Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev takes jogan avatar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh saying, mahadev decided to take the test of mata parvati. He took the form of a jogan woman.
There mahadev is with nandi who takes his cow form and mahadev takes the form of a beautiful jogan. Mahadev then in the form of jogan, starts dancing as he plays an instrument and then sings a song for shree hari Narayana. Jogan dances all her way as she walks with nandi behind her and sings a bhakti song for Narayana Vishnu! In the universe, all gods and tridev and tridevi watch this and are amazed and impressed by mahadev’s leela. This way dancing and singin, jogan reaches the entrance of raja himavan’s palace with nandi cow. Raja himavan and devi maina come out after hearing the sound of jogan singing and raja himavan sees and says it seems like a jogan has

come to our kingdom, devi maina says yes swami, it is good a jogan has come here.
Parvati comes out with her friends and sees jogan dancing and singing in the name of lord Vishnu. The friends are impressed and say this jogan sings so well.
Laxmi says to Vishnu, prabhu are you jealous that mahadev’s jogan form is more beautiful and divya than your mohini form? Lord Vishnu says no devi, I am not jealous, I am impressed by mahadev’s leela.
There mahadev as the jogan enters the palace and says my pranam to all of you! raja himavan welcomes jogan and jogan says raja himavan, I heard this palace is full of disciples of prabhu Vishnu and I am a great disciple of lord Vishnu. Jogan then stands in front of parvati and parvati understands it is mahadev, she smiles and says you?
Gunesh says to raja devodas and devi sarla, mata parvati had understood that it is mahadev but it was the notion of just adishakti and not her own self. There jogan says I have come here to meet all and spread my love for prabhu Vishnu as he is the one whose bhakti gives immense peace and joy. Jogan says raja himavan, your daughter is beautiful and of the age to get married, I will tell you all the story of prabhu Vishnu and his various avatars in all the yug’s. jogan starts singing bhakti song of lord Vishnu and then says the first avatar of prabhu Vishnu was matsya who rescued the first human and earth from the great flood and saved all beings! The matsya avatar was a great fish.
Jogan sings and says then came the avatar of Kurma, the tortoise which was important as it served in churning the oceans for the gods and demons to obtain treasures dissolved in the ocean of milk. Then came the third avatar, the Varaha(boar) to fight the demon hiranyaksha. Varaha saved earth after battling the demon for a 1000 years. Then will come prabhu vishnu’s avatar of Narsimha(half man and half lion). The narsimha avatar will appear to kill the demon king hirankashyapu, who will attempt to kill prabhu vishnu’s disciple Prahlad.
Jogan sings in front of parvati as parvati smiles and is impressed. Jogan dances and the universe watches impressed at mahadev’s leela. Jogan then sings and says the next fifth avatar will be of Vamana who will take the first step on entire earth and 2nd step on middle world and by the third step will send raja bali down to rule the patal lok. Jogan sings and next avatar will be of the brahman Bhagwan Parshurama who will appear with an axe to restore the hindu social order which shall be corrupted by kshatriya caste.
Jogan sings and says the next avatar will be of Shree Rama in Treta yug who will be born to end the 10-headed demon Ravana. Jogan sings and says then in dwapar yug the avatar of Shree Krishna will appear to kill the demon Kansa and to end all evil. Jogan says the final avatar will be of Kalki after kal yug.
Then jogan keeps looking at parvati and smiles.

Precap: Mahadev in jogan form says if your daughter wants groom she wishes, she has to do intense meditation for that. Parvati does meditation but tarkasura attempts to disturb parvati in her meditation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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