Vikram Betaal 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram gets the Mani to cure his people and Padmini

Vikram Betaal 17th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram searching Mani. Karkhand brings Betaal to Bhadrakaal and makes him falls down, before Betaal can see bhadrakaal, bhadrakaal cages him. Betaal asks him to free him. Bhadrakaal laughs. Betaal says Maya gyaani betaal is in my control…like a small bird in my cage. He says I will see how you stop me and calls himself as Bhadrakaal. Betaal thinks he is alive, my doubt turned true. He sees Bhadrakaal and says so you are behind it. Bhadrakaal says even I am in the front. Betaal says you acted with me. Maha Maya comes there and tells that Betaal is clever and understand our game. Bhadrakaal says you are in my captivity with Maha Maya’s help, I will soon give your Ahuti and I will get all my powers, and then I will rule on this entire world. Maha Maya says yes surely, don’t

forget the promise made to us and says she wants to see vikram’s head.

Vikram asks who is here and who pulled me here. He takes out his sword hearing the sound. He finds a storm coming. A snake appears before him with three heads. Vikram thinks so big snake and that is Mani on the snake head. Pingla asks Bharmal who did this to him. She asks if he can hear her. Kapalika throws her black solution near Pingla. Pingla tells bharmal that she is afraid and asks him to say. Soon the black solution touches her legs and she faints. The snake tries to bite Vikram. Vikram falls down. Betaal tells Bhadrakaal that no power can kill Vikram, until Betaal is with him. Bhadrakaal laughs. Betaal asks why are you laughing. Bhadrakaal says what happened to your memory. Maha Maya says we are about to give your ahuti. Bhadrakaal says you are already ghost. He brings the havan kund there with magic. Betaal tries to come out, but couldn’t. He asks Bhadrakaal to free him. Bhadrakaal says your Ahuti will be done now. They hurt Betaal and try to sacrifice his soul. Vikram is unconscious still. Betaal asks Bhadrakaal to free him. Bhadrakaal recites the mantras and tells Maha Maya that he is feeling bad seeing Betaal in this condition. He says I will free you for forever.

Vikram gains consciousness and takes mani from the snake. He thinks he will save his praja. Maha Maya says something is happening which will fail her plans. Bhadrakaal asks what happened? Maha Maya says I have to go and solve the problem. She gets up and goes. Bhadrakaal says Swaha…

Vikram is riding on his horse and thinks he shall return before the sunset, else he will lose his people and Maharani. Everyone in the Palace is affected by the Kapalika attack. Senapati is also affected and asks where are you samrat. He thinks just 1 hour left for the sunset and thinks if Ujjaini will destroy. Maha Maya sees Vikram returning Ujjaini and says your journey ends here. She comes infront of his horse and makes him fall down on the ground with her evil powers. She asks him to get up and face her. Vikram fights with her and thinks he has to go somehow. He hides behind the tree. She asks if your bravery stories are all fake. Vikram is about to fall down. Maha Maya says I will not let you go before sunset. Vikram looks on.

Precap: Vikram comes to Palace and hugs Padmini, says he brought the mani. Kapalika is in Padmini’s place and pushes him. She says I will destroy this mani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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