Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Andhkasura attacks his darkness.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh bringing out the balls of shield in which the 4 demon’s lives are protected. Andhkasura sees ganesh and then softly says, kid those balls are mine, please give it to me. Andhkasura says you are a good kid right? Give my property to me, come on kid! Ganesh smiles. Andhkasura says come on child come here, give me the balls of shield. Ganesh says no andhkasura ji! Andhkasura gets angry and says give it to me! Ganesh throws one ball to kartikeya and says take this brother. Kartikeya holds one. Ganesh gives one to indra dev and one to vayu dev, then he holds one. Andhkasura says no! this is not a game, give me those balls, they are mine. Indra dev smiles and says come here andhkasura take them. Ganesh tells everyone, brother the demons that attack us are all protected

inside these balls, if these shield balls are destroyed then the demons will die and andhkasura will have no one.
Ganesh throws a ball towards varun dev. varun dev holds and says andhkasura come here take this ball and throws it to agni dev. indra dev says come andhkasura take it and throws the ball to ganesh. Andhkasura runs here and there to take the balls and says no give it to me. Ganesh then throws the ball in the air and destroys one ball. Andhkasura screams loudly and says no! kartikeya throws his ball to ganesh and ganesh destroys it too. In this way ganesh destroys all the balls and the 4 invisible demons appear. Kartikeya removes his bow and arrow and kills one with the arrow, andhkasura is angry and says no! vayu dev kills one with his tornado power. Indra dev kills another with his weapons and agni dev kills the last demon with fire.
Andhkasura is shocked and says no!! ganesh says andhkasura ji! You still have one chance, ask for forgiveness from prabhu Vishnu and he will still forgive you. Andhkasura falls down on his knees from the shock and then is bringing his hands up. Varun dev says he is going to join hands to say sorry, indra dev says this is how he should ask for forgiveness. Andhkasura slowly takes his hand up and says you gods killed everyone, I have no one left now. Andhkasura then brings his hand towards his red band. Mahadev is angry and says no andhkasura, no! this is not right. Andhkasura opens the band ties. Mahadev gets angry and says no andhkasura! You cannot do that. Andhkasura removes the band and screams loudly and says I will kill you, I will kill everyone, I will take everyone captive of my darkness. The darkness from andhkasura’s eyes is released. Mahadev says no andhkasura!andhkasura becomes huge and spreads darkness everywhere. The army of gods start running. Everyone is covered in darkness. Vayu dev says mahadev do something, we are covered in darkness, I cannot see. Indra dev says yes tridev. Ganesh and kartikeya look at each other. Ganesh holds kartikeyas hand and creates a shield around them. Kartikeya smiles and ganesh says brother we have to finish this. Ganesh and kartikeya say andhkasura now you will no more trouble the world. Both ganesh and andhkasura jump and come near andhkasura’s eyes and both put a yellow lightning band on andhkasura’s eyes. Everyone is saved as darkness goes. Andhkasura says no! ganesh says this is a divya cover and your eyes will never open, if you try to touch it you will be harmed. Andhkasura says no! tridev smile.
Andhkasura says you gods don’t know my power, no one can destroy me, I will destroy the world. Andhkasura bends down and turns into a wild boar and huge. Mahadev is very angry. Andhkasura now starts running at a very high speed, thus destroying anything that comes in his way. Mahadev, brahma dev and lord Vishnu jump from mountains going behind andhkasura. Lord vishnu’s anger now starts rising. Ganesh and kartikeya go behind them. Brahma dev stops and says his mantras and andhkasura is stopped and tied by a blue spell. Andhkasura says leave me. Ganesh says now brahma dev will kill andhkasura. Suddenly andhkasura breaks the ties, brahma dev is shocked. Andhkasura says brahma dev you only gave me the wish of incredible power. Lord Vishnu is angered and he uses his power on andhkasura and ties him with his spells. Ganesh thinks lord Vishnu saying once, that until mata parvati and devi laxmi are there, they are powerless. Ganesh goes to parvati who is praying and says mother without you, father is without his shree and everyone is still lacking power, andhkasura has broken the power of lord Vishnu too. Father needs you and your power, you both have to kill andhkasura! Parvati opens her eyes and takes the form of mata kali.

Precap: mahadev and mata kali together jump holding the trishul and kill andhkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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