Vikram Betaal 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Betaal tells story of a justice loving Queen Bhanumati

Vikram Betaal 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram caring for Padmini’s wound on her hand and says I told you many times not to worry about me. He says I have returned to you and asks her to smile. She says how can that wife smile whose husband came back from pyre. Vikram says how do you know? Padmini says what do you think that I will not know and says I have seen everything in dream. Vikram hugs her and says I can’t leave humanity. Padmini says I am proud of you that you have chosen humanity, but I am always worried for your life, as I am not courageous like you. Vikram says I can win from anybody, but not from you. He asks her about her forehead without sindoor. Padmini says she wants him to fill sindoor in her maang. He goes to bring it. Padmini looks at the sky.

Bhadrakaal waits for the moon to appear

and says Vikram will go to get Betaal. Panch Tatwa says I feel pity on you, you are still afraid of Betaal. Bhadrakaal says you are my Das. Panch Tatwa says we are of no use to you until you get six tatwa. Bhadrakaal says I will win that too. He asks Sun not tocome until Vikram brings Betaal goes.

Vikram asks Padmini what happened. Padmini says moon has come and I know you will go to prêt ghaati again, but I won’t let you go. Vikram says my duty is important to me and it is my love and responsibility, I can’t ignore it. Padmini says I am happy with my moon then. Vikram says I have one more responsibility which I can’t ignore and fills her maang with sindoor, and hugs her. He comes to the yakshiyum yantra on his house. Bhadrakaal is waiting for him there and says jai ho. He says I thought for a moment, if patni prem stopped him. Vikram says I gave him promise and even God can’t stop me. Bhadrakaal says I want you to bring Betaal here. Vikram assures him. Bhadrakaal tells him that Betaal is very clever and his stories will be longer covering the distance of Pret ghaati and says once you come out of the prêt ghaati then Betaal can’t enter in it. He asks him to drive yakshiyum yantra fast while returning with Betaal. Vikram says even I feel the same. Bhadrakaal says our thinking is matching. Vikram leaves on yakshiyum yantra. Bhadrakaal thinks you are very egoistic and proud of yourself. He says I will kill both Vikram and Betaal.

Padmini looks at the moon and thinks Vikram goes to Pret ghaati daily. Bharmal’s mum comes there and says nothing will happen to my dewar. Padmini says nothing will happen to my husband until this sindoor is in my maang. She goes. Bharmal tells that it is all my father’s mistake that he made Vikram as King, and didn’t even announce my name as Yuvraj. His mum promises to make him get his rights.

Vikram comes to Pret ghaat and asks Betaal to come infront of him. He hears Betaal laughing, and then he comes infront of him. He asks him to look at him carefully. He says there are so many prets in me and tries to misguide him with his reflection images. Vikram says your Maya can’t misguide me and says I will end it right now. He couldn’t make the fake ones go and thinks to attack at its roots. Vikram looks at the Betaal’s tree and hits the tree roots with his sword. All the fake betaal vanishes. Betaal comes infront of Vikram and asks what did you do? He puts off the fire that caught on the tree. Vikram catches him and keeps on his back.

Betaal says you came in Bhadrakaal’s talks, but clever to take me from Betaal ghaati. He says you brought Yakshiyum yantra. Vikram asks him not to tell story again and asks him to be quiet. Betaal says he can’t be quiet. He gets happy seeing the nature and Pret ghaati. He tells that he will tell him story. Vikram says I don’t want to hear. Betaal says then how you will give answer if you don’t listen. He says I will ask you question and asks what is the important quality in a king. He says if you are a king then will answer. Vikram says even a soldier can answer this and says Raja’s good quality is giving the right judgement. Betaal asks if not of courage. Vikram says a king needs to give right judgement. Betaal says I will tell you a story of justice liking Queen and says justice was her identity. A queen is shown talking to a Danav/Demon.

Queen Bhanumati talks to Demon and tells that she did a big mistake and needs something. Danav asks her age in return. She agrees. Betaal asks why did she give her age?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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