Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to save goddesses.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh in Kailash and he looks in the sky, he says all gods left their wives in heaven to bring haldi but are they fine? There all goddesses hear the sound of the angry bull and get worried. Mhaishasura in his bull form is surrounded by some soldiers. Mhaishasura’s army says mhaishasura ki jai ho. Soldiers say who are you? Go back from where you came from. Mhaishasura says I will kill you, mhaishasura attacks all soldiers and kills them.
The goddesses are worried and suddenly 2 demons come and stop them. Goddesses get worried and scared. Devi sachi is worried and thinks where is swami? Some devi say we have to run from here. Mhaishasura comes running as the bull and stops. Everyone is worried. Mhaishasura turns to his human form and laughs. All women get scared.

He says I am everyone end, I am mhaishasura. Mhaishasura looks at devi sachi and says beautiful, devi you are very beautiful. Sachi says stay away from everyone, otherwise my swami will kill you. Mhaishasura laughs and says no one can kill me. He then looks at all goddesses and says demons, take these devi’s as prisoners. Mhaishasura looks at them and says so many beautiful women, now you all will be with me, forget your husbands because no one can save them. Sachi says you wont live for long mhaishasura. Mhaishasura says to his demons, do not let anyone enter here without my permission.
There indra dev and all gods come on their chariots and indra dev says I think haldi kumkum must have been over and everyone must be waiting for us. Indra dev suddenly sees his soldiers dead and everyone get down their chariots. Indra dev says some demon must have done this, how dare he come in indra lok? He dared to kill my soldiers and threaten my people and palace.
Indra dev tries to go in but is stopped by 2 demons. Indra dev says you fools, you don’t know whom you have stopped, I am devraj indra! Get away from here otherwise it wont take me a second to kill you. Demons say stay back. From inside mhaishasura says loudly, devraj indra, I have come. Indra dev says who are you fool? You dared to take control of devlok, I am devraj, I will punish you for this. Mhaishasura laughs and says you gods never change, but I am your end, you had me coming, I am mhaishasura everyone’s end. All gods are shocked. Mhaishasura suddenly shows all goddesses. Indra dev and all gods say no! and call for their wives. Indra dev says devi sachi! Indra dev is angry and says mhaishasura you dared to do that, now the only thing you get is death, I will not leave you. Mhaishasura laughs and says look at you, you stand there and I stand inside your home, you cannot do anything. Indra dev and all gods push aside the demons. Suryadev stops him and says don’t devraj, if we go ahead those demons will hurt our wives. Other gods say yes, we have to do something. Indra dev says devi’s don’t worry we will save you. Indra dev and suryadev go to mahadev.
There mahadev says what happened devraj? Devraj says prabhu, we all have come in a great danger, mhaishasura has come to heaven and has taken control of devlok, he has threatened to kill our wives and devi, we need to kill him, do something mahadev. Ganesh comes and says pranam and says mhaishasura? Indra dev says yes ganesh ji, mhaishasura has come and has taken our wives captive. Ganesh says father you stay here and devraj don’t worry, something is going to happen soon. Ganesh thinks so mother took the form of rishi kathiayan’s daughter katyaani as she will kill mhaishasura!
There devi sachi is with other goddesses and says we have to do something ourselves to save ourselves. Devi sachi says we have to pray to vighnaharta ganesh ji and he will come here to save us. All goddesses start praying to ganesh. They say the ganesh vandhana prayer. From it para brahma ganpati appears. All goddesses open their eyes and ganesh stands in front of them. Sachi says ganesh ji you came. Ganesh says you all are my mata, you called me and I wouldn’t come? It wont happen. Ganesh says mata I have come to help you, you just follow me and I will get you all out of here. Everyone start following ganesh.
There mhaishasura is sitting in the court and says look at the luxury these gods have and live with. Mhaishasura says it is fun for them here, they took my childhood by killing my father when I was a kid, and how can they deserve to live here in such royalty? Mhaishasura says to demons, destroy everything beautiful and royal here, destroy the art and everything you see. Demons start throwing everything here and there and destroying everything. Mhaishasura laughs.
There all goddesses come to a door and as it is opened, 2 demons stand in front of them.

Precap: parvati in the form of katyaani kills mhaishasura! With the help of ganesh. Ganesh brings all goddesses outside the palace, he kills demon by becoming huge and with the help of gadha. Mhaishasura says when I am here, you cannot take them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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