Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Trikura uses his cosmic tornado.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata kali telling the story. Trikura says I will control the entire universe using this cosmic tornado. Trikura’s wife tries to convince trikura and says swami don’t do this, don’t destroy anything, be a good person, the tridev will bless you for that. Trikura denies what his wife says and says my wife supports the tridev but I meditated and prayed so that I would become the ruler of this universe, I will control those tridev inside my tornado and I will destroy their rule. Trikura goes with his demoness servants and he uses his weapon. A servant says prabhu how will you control the tridev by using tornadoes? Trikura says you will see. Trikura uses his weapon and creates a huge tornado, he then puts his powers into the tornado. The tornado becomes very huge and it starts

pulling everything in its way. Trikura laughs.
Mata kali says the power that brahma dev gave trikura was very destructive, trikura used the tornado and the tornado was so powerful that I started oulling all asteroids inside it, then it started sucking all the planets and even swarg lok was being pulled inside this powerful tornado.
There suryadev leaves his suryalok to head towards swarg lok, as suryadev’s chariot goes ahead, suddenly suryadev feels a powerful pull. Suryadev sees and is shocked, he says what is happening? How did this tornado come here? Suryadev’s chariot starts getting pulled, suryadev struggles and he commands his horses to ride with all their power. The horses ride and suryadev then sees the tornado on rastal lok pulling all planets into it, he is shocked and says this way even earth and swarg lok will be pulled with all other lok’s, I have to go to swarg lok ad talk about a solution to this with indra dev and all gods.
Suryadev rides to swarg lok. Indra dev and all gods see as swarg lok tremors. Indra dev what is happening? The swarg lok starts getting pulled too. suryadev comes and indra dev says what is happening suryadev? Suryadev tells everything that happened and says the source of tornado is from rasatl lok.
Mata kali says, because of the tornado earth, suryalok, Chandralok and even swarg lok was getting pulled into the tornado.
Indra dev and all gods go to brahma dev. Indra dev says prabhu, we could have gone to rasatal lok to find the source of the tornado but we didn’t because the tornado’s power was so dangerous that it could have pulled us too, so I thought coming to you would be best. Brahma dev says it is trikura. Indra dev says who is trikura? Brahma dev says trikura is a demon and my param bhakt, he prayed to me for years and I wished him with the power to create a cosmic tornado and also no power in this universe could defeat him or hurt him. indra dev says prabhu, trikura has used the tornado and is destroying the universe, all planets are getting pulled in the tornado, stop him. brahma dev says I will go and talk to trikura, I will tell him to stop this destruction, he will listen to me for sure as he is my disciple.
There brahma dev goes and he says trikura! Trikura looks at brahma dev and says brahma dev you came so soon? Otherwise when I prayed, you took a long time to come. Brahma dev says trikura, stop all this, stop the destruction. Trikura says brahma dev, where are the other 2 gods? Where is mahadev and that Vishnu dev? I want you 3 here, I want to declare something that from now I am the ruler of the universe, and you gods will be at my feet. Brahma dev says I gave you your wish because I thought you would do something good with it but I forgot that after all you are a demon. Trikura says brahma dev, I earned these wishes, you did not give me in charity and 2nd I will not listen more now, I will kill you all, you will be inside my tornado too. trikura sends the tornado towards brahma dev. Brahma dev is shocked. Suddenly lord Vishnu attacks an arrow and destroys one tornado. Trikura says who dared to do that? Lord Vishnu comes on garud. Trikura says come vishnudev, now only mahadev is left. Once he comes, I will forgive you all for your crimes and let you live. Lord Vishnu says foolish demon, brahma dev gave you these wishes and you wanted to kill him? trikura says Vishnu dev, i am the king of demons, trikura and you dare call me a fool.

Precap: lord Vishnu uses his sudarshan chakra to destroy the tornado. Mata kali says Vishnu dev’s chakra failed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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