“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 11) #Last Part

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case if any one missed the previous shot,
Shot 11

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly do so I sincerely apologize. No proof reading.

Lets begin

SHOT 12:

“What?” Twinkle exclaimed in surprise and shock. She was teary eyed. She said after reading the dairy of kunj. While returning to her home she found this book on the floor.

short vision of what was written IN the dairy (MY POV):
Kunj falls for Twinkle for the first time he sees her, before her marriage. But he was unknown to this feelings as he have not received love from anyone, from childhood. So he misunderstands it to be lust, gets obsessed to sleep with her. But stops when he gets to know that she got married but again fate made him meet her and he asks her to be his one night stand. But after somedays her realizes that it was love. His pain of leaving etc. The rest u know.

Twinkle moves to the ‘nature’s way garden’ where kunj usually goes if he is sad. It was raining heavily outside but it didn’t matter her. She just wanted to ask some unknown questions to her villain.

She ran towards the cliff. There he was crying, drinking, sitting on his knees, catching a finger ring in his hand, same one which he had brought for Twinkle. She went near him. She felt bad seeing him. His eyes were swollen, clothes full wet, almost he was in worst condition. She heard him saying, “God! Why u always do this to me? I don’t deserve happiness? Everyone whom I loved have left me? Why god why? Why only me? I had only one reason to live but u snatched that too? If Twinkle was not meant to be mine, why u made me love her, aahh… I know the answer! You don’t want to see my happiness, you are jealous of me, isn’t it? Yeah. U r so bad, you snatched my everything, first my parents, now my world! yeah, my world my Twinkle my everything… Why don’t I deserved to be loved? I have always craved for love, but I thought u have sent twinkle to heal my pain, to love me but you, I m.. “, his voice chocked. He brought the ring near to his heart and cried looking at it. He took a sip from his wine bottle. He got up and tried to walk but failed miserably. Twinkle ran to and supported him. He looked at her. “Oh no, this heart, hey imagination plz don’t make me cry more. I m tired now. Try to understand and plz don’t irritate me. My life is not so lucky to get Twinkle back. Even u started making of me. Plz”. Twinkle was surprised. “Kunj, I m really here, see I can touch you, I m not ur imagination!” Twinkle said cupping his face. He just hugged her tightly and she too responded. After some time Twinkle broke the hug and looked at him. Kunj looked at her confusingly. “Why u didn’t tell me before haan?” Twinkle exclaimed angrily. “What?” Kunj asked confused. Twinkle replied, “why u didn’t said me that u love me, I read ur dairy, you” she choked. “I am Sorry Twinkle, I didn’t meant to but it happened, I m sorry… Forgive me Twinkle. I m” Twinkle stopped kunj by kissing him on his lips. “I love you, kunj, I love you so much, I know I realized it late but I really do”. Twinkle says parting away. “What? Say it again” kunj exclaimed in joy.

Twinkle replied happily, “I love you my villain, I really do”.

“I love you too heroine, u r my lifeline, my everything lies in you, I love you so much and I m sorry for the mistake” he was again stopped in middle by Twinkle Pecking his lips again. “Never repeat that again.” “Never ever” kunj replied.

“My Villain” saying this Twinkle hugged him once again.

********THE END********
So here ends my 2nd FS. I never thought the journey of this ff would be so long, I just thought to write 2 shot but hehe.

please do comment whether positive or negative. Suggestion is always welcomed. Any confusion do ask me. If any mistakes please do ignore.


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