Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh kills the invisible demon.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods standing with ganesh and kartikeya. Andhkasura comes with his commander. Kartikeya says andhkasura you shall surrender now, ask for forgiveness from tridev. Andhkasura says you are a fool kartikeya, I am not here to surrender. Andhkasura says I wont surrender to anyone, I am still here and I will kill you all gods, you killed my ancestors, I will take my revenge now.
Ganesh says I knew andhkasura would not surrender, he has to be taught a lesson. Indra dev says yes ganesh ji, you are right, andhkasura shall be killed. Kartikeya says andhkasura you will die today, now you have lost your chances of repenting. The commander duryodhan says first you have to fight me kartikeya before you fight maharaj andhkasura. Kartikeya says so be it. Kartikeya takes his

spear and jumps on duryodhan and attacks the spear on him. Duryodhan falls down and gets hurt. Andhkasura laughs and finally calls his last demon, the demon who disappears. The demon comes in its 5 clones. Kartikeya sees something moving and looks behind. Duryodhan thinks he is distracted, I will kill him now. Duryodhan attacks kartikeya from behind, kartikeya falls down but gets up and takes his spear. Kartikeya then uses the spear and pushes duryodhan behind and attacks him.
One of the clones of the demon goes and stands. Vayu dev says I will go and fight it. Vayu dev goes. Ganesh and indra dev say be careful vayu dev. as vayu dev goes suddenly the clone disappears. Vayu dev says where did he go? The clone comes and attacks vayu dev thus throwing him on the ground. The other clones go and attack varun dev and agni dev. indra dev says no! who is that? Where is the demon attacking from? Ganesh says yes he looks invisible. Ganesh comes ahead to fight the demon. He punches the demon and he is pushed back. Ganesh then becomes huge and uses his leg to step on the demon but it goes invisible. Ganesh stamps his feet and andhkasura laughs saying whom will you kill when there is no one there? Ganesh thinks this demon has clones and can go invisible but there must be some way to defeat the demon, ganesh becomes normal and goes into the palace of patal lok. Ganes goes there and sees 5 soldiers holding 5 balls which act as shields for the invisible demon’s 5 clones. The actual clone demons are protected inside the shield. Ganesh says what are you soldiers holding? The soldiers get scared and step back. Ganesh says don’t be scared, I am just asking. Ganesh uses his trunk on one soldier, the soldier leaves the ball and another soldier takes and balances it, he says you fool if the ball would have fallen and anything would have happened to demon clone then andhkasura maharaj would kill us. Ganesh throws away the soldier and understands the secret of the invisible demon.
Outside indra dev, vayu dev, agni dev and varun dev fight the demon clones and swing their weapons in the air as the invisible demons surround them. Indra dev says we shall stand in a circle and fight them, they all stand in a circle. Kartikeya fights the commander and he jumps and finally thrusts the spear into duryodhan killing him.
Inside ganesh looks at the shield balls and uses his trunk and blows one of the balls, he sees the demon clone fall and die. Ganesh says so this is the way we can kill the demon. Ganes defeats all the soldiers holding the balls and takes the shield balls, he attacks the balls and destroys them. Outside as all gods stand, the clones appear and then turn to dust thus dying, the demon dies in front of andhkasura. Andhkasura is angry and says no! you killed my demon. Ganesh comes and says andhkasura all your friends and army are dead, you are alone and have lost shree too! You cannot win! Andhkasura is angry.

Precap: andhkasura removes his eye bands and attacks darkness on everyone. Ganesh tells parvati, mother andhkasura has put everyone in darkness and without you even father is without his Shakti! We need your help. Parvati takes form of kali maa!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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