Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Son kills vajrantak.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gan saying mata we will go and find son. Parvati says where must he have gone?
There vajrantak destroys another mountain and says how many mountains do I have to destroy? Where is your life? son says why are you destroying one single mountain at a time? Otherwise you have to go to my father and ask him where my life is, instead destroy all mountains at a time. Vajrantak says no I will not go to mahadev, if he opens his 3rd eye I will be destroyed instantly, instead what you say is right, I should destroy all mountains. Vajrantak flies towards another mountain and destroys it again. Vajrantak says tak taka tak tak, I am vajrantak I will kill you now.
There nandi comes out in a forest and then sees smoke coming out from mountains, he says who destroyed these

mountains? What is happening there? Son must be there, but is he in a trouble? I have to go and tell mata parvati.
There vajrantak is angry and says how many more mountains do I have to destroy? Vajrantak says I will instead kill you only. Vajrantak throws son down, son comes falling and lands ion ground. Vajrantak lands down too.
There parvati, maina and all gan come. They see the rocks and parvati says what is this tremor? Where is my son? Nandi says mata I think he is there near the mountains.
There vajrantak says I will not leave you, I will crush you and kill you. Vajrantak angrily runs towards son and son thinks I have to do something now. Vajrantak runs and son jumps and stands on a mountain peak. Vajrantak crashes into the mountain and gets hurt, he is pushed back. Vajrantak screams in pain and says where did he go? he looks up and says you are there! Son laughs and says yes, you said you would kill me. What happened now? Kill me, come on. Vajrantak destroys the mountain and son jumps and lands on the opposite side. Son laughs and says trunk help me now, we both will defeat him. vajrantak throws rocks on son. Son with his trunk blows air and he the air pushes vajrantak behind, then all rocks slowly fall on vajrantak. Vajrantak is buried under rocks and says I cannot be defeated so easily, vajrantak destroys the rocks. As he stands more rocks hit him and his body becomes intact, vajrantak thinks what happened to me? I am not able to move. Son then with his trunk blows air on vajrantak and vajrantak’s body starts bursting, his hands burst then he bursts himself and is destroyed. Son laughs and says he wanted to play! A boulder now comes rolling and son sees it. Son says what to do now? The boulder gets destroyed but rocks fall on son and he is buried under it. Parvati sees rocks and says where did these rocks come from? Son throws away the rocks and comes out safely.
Parvati and everyone run towards son and parvati says son are you safe? What happened to you? Parvati hugs son. Maina says I wont say anything, but its okay, I will keep quiet. Everyone go back to the palace.
In heaven, devi sachi says to all gods that we have to prepare as we have to travel. Indra dev says sachi travel where? Sachi says prabhu we have to go to kailsh for devi parvati’s son’s chati and naming ceremony tomorrow. Indra dev says devi parvati’s son? You want me to come at that elephant heads naming ceremony? Sachi says why do you say that? All gods are coming. Indra dev says I will not come to the naming ceremony. Agni dev gets up and says devraj, if you don’t come and accept the invitation of devi parvati and mahadev then mahadev will be sad when he knows this. Indra dev says yes that is true, that elephant head is the son of mahadev and devi parvati, I have to come to the ceremony. Agni dev sits and thinks why is indra dev saying this? How could he think of rejecting the invitation of mahadev and devi parvati? Guru dev sees indra dev and thinks I know it is the ego of indra dev that makes him feel inferior to going to devi parvati’s son’s naming ceremony, this is the ego of him being the devraj.
There a demon comes and tells sindhura that vajrantak has been killed. Sindhura is angry and he kills that demon. Mayavani is scared, sindhura says I am the son of brahma dev and all powerful demon, I will go to kailash tomorrow and kill that kid. Sindhura’s body shines and he takes 2 swords and walks. Mayavani thinks this sindhura is a fool, however powerful a demon maybe, that child will kill anyone as he is the son of mahadev and devi parvati.

Precap: sindhura goes to kailash and enters the body of a god. Indra dev says mahadev forgive me but your son gajanan cannot be given the position of a god as a gods position is determined by the karma and not by birth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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