Vikram Betaal 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishi Durvasa tests Krishna

Vikram Betaal 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram about Shri Krishna and tells about his importance and value. Shri Krishna is shown playing flute while the gopis dancing around him and singing song. The girls ask him if they did a mistake that he is laughing. Shri Krishna says no and tells that Mahan Yogi Durvasa is coming here as our guests. Rishi Durvasa comes to Shri Krishna’s house. Shri Krishna welcomes him in Dwarka. Rishi Durvasa gets happy and says nobody welcomed him like him. He says I have taken a decision that I will stay here. Shri Krishna says this is my good karma that you decide to stay here. Rishi Durvasa says he has some conditions, and says if someone see you first then the day will be good. He says when I open my eyes then you shall be standing infront of me., Krishna agrees and

thinks himself lucky. Rishi Durvasa says your both wives Rukmini and Satya bhama shall take care of me. Shri Krishna says what can be more good than this. Rishi Durvasa tells that he will have food made by his wives and not by the sevaks. Shri Krishna’s wives get tensed. Durvasa says I will go, it seems they don’t want.

Shri Krishna says they are happy. Rishi Durvasa asks them to make food for him. Krishna’s wives get upset to make food for him. Betaal tells Vikram that Krishna’s wives were upset with the guest on first day itself. He asks question also that how Krishna died with the arrow. Rishi Durvasa sits to have food. He asks Krishna’s wives to make his plate full. He says he will eat fully. Krishna’s wife tells him that the food is finished. Krishna says rishi is still hungry. His wife tells that she will make more food. They all go and make food again.

Rishi Durvasa finishes all fast. Satyabhama comes and says they have no rice grains now to make more food. Rishi Durvasa asks them to bring more food. Rukmini says they have nothing left in the palace to feed him. Rishi Durvasa gets happy and says they don’t have the food which can make my stomach heavy. He says I will curse you. Betaal says Rishi Durvasa was about to curse Krishna. Shri Krishna asks him to curse him, but before that eat the sweets first. He says if you don’t eat this then I will be upset. Rishi Durvasa says ok and asks him not to think that he will not curse him after eating it.

After eating the Mishthaan and he tells that he is feeling happy now, and feeling as if his years long hunger is resolved. He tells that he wants to rest now. Shri Krishna and his wives take care of Rishi Durvasa while the latter sleeps. In the morning, Rishi Durvasa wakes up and sees Krishna and his wives. Shri Krishna asks if he got good sleep. Rishi Durvasa tells that he got a deep sleep. He says he don’t want to trouble them, but what to do and tells that he is feeling hungry again. He asks Krishna’s wives to make food for him.

Shri Krishna takes care of Rishi Durvasa. Rishi Durvasa tests if Krishna don’t get anger and till when. Betaal asks Vikram if Krishna was cursed by Rishi Durvasa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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