Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sindhura enters the body of gandharv raj.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sindhura walking with his weapon, vindhika thinks this sindhura is also going to be defeated, he is a demon king just for a name and nothing else. Sindhura stops and turns behind. Vindhika thinks did he listen to what I thought with his powers? Sindhura says what are you thinking about vindhika? Vindhika says maharaj I was just thinking how you will defeat that child, you will then be invincible. Sindhura comes to the throne.
There son gets up as it is morning and the sun rays fall inside the window. Son gets up and says it is so refreshing to look at the sun in the morning. Son gets up from the bed and says I feel hungry now. Son looks at the toys and sits down, he says wow they are my toys, I will play with them. Parvati comes and smiles looking at son play with

the toys. Son says mother you came? Son thinks it is so nice to see my mother’s face in the morning. Son says mother come lets play now. Parvati says son I don’t have any time to play, today is the name keeping ceremony and your chiti. Son says oh yes mother. Parvati says come with me son. Son goes with parvati and parvati removes a dant stick from a tree and says take this son, with it brush your teeth, you have to bite it which will keep your teeth fresh and clean. Parvati shows how, son then bites the stick and says it is very bitter mother. Parvati says yes it is bitter but it will keep your teeth clean and give you more sweetness in life. son says okay mother, son then bites the stick and cleans his teeth. Jaya and vijaya come and parvati says friends take him for his bath. Jaya and vijaya are worried and remember the last time they were drenched in water. Son says mausi don’t be scared, last time I jumped and the water splashed on you by mistake, this time I will jump slowly. Both friends smile and son goes with them.
There a demon minister comes and tells that the preparations are on in kailsha. Sindhura says this is the time for him to go. vindhika laughs. Sindhura is angry, vindhika sends the minister. Sindhura says how dare you do that? I did not order him to go. vindhika laughs and says demon king, look at you, you look scared from just a child, vindhika says when gajmukasur became the king it felt like he would conquer everything, you defeated him but with you it doesn’t feel like you can because you look scared from just a weak child. Sindhura says vindhika how dare you say that? I will kill you. Vindhka stops him. sindhura says he is the child of lord Shankar and devi parvati. Vindhika says but you are the child of brahma dev, you have wishes from him. sindhura says you are right, if I have been cursed I have powers given from brahma dev, I will go to kailash to kill that child.
There parvati goes in kitchen and maina has done all preparations. Maina says don’t be worried parvati we have prepared everything now just the decorations have to be seen outside. Parvati says I have given nandi and all gand that work. Maina says lets see, they both go out. Parvati says what are you doing? Nandi says mata gadsar is cleaning the steps and then this bowl of flowers will be poured on each step. Maina says what? Only these many flowers? Nandi says yes devi. Maina says parvati when your name keeping ceremony was kept, the palace was decorated such like never before, there were garlands and flowers everywhere and everything was decorated, today all the gods are coming and it is your son’s name keeping ceremony, there should not be any less preparations. Parvati then says yes mother and she calls her bird messenger, parvati tells it something. The bird goes and brings back thousands of birds and animals, they are all carrying garlands and flowers. The birds and animals decorate the entire palace with flowers and garlands. Everyone is happy as they see it. Nandi comes and says mata the gods are coming. Everyone then stand with flowers and animals spray flower petals. Son comes from bathing and says see mata I bathed now I am hungry. Maina says no son, you cannot eat anything until the pooja is over. Parvati says yes son when the pooja will be over you can eat. Son says okay.
The gods start coming one by one. All the gods come on their animals and chariots. Indra dev comes on airaavat, lord Vishnu comes on his eagle, brahma dev on his lotus, agni dev on his fire chariots and all other gods. As the gods come they are welcomed and seated. All rishi’s, gandharv raj come too. after gods sit, parvati and lord Shankar enter with son behind. Sindhura comes and he enters the body of gandharv raj and thinks where is that evil child. Son comes with parvati and Shankar.

Precap: indra dev says mahadev your son cannot be a god just now because a god is decided by his karma and not by birth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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