Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev gulps rishi shokracharya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi shokracharya coming to the balcony of the palace. He uses mrit sanjeevani knowledge and now wakes up the dead demon soldiers. All demons come back to life. All gods and kartikeya are shocked, kartikeya says these demons are coming back. Andhkasura laughs and says we will win demons. Ganesh is angry and fights all demons. Ganesh goes to mahadev and says father, you gave mrit sanjeevani wish to rishi shokracharya but now he is using it for the wrong and is giving life to the demons again, you have to stop and punish him father. Mahadev says go and call rishi shokracharya here ganesh! Ganesh says yes father.
There all gods fight the demons. Ganesh becomes very huge, he starts walking and goes to the palace. There he looks at rishi shokracharya and does pranam.

Shokracharya says pranam ganesh! What happened? Ganesh says guru, mahadev is calling you, he wants to talk to you. Rishi says ganesh ji I am busy in doing my work for helping the demons, I wont say not o maahdev but I will come in some time. Ganesh says maybe it is a problem for you to go there, I will take you to him. Ganesh holds rishi as he says leave me, ganesh walks towards mahadev. Andhkasura says, no guru!
Ganesh puts rishi down in front of the tridev. Ganesh becomes normal and rishi says pranam mahadev! Rishi says mahadev, I was brought here by ganesh when I was doing my work for demons, you gave me mrit sanjeevani knowledge but how I shall use it is my decision, why shall anyone else interfere with it? Mahadev says ganesh what do you have to say? Ganesh says father, you gave the wish to rishi shokracharya but also stating that mrit sanjeevani knowledge should be used only for dharma work and not for iniquity, but rishi shokracharya has given life to dead demons thus putting a threat to the universe and also helping andhkasura in his iniquity work by which he brought devi laxmi captive, rishi shokracharya should be punished, gulp him down into your stomach father! Rishi is shocked. Brahma dev, lord vishnua and laxmi get aside. Mahadev becomes huge, he picks rishi shokracharya as he says no mahadev! He gulps down rishi as he falls down in the stomach, he sees universe everywhere.
Andhkasura says no! rishi shokracharya inside mahadev’s stomach sees universe and says this is the entire universe! Then he sees the battlefield and sees kartikeya killing demons. Rishi says I can see the entire world here, it is indeed true, the entire universe lives inside mahadev’s stomach, rishi says om namha shivay! Om namah shivay!
On the battlefield, all demon army dies as rishi goes. Andhkasura is defeated. Ganesh comes and says andhkasura you have been defeated, ganesh blows the shell and says it is sunset and the laws of battle put the battle at an end, you have been defeated and tomorrow morning ask forgiveness from tridev and surrender. Andhkasura is angry and goes inside his palace with his commander.
At night, tridev sit and all gods say devi laxmi ki jai! Laxmi says everything has been done by ganesh, he brought jestha and that is why I could get a reason to go from patal lok. Everyone say pratham pujya shree ganesh ji ki jai! Laxmi says ganesh you shall be gifted and for what you have done, I bless you that from now on with mine, even your Pooja has to be done and you being the god of intelligence, will be prayed first than everyone, laxmi gives a seat to ganesh and both sit as everyone say vighnaharta shree ganesh ki jai. Parvati there thinks devi laxmi, I thank you as you blessed my son ganesh, I am happy.
In palace, andhaksura is angry and says like always the god cheated again and now our greatest demon rishi shokracharya has gone, he is killed. Commander says we cannot do anything now. Raja prahlad comes and says brother andhkasura! Andhkasura says brother why have you come here? Prahlad says brother, now forget this war, make peace and be good, ask for forgiveness from tridev, they will forgive you, don’t be egoistic. Andhkasura is angry and says no!

Precap: on the battlefield, ganesh says surrender andhkasura. Andhkasura says no! I will kill you all gods, andhkasura opens his eyes and says you will be the captives of my darkness.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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