Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prahlad tells the story of hirankashyap.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with prahlad telling andhkasura. He says andhkasura brother, you are being very egoistic, you cannot fight prabhu Vishnu or any of the tridev, tridevi and other gods, you will die because of your ego. Prahlad says I will tell you about my father, the great powerful demon hirankashyap, he was very powerful, even more powerful than you, but my father hated the gods and prabhu Vishnu for that fact. Prahlad says as it happened, my father for years prayed to brahma dev for a wish, he prayed and prayed as years passed and one day brahma dev was impressed and he appeared, in flashback hirankashyap says brahma dev, no god or gandharva, no yaksh or animal or insect, no human being or demon or kinnar, no woman or beast, no living being or dead being, not in day or not in night, not

in any light or not in dark and no spell or no power, no mantra or no prayer, nothing shall kill me in this universe and no place shall destroy me. Brahma dev says tahastu! There devraj indra kidnaps wife of hirankashyap who is pregnant with a child and takes her to be killed but devrishi narad stops him, indra dev is ashamed of doing a crime so he leaves mata leelavati with narad muni. Narad muni takes leelavati to his ashram and prahlad is there in leelavati’s stomach. In the ashram, all rishi’s and narad muni all the time sing songs, prayers, mantras of lord Vishnu and are busy in his bhakti all day, this way eventually prahald before being born becomes the disciple of lord Vishnu.
Hirankashyap becomes busy in fighting the gods and tells his demon armies and courtiers lies, saying I have conquered vaikunth dham and when I went there, Vishnu had run away before I came, now I am the ruler of vaikunth too! Lord Vishnu sees this lie said by hirankashyap but stays silent as karma comes for everyone and hirankashyap would be punished once he exceeds the limit of his sins. There devraj indra and all gods surrender as they think lord Vishnu didn’t do anything then what can we do? All gods and rishi’s are in chains in front of hirankashyap, hirankashyap makes everyone say prabhu hirankashyap ki jai, hirankashyap slowly conquers entire worlds and all kingdoms on earth, and defeats everyone and makes people call him god. Prahlad continues and says then hirankashyap my father took us from the ashram and brought us back but by the time I had grown up as a kid and prayed all day long to prabhu Vishnu and my guru said if my father knew then he would punish me as well as guru for that. In flashback, prahlad as a kid finally meets hirankashyap and hirankashyap is happy and says my son! He hugs him in front of everyone in the court and says son tell me with your sweet voice all the veda’s. prahlad says father, the veda’s teach us to walk on the path of dharma, do good for everyone and be thankful to one lord, be his disciple, the one lord Vishnu! Hirankashyap is shocked and throws down prahlad and says if you say Vishnu’s name again then I will forget I am your father. Prahlad says father I will die but wont leave saying prabhu vishnu’s name. hirankashyap is attacking when leelavati stops him and says please he is just a child. Hirankashyap now thinks of ways to punish prahlad, a soldier uses a hot rod to give prahlad a burn on his hand but the soldier gets the burn instead, prahlad is put in front of a horde of wild elephants but he says the prayer of Vishnu and the elephants sit down, prahlad is finally made to sit with holika, the sister of hirankashyap, to be burned to death but holika burns to death instead! Every time lord Vishnu saves prahlad. In the court, hirankashyap says this time I will myself kill you with my gadha. Prahlad says father, death and life is in the hands of lord Vishnu, you can do nothing but just what lord Vishnu wants! Lord Vishnu is in everyone. Hirankashyap says is that so? He is in you? He is in me? In this gadha? Prahlad says yes father, he lives in everything, where a man can see and where one cannot, he lives in this gadha, in you and in me, in everyone, in that pillar of the palace, in every living and non living thing. Hirankashyap says in that pillar? Okay then! I will see if he comes out of that pillar and saves you. Hirankashyap hits his gadha strongly on the pillar, hirankashyap is pushed back and the roar of a lion is heard. The pillar suddenly cracks and lord vishnu’s form of narsimha comes out, half man and half lion. All demons run away from court scared! Prahlad and hirankashyap stay. Hirankashyap tries to fight narsimha but is pushed and thrown away easily. Narsimha then picks hirankashyap as prahlad says, father this is the right time, not day or night, he is not a man or god, not animal or demon, not yaksha, gandharva or kinnar, he is not using any weapons but the claws, he wont use any mantra or spell, this is the time for your death. Narsimha breaks the back of hirankashyap and then puts him on the lap and with his claws, tears the stomach of hirankashyap thus killing him.
Prahlad says brother andhkasura! That was the end of my father in his ego, you have learnt this, please be good and save yourself from any of this, go and ask for forgiveness from tridev.
There indra dev says it is sunrise and andhkasura hasn’t come, ganesh ji I think he understood what you said, he doesn’t have any army to fight, he will surrender. Kartikeya says yes but we should be alert as he is a demon and very egoistic too. Indra dev says yes.
Prahlad says brother andhkasura it is sunrise, you should go to the gods. Andhkasura says I heard you once, now shut up, I will do what I have to do, I will kill them now for revenge as they killed my ancestor hirankashyap!
Parvati sees the future of andhkasura using his darkness on everyone.

Precap: andhkasura uses his darkness on everyone. Ganesh becomes huge. Mahadev finally attacks his trishul on andhkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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