Vikram Betaal 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Anusiya makes Tridevs as her sons and feeds them

Vikram Betaal 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tridevis coming to Anusiya and tells that they are Rishi Atriya’s wife, and asks who are you? Anusiya says if you are their wives then you are my sisters. She tells that they are Anusiya. Tridevis tells that you are the one who betrayed us. She asks them to rest till he comes. They ask if she is not jealous. Sati Anusiya tells that her husband is Parmeshwar and she is not jealous. She asks them to come inside. Betaal tells that Anusiya’s love was selfless and there can’t be jealously in her. The Parmeshwars’ wives was not ready to give up and asks her to leave Rishi Atriya so that they can get him. Anusiya says this depends on my husband and says if my husband asks me to go then I will leave. Tridevi tells that they know how to make her understand. They break the

things in Anusiya’s home and says we will see how she don’t go from this Ashram. Narad sees Rishi Atriya returning home and thinks if Matas are acting to be angry or genuinely angry. He thinks to stop Rishi Atriya from reaching there. Betaal tells Vikram that how Sati Anusiya will do now. Anusiya asks the tridevis not to hurt themselves. They ask if she loves her husband.

Anusiya says my husband is my life. They ask her to leave from the Ashram and respect their orders. Anusiya says ok, if you want this then I will wait for my husband, and if he permits me then I will leave this Ashram for forever. Betaal says Devi Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati tried to make Anusiya go, but she was waiting for him. Narad appears infront of Devis and tells that if Rishi Atriya sees them then might give a curse to them. Tridevis tell that they are Parmeshwar’s husband and are freed of all the curse. Narad says Rishi Atriya is Parmeshwar now. Rishi Atriya comes home and asks Anusiya why she is waiting outside. Anusiya says your three wives came to meet you. Rishi Atriya says I didn’t marry anyone other than you and comes inside. He sees footprints of them and says tridevis came here. Anusiya is surprised. They understood that they wanted to test them.

The tridevis ask their husband to test Devi Anusiya, while their husband refuse, they try to convince them. They ask them to prove that Devi Anusiya is not superior from them and threatens to leave Dev Brahma, Mahadev and God Vishnu. They come to test Anusiya indisguise of a rishiwar and asks for the charity. Anusiya welcomes them and asks them to have food. Dev Vishnu tells that they have their own rules to have food as they have food once in a year. Anusiya says she will make them have food according to their rules. Mahadev asks her to think again. Anusiya says it is impossible that anyone will go from my door without having food and promises to make them have food with their rules. Vishnu ji tells that they have food only if the Yajmaan feed them while being clothless. Anusiya is shocked. Mahadev asks her to leave her promise.

Betaal says how Devi Anusiya will find a solution to protect her Patni dharm and to feed the Tridevs. He asks if she will make them eat or back off from her Patni dharm. Vikram says there is a way and that’s of Mamta and says only a mother can go infront of baby while being clothesless. He says if Devi Anusiya accept them as their sons then she can feed them being clothesless and this way her Patni Dharm will also not be sacrificed. Vishnu ji asks what did she think? Anusiya says I accept your condition and says a woman can go clothesless infront of her husband and also infront of her kids. She accepts them as their sons. The tridev becomes babies. Anusiya feeds them milk. Tridevis regrets to test Anusiya and apologizes to her. Tridev tells that she is great to make them sons and praises her. Anusiya smiles. Betaal leaves.

Bhadrakaal asks Vikram why you didn’t bring betaal. Vikram says there is no time limit. Bhadrakaal releases pret aatma and asks them to show their power to Vikram. The pret Aatma captures his family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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