pragya: Wehm? [Mirage?]
Abhi: Jee Haan [Yes]
Pragya: Na aao toh problem h , aao toh problem, Problem hee Problem h , asal problem toh tun hai [you always have problem, if i do not come , you have problem, if I come you have problem, Actually the real problem are you]
Abhi: Pragya , it’s reality? Not a mirage
pragya folded her arms and nodded her head.
Abhi couldn’t believe it and said: No you can’t be here.
Pragya in rage: Haan nhi hun bhai, nhi hun. wehm hun tera bs khush, [Okay I am not here, I am just a mirage! Happy?]
Abhi hugged her tightly
Pragya: Stupid.
Abhi: I missed you.
Pragya: Same
Abhi: It was so difficult to live with you
Pragya: Same
Abhi: I never thought I’ll meet you ever again
Pragya: Same
Abhi: I love you
pragya: Same
Abhi broke hug: Kya same same laga rakha h? sab m hee bolun ab Shot k aakhiri hisey m tu kuch nhi bolegi? [What same same? In the last part of Shot you want me to talk, won’t you say anything]
Pragya: Kya bolun? [what shall I say]
Abhi: itne salon k bad bhi kuch nhi kehna? [You don’t want to say anything after these much years?]
pragya: do saal hee to huay hain[Only 2 years have passed]
Abhi: Do saal 6 maheene 1 hafta 10 din 5 ghante 15 minutes 4 second, 3 milli seconds, 1 micro second, 9 nano seconds, 12 pico second…..[2 years, 6 months, 1 week, 10 days, 5 hours, 4 second, 3 milli seconds, 1 micro second, 9 nano seconds, 12 pico second]
Pragya cuts him off: STOPPPPPPPP
Abhi: Itna kyun cheenkti h bhai? kaan k parde phat jaate [why did you screamed that much? My ear drum for sure would have gotten ruptured]
Pragya: Dilwale film kitni baar dekh chuka h? [how many times have you watched dilwale]
Abhi: 10
pragya: That’s why you are copying dialouges from there!
Abhi: it’s not dialouge but reality
Pragya: ab reality h , itni velli hun m jo ginnu gi k itne pico seconds hum door rahe [it is reality? Am I that much free to count how many pico seconds were we away from each other?]
Abhi: mere emotions ka mazak [you are taking my emotions as joke]
Pragya: Nautanki [dramatic]
Abhi: Toh Shadi karegi mujh se ? Itna budha nhi hun bs 32 saal ka hun, acha kamata hun apna ghar h , bank balance acha h or tujh se pyaar toh krta hee hun [So will you meri me? I am not much old , i am just 32 , I have good income, I have my own house, I have good bank balance, and I love you too]
Pragya smiles, she truns to leave, abhi doesn’t stops her as he thought that still pragya hasn’t forgiven him, pragya covers a 10 meter distance , she truns and looks back, she finds abhi standing at same position and looking at her, she says: Ab invitation dun? Shadi yahan per toh hogi nhi, ghar jaenge fresh hone, shadi ka joda lenge, pandit se date fix karwenge tabhi hogi na shaadi,[Now shall I give you invitation? Marrige can not take place here, for marrige we need to go to Our home to fresh up our selves, then we will buy bridal attire, we’ll call priest then only the marrige can happen]
Abhi smiles and shouts: Aata hun sonriyo[I am coming beautiful]
and he ran towards pragya to continue the beautiful journey of their life…….
THE.END ……………. ………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………
and that’s how the villian turned out to be her prince charming, i mean Hero. So Hope you guys liked it, sorry for that much late update and Sorry if there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It’s always pleasure to read all your comments so right now this flop writers aka Somiya is signing off. Have a blissful life ahead.
Stay blessed.

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