Vikram Betaal 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi Jamadagni was doubtful about Parshuram’s identity

Vikram Betaal 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Sudeha was very happy as if she gave birth to the baby and told everything that Gushma is not the baby’s mum, but she is the mum. She calls the Pandits for the naming ceremony. Pandit asks Sudharma, how can he do injustice with the baby, and give the baby in infertile woman’s hand for 6 months. Sudeha asks Gushma to tell that the baby is hers. Pandit says we can’t do the naming ceremony of the baby. Sudharma asks Sudeha to stay away from his baby for few months. Sudeha is shocked and gives baby in Gushma’s hands. Betaal says Sudeha’s sister was lost as her own sister betrayed her. Next morning, everyone was searching the baby. Sudharma asks Sainiks to search his son. Gushma sees Sudeha and asks her to tell where the baby is. Sudeha looks

on. Betaal says Sudharma searched for his baby, but couldn’t find him. Gushma cried a lot and prayed to God. They come near the river. Gushma prays to God to give her baby else she will sacrifice her life right here. God appears infront of her. He says Devi Gushma, you will get your son surely. The baby comes out of the water. Gushma is happy. Sudeha is shocked. Gushma takes the baby in her hand. Sudeha apologizes to Gushma and tells that I have drown your baby in the river due to anger. Betaal says Devi Sudeha became Devi Renuka in next birth, God Parshuram’s mum and maha rishi’s wife. He tells about Parshuram.

God Parshuram is shown fighting with few men. Renuka asks Parshuram to leave them and says they are Arjun putr. Parshuram says he will punish them and lifts a big stone to kill them, but Rishi comes there and asks him to leave them. He asks why do you forget that you are a Brahmin putr and not a shatriya. Devi Renuka tells that Arjun putr was guilty. Maha Rishi tells that sometimes he feel that Parshuram is not his son. Parshuram says I can’t hear anything against my mum. Maha Rishi asks them to leave. Maha rishi thinks don’t know how this angry boy is born to Brahmin like me. Renuka asks Parshuram not to get angry and says your father and you are same. Parshuram says I never saw love in his eyes and tells that their perspective are different. Renuka asks him to have food.

Betaal says Rishi Jamadagni was doubtful on his wife and both father and son’s terms were not good. He does Puja and calls God Shiv. He tells Shiv ji that he feels Parshuram is a kalang on his kul and is rebellious. God Shiv tells that Parshuram is a boon and his kul will be known by his name. Rishi Jamadagni tells that how he will learn without no teaching. Shiv ji says he will teach him and asks him to come to kailash. Parshuram touches his father’s blessings and asks his mum to take care of her. Renuka says my blessing is with you. Betaal says Mahadev knows that Parshuman is Vishnu’s 6th avatar and is born to destroy Shashtiya’s adharm, so Mahadev taught him everything. God Parshuram is shown doing puja and saying Om Namashivay. He fights with someone. Mahadev comes and says you have passed and today you have to fight with me. they begin fighting.

Precap: Rishi Jamadagni asks Parshuram to kill his mum. Parshuram beheads his mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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