Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Al gods hold the planets.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with trikura using his tornadoes and saying, Vishnu dev and brahma dev, you both cannot do anything, neither can mahadev do anything. Lord Vishnu gets angry and says evil demon, you shall be punished for what you are doing. Trikura says my tornado will destroy everything, even the tridev. Now slowly patal lok also starts getting pulled in the tornado. Brahma dev says to Vishnu dev, Vishnu dev if this tornado is not stopped then it will suck earth too and swarg lok as well, all the planets will crash into each other and get destroyed, simultaneously the universe will get destroyed because of the imbalance too, we have to stop this. Lord Vishnu says brahma dev, I will use my sudarshan chakra to destroy this tornado. Lord Vishnu closes his eyes to summon his most dangerous weapon.

sees and says what is Vishnu dev doing? Is he calling his sudarshan chakra? What if his weapon destroys my tornado. Lord Vishnu removes his chakra and makes it huge in size, he then attacks it at the tornado. As trikura waits and watches, the chakra gets inside the tornado to destroy it, nothing happens and Vishnu dev’s chakra fails. Lord Vishnu is shocked and he thinks how did my chakra fail its attack?
Ganesh says mata kali, mama shree’s chakra never fails, it even stopped mahadev from doing his tandav and destroying the universe, then how was it stopped by a mere tornado? Lord Vishnu says ganesh, I was bound by brahma dev’s decorum towards the wish he gave to trikura, I couldn’t go against brahma dev’s promise and wish.
There lord Vishnu takes back his chakra and closes his eyes. There mahadev is meditating in Kailash and he connects with lord Vishnu through telepathy. Lord Vishnu says mahadev, my chakra failed too? What power could defeat this demon trikura and stop the tornado? Mahadev says Narayana! Only one power can destroy this demon, it is mata kali! Lord Vishnu says I suppose it is time for mata kali to take her new form.
There as other planets start going into the tornado. Mahadev tells all the gods to go and use their powers and hold the planets away from the tornado. All gods agree, mahadev says till then devi kali will summon her new form. All gods go and they use their self-powered paash and hold one planet for each god, they use their power and hold the planets from being pulled into the tornado. All gods struggle using their powers. Mahadev comes and puts a lightning strike inside the tornado and slows it down. Trikura uses his power and increases the strength of the tornado. Indra dev says mahadev do something, we cannot hold for much longer.
Brahma dev is shocked and he says stop this trikura, your end is near. Mahadev says trikura you evil demon, your end is near, no one can save you.

Precap: mata kali takes her next form to kill evil demon king trikura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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