The Villian of my life turns out to be Hero! Shot 2 KKB

It’s always me , always! It’s not any other girl but me! You have to betray someone , please come and meet miss pragya, she never gets hurt! You have to rape someone, come to pragya, rape her! it’s life damn! Not a game! I don’t know what would happen to me the very next moment, the only thing that is coming into my mind is sucide! it’s better to be killed with sucide rather than being killed each day by fake rumors!

Only one person is rapping me but after this numerous times I would be raped by society! These scars won’t ever heal, the society won’t ever listen to me, I am here tied with these ropes, some girls may be being burried somewhere, some girls may be are going to get married unwillingly, some girls may be are going to become acid victim the very next moment because they are Girls! I wish , I was not tied up with these ropes so that I can run away from here and go at a place where someone would listen my sorrows rather than hurting me! Oh wait , he is coming here with those rods, he is going to beat me with those, will I survive after this? Before rape already my thoughts have killed me , how will I even live after this?
Pragya broke her chain of thoughts as soon as abhi came near her, she closed her eyes.

Abhi came near her: What happend?
Pragya: Jus…Just move away.
as pragya was sitting on chair so abhi went on his knees and kept his both hands at both arms of chair and again went close to pragya, pragya turned her face to another direction.
Abhi said: Listen, you still have chance be mrs abhishek prem mehra!
Pragya while having rage in eyes, looked at abhi and replied: Do what ever you want to but I won’t ever marry you.

Abhi: So you won’t?
Pragya: No! Once I said I won’t it means I won’t!
Abhi held her by chin, pragya looked at him in anger, while abhi said: You accept
Pragya; What?
Abhi: Rape.
Pragya in full attitude: Being called as Rapped girl would be better than being called as Mrs Abhishek prem chuha [Chuha means mouse]
Abhi: Chuha? [Mouse]? excuse me , it’s Mehra not chuha [Mouse]
Pragya: Han jo bhi! [ Yes, let it be!]

Abhi came near her, pragya closed her eyes, abhi whispered to her: Still you have time to think.
Pragya in hissing voice; 1…2….3! Time’s up. I won’t ever marry you.
Abhi in immense anger backed of and stood up, he was about to slap pragya but stopped.
Pragya’s anger had no limitation now, she bawled: What happend? Com’on slap me, Com’on.
Abhi folded his arms in anger.
Pragya: Com’on! What happend?
Abhi: It’s your good luck that…

Pragya: That you didn’t slapped me right?
Abhi: Exactly.
Pragya in sarcastic tone: You would rape me would also be in good luck?
Abhi’s face got covered with guilt expressions.
Pragya smiled and said: Aliya Mehra,
Abhi got shocked listening to this.
Pragya: Aliya mehra, age 26 years is now in london and is at coffee shop with her friend , ahm what was his name……
Abhi was totally shocked because he never told pragya about his family
pragya continued: Yes, his name was Anop.
Abhi: H…How you know?
Pragya: She was classmate of my brother

Abhi: But how you know? where she is?
Pragya: because right now Aliya is with Anop and Anop is my brother.
Abhi was speechless seeing pragya’s attitude.
Pragya: My one call to my brother and….. You know very well what can happen
Abhi was tensed to depth: Prag..Pragya she is my sister.
Pragya: So?
Abhi had no answer , he stood silent, the rage he had on his face just went somewhere and expression of guilt started to emerge.
Pragya smiled: Open my rope , it’s paining.
Abhi was still looking at her still with shock expressions
Pragya: rasi khol do , Kaaiar nhi hun m jo bhaag k chali jaungy, mushkilon se ladna seekhi hun, bhaagna meri nafz m kahan. (Open the rope, I am not coward that I would run anywhere, to run away from difficulties is what I have been never taught)
Abhi: Or agr bhaag gayi toh (And If you ran?)

Pragya: Bola na Kaaiar nhi hun! (I already told you that I am not coward)
Abhi stepped towards pragya with some tension at his face.
Pragya smiled: Khol do, rasi kholne ko hee bol rhy hun, aazadi nhi maang rhy (Open it! I am just asking you to open my rope , I am not asking you to give me freedom)
Abhi: Yes, let me open it.
Abhi opend the rope, pragya smiled.
Abhi sat at near chair, while the silence prevailed.
Pragya: Kya hua? wahan chup chap bethe ho? Rape nhi krna? Dekho jaldi karo, kya h na k mujhe sucide bhi krna h ( What happend? Why are you sitting there silently? Won’t you rape me? See, if you want to rape me do it fast, I also have to sucide)
Abhi: Sucide?

Pragya: Toh kya yahan kanche khelungy rape k baad ? (Such a silly question, Will I play with marbels after rape?)
Abhi with helpless expression: No, If you want you can go, You are free.
Pragya: Aazad hun?(I am free?)
Abhi: Yes you are.
Pragya: Srif kehne ko aazad hun janab! ek ladki kabhi aazad nhi ho skty, ek qaidi ban k hee reh jaaty h (It’s just a saying Mister , that I am free but the truth is a girl can never get freedom, she is always caged)
Abhi: Galat soch h aap ki (It’s your wrong thinking)

Pragya smiles: pata h papa kehte thay k beta yeh jo zamana h na tujhe ek naazuk se pinjrey m qaid krega lekin tujhe darna nhi h, wo pinjra buht naazuk hota h , tu us ko apni qabliat se tod dena or humesha k liyea aazad ho jana, (You know, papa used to say that this society would imprison you in a fragile cage , but you don’t have to worry about anything, you just have to break that cage with your aptitude and then forever you will be free)
Abhi: Sahee bolte thay uncle (Uncle used to say right)
Pragya; But he was wrong.
Abhi in confused manner : What?
Pragya; Wo pinjra dikhne m kamzor tha lekin asal m wo toh ek lachak daar cheez ka bana hua tha, jitna aage jaate jao ge aap ko lagega k wah bhai pinjra toh tod diya hum ne lekin wo aap ki khushfehmi hoti h , ek had tak aap us lachak daar cheez ko kheech sakte ho lekin jab had paar ho jaaty h aap wapis waheen aa jaate ho jahan se aap ne aage badhna shuru kiya tha, or aap samjhte ho k aap dobara qaid hogaye jab k aap toh humesha se hee qaid thay.

( The cage seems to be fragile but in reality it’s not, instead it is made up of spandex, when you think to break the cage and step forward , you only push that elastic but a time comes when limit is reached and spandex can not further be stretched and then you are pushed back at your mean position from where you came and you think that you are again caged but the truth is you were always caged , you were imprisoned in spandex cage not in fragile cage)
Abhi was spellbound after listening to her views.

Pragya: What happend?
Abhi: No..Nothing
Pragya: Bhen ka rape bhi ho skta h soch kr dar gaye k yeh soch rahe ho k m iss ladki ka rape kyun kr raha hun( You are not rapping me because your sister can also get rapped or because you are thinking that why are you rapping me?)

Abhi: m yeh soch raha hun, tum itni bahadur kesay ho skty ho, ( I am thinking, how can you be so much brave?)
Pragya smiled: Bhadur toh hr ladki hoti h , kuch iss cheez ko chupa deti hain toh kuch apni bahaduri dikhana zaroori nhi samjhtein( Every girl is brave, some of them hide their bravery while others think it’s useless to show their bravery to society)
Abhi: A Girl is herself a mystery.
Pragya smiles.
Abhi: I am sorry
Pragya; For what?
Abhi raises his eye brow; Why will I say sorry? it’s understood!
pragya laughs a bit: For rape?
Abhi: I was never like this

Pragya; Who betrayed you?
Abhi in shock looks at her : How you know?
Pragya: dekho duniya m do qisim k log hote hain jab unhain dhoka milta h , ek dhoke ko apna kr aage badhte hain or apne andr kai tabdeeliyan laate hain or doosre dhoke ko apnate nhi hain, balke badlaa lene ki aar m doosron ki zindagi khrab kr dete hain (See after being betrayed two type of people emerge, 1st type Accepts the betrayl and then they move on with life while changing himself and the 2nd type doesn’t accepts betryal, instead they start to seek revenge from other people and destroy their lives)

Abhi lowers his head down and says: So I am of second type.
Pragya; Before my life whose life you ruined or tried to ruin?
Abhi: You are first
Pragya smiled: Thank God.
Abhi in bewilderment: Thank God?
Pragya: You are stupid!
Abhi smiled.
The silence again prevailed, abhi was continuously looking at pragya , while pragya stood up from chair and started to walk

Abhi: How you came to know I am aliya’s brother?
Pragya stopped and turned to him: Tanu was my best friend, I knew her plans of ruining your life already so I told everything to Aliya and then
Abhi: And then she was aliya who told me everything
pragya: because I knew that a brother always trusts his sister so I told her
Abhi: and till this moment I was thinking that you don’t know me
Pragya: Mister I know you belong from very good family, one betrayl and you started to ruin everyone’s life!

Abhi while patting his head: Acha sorry.
pragya smiled: Well the way you were stalking me at road, I was all set to slap you hard but bulbul dragged me away
Abhi (while folding his hands): Thanks to bulbul
Pragya: well I would never forget this kidnapping experience! Kidnapper himself is so frankly talking with me.
Abhi with guilt: Kidnapper
Pragya: Or I must say a business tycoon.
Abhi: Meri maa , tujhe toh har cheez pata h (You know everything!)
pragya laughs: Bulbul has crush over you that’s why

Abhi: Or you have crush over me that’s why?
Pragya: No way, Crush and over you. Yeh toh lol hogaya!
Abhi: Bezati bhi kr lee (You did my insult)
Pragya smiled and went near him: Uth bhi jau budhau (Get up, old man)
Abhi who was sitting at chair stood up, pragya gave him friendly hug, while abhi smiled.

Pragya: Acha chalti hun, duaon m yaad rakhna (Okay I am leaving, remember me in your prayers)
Abhi broke hug: Ajeeb ladki ho yaar (Weird girl you are)
Pragya smiled: Thanks

Abhi: Your talks resemble to that of my friend Ashok’s! He always asked me not to do this.
pragya: Sucha dost h wo , khona mat usay (He is a true friend , don’t ever lose him)
Abhi; How you know this? (Tumhn kesay pata)
pragya: Suchay dost wo hote hain jo galat cheez m aap ka saath kabhi na dain or naam k dost wo hote hain jo sahee cheez m saath dain na dain , galat cheez m saath dene k liyea pehle hee khade ho jate hain ( True friends are those who never join you in your bad deeds while fake friends are those who join you in your bad deeds always)
Abhi: Yeah.

Pragya; So I must leave
abhi: it’s already 9 pm , I can drop you
pragya: I can’t trust you
Abhi smiled: Bye
Pragya left the place , while at same time raj and amit entered the place, they were breathing heavily.
Abhi: What happend?

Raj while huffing: P…Police….
Abhi: Police?
Amit: Police is coming, let’s run away from here
Abhi smiled: I don’t want to run, let them come
Raj: Are you mad?

Amit while huffing: or you are pretending that you are mad?
Raj: Bhai isey chor , hum hee bhaagte…bhagte hain (Bhai, leave him, let us run away)
Amit: Yes.
Abhi smiled , raj and amit were about to run but cops caught them, while bulbul and ashok entered rushingly.
Bulbul screamed: Pragyaa
she started to search pragya , while ashok went to abhi and slapped him hard: Where is pragya.
Abhi smiled and hugged Ashok: Thank you.
Ashok in rage broke hug, cops came and arrested abhi, while ashok said: Where the hell is pragya?
Abhi: She is not here.
Bulbul wiped her tears , and came to abhi; What do you mean?
Abhi: I mean she is not here.
Bulbul held him by collor: then where is she?
Abhi: I don’t know , she just left from here.
Bulbul in tensed tone: What you di…did with her?
Abhi: Nothing , before I can do anything my brain got wisdom.
Ashok: What are you saying?
abhi: I am saying, I didn’t raped her and she just left from here and I didn’t bothered to ask where she is going

Bulbul: I know where she would be.
Ashok: Sir (To cop)
Cop: Yes
Ashok: Take these three away from here.
The Cop: We know our work sir
Raj: Ashok we are your friends.
Ashok: Toh nachun? (So should I dance?)

Bulbul: Purab leave them , come with me.
Raj, Amit and Abhi in chores: Purab?
Ashok murmered: Mar waegy yeh pakka (She’ll get me killed)
Abhi: Saale, Tu ne toh bola tha k purab naam srif mujhe pata h toh isey kahan se pata chala ( You told me that I only know you as purab then how she came to know about this name)
Bulbul: Ughhhh, I saw it at his birth certificate.

Abhi: Amma , tera kya kaam tha iske birth certificate se? (Why did you checked his birth certificate?)
Bulbul: Iske Ghar gayi thy pada hua tha toh dekh liya , isme konsa raaz h ab ( I went to his home, and certificate was placed at table so I saw it , what’s the big deal in it?)
Abhi: Kab gayi thy? (When you went to his home)
Bulbul: Aaj mere baap (Today)
Abhi: Nhi, tu jhooth bol rhy h (no , you are lying)

Bulbul: Ab kya koi Holy Book laaun kasam khane k liyea ( Now should I bring Holy Book to swear)
Abhi: Nhi pragya k naam se kha le kasam ( No, take swear over pragya’s name)
The cops signed everyone to sit down at floor, everyone sat down and started looking at abhi and bulbul , whose fight was endless.
Bulbul: Kyun teri baat maanu, tu mera chacha lagta h ( Why should I listen to you? You are my paternal uncle?)
Abhi: Nhi mamu lagta hun ( No , I am your Maternal uncle)
Bulbul: Ughhhh toh mama ji m ne koi kasam nhi khaani (So mama ji I don’t want to swear)
Abhi: Hence proved, She is a lier
Bulbul: I am not

Abhi: You are
Bulbul: Nhi hun kaha na m ne (I said na I am not)
Abhi: Ho (Yes, you are)
Bulbul: No
Abhi: Yes
Bulbul: No

Abhi: Yes
Ashok(Purab) shouted: Justttttttttt Shut up
Bulbul and abhi stopped and saw the anger at purab’s face (Ashok’s face)
Abhi : Purab , pehle yeh bata isey kahan se pata chala k tera doosra naam purab h (Purab, first of all tell me how she came to know about your real name)
Purab(ashok): Tujhe kya problem ho rhy h kaheen se bhi pata chala ho ( Why are you having problem if she came to know about this?)

Bulbul: Jal raha h jaluuu( He is being jealous)
Abhi: Jealous hoga tumhara nana, hadqadiyan na pehni hoti na toh m tujhe chodta nhi (Your grandfather shall be jealous, If i was not wearing these handcuffs , I swear I wouldn’t have left you)
Cop stood up: All of you just shut up, or I will imprison you all in case of wasting our time.
Bulbul: Take these three away

Cop: Thank you for reminding us our work.
Abhi: hehe bestiiii ( Hehe, Insult)
Bulbul was about to say but purab(ashok) placed his hand over bulbul’s mouth, while cops left with abhi, raj and amit.
Screen shifts to pragya, she entered in club and went near bar, she started to flashback all the incidents that just took place with her , she bent her head down and screen freezed over her.

pre recap: Sorry Same pre recap ??? Regrets lead to patch up. the villian that was supposed to ruin her life turned out to be villian and beautified her life.

Well I guess, last shot is remaining but How can Maya, How can that crazy idiot and How can Shun be wrong! Okay yeah it’s me somiya, I said I will tell at last update but I guess there was nothing wrong if I tell this before last shot. I never knew I can get such response even after this much long break, this was aesthetic! I am just so surprised. So Akshaya dear Thank you so much , Riya(shun) ? Okay yeah I missed you too but works and all just got me like Mr India lol , by the way Thanks, check your ig (request column) Varsha: Thank you so much, Thulasi: Thank you, Ramya: Thank you so much. sangi: Thank you.

bavithra; Thank you so much. Priyanka: Thank you so much. B_Ani: Thank you dear (I do read your ff’s but I am not so regular sorry) Lopezz: Thankkk youuuuu. Prabhi: Thank youu. Aliza; haha I know you, by the way no thanks.
Maya: So You never fail to recognize me and how can you ?! Thank you so much for BB comment (sorry for being irregular for your updates,) Riddhi; Thank youuu. Chocolatty; Thank you dear . Minu: Thank you Minu!

A Crazy Idiot: Oh My! Your comment! It just left a everlasting smile at my face, I am scared of losing your comments and Thank you for the comment , as I read your words I was like do I deserve them really and May be yes I do. This comment didn’t failed to motivate me moreover I know this is such a senstive topic to write at and literally I am so scared of presenting this infront of you all but your compliment of making this characters alive then Thank you I never thought I can do this. Thank you (+ I know you don’t have butter to butter me ? Ilysm)
Sania: Thank you so much.

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    Bulbul: Ughhhh, I saw it at his birth certificate.

    Abhi: Amma , tera kya kaam tha iske birth certificate se? (Why did you checked his birth certificate?)
    Bulbul: Iske Ghar gayi thy pada hua tha toh dekh liya , isme konsa raaz h ab ( I went to his home, and certificate was placed at table so I saw it , what’s the big deal in it?)
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