Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Subodh prays to ganesh!

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with subodh taking blessings of his previous guru’s and he feels immense happiness and joy from it and his mind calms down. Subodh says why did I feel so much peace? The guru says subodh, always remember for every human the greatest thing is to find his prabhu and god! The guru’s go. Devi datinki says rishi skang, now I give my son to you, please teach him. devi goes.
Subodh comes to kartikeya and says rishi, today I took the blessings of my previous guru’s and I felt so much immense peace. Subodh then sees some demon children whom he tortured every time, the children come and smile at subodh and they go. subodh says rishi, I have tormented those kids so many times but today they had a chance to beat me, but they did not, why so? And why did I feel peace and happiness?

Kartikeya says that is because a human’s true happiness and peace lies in kindness and selflessness, that is what humans should do, hate should not have any place in their hearts and only love should be what they give because that is what makes a human truly happy, and also respecting others. Subodh says guru, I will be your student and I want to learn what you teach me, I want to live happy and in peace. Kartikeya smiles and says now you deserve to be my student subodh. Come on, sit here and I shall teach you what life is and what it should be. Subodh gets a question in mind and thinks guru said a person’s first goal in life should be to find his god, who is my god? Kartikeya says subodh we shall start from the question in your mind. Subodh says how did you know guru? That I had a question? Kartikeya smiles and says subodh we shall find your god. Subodh says who is god? Who is my god? Kartikeya says god is everything subodh, he is the one and infinite, he lives in everyone and in this universe, we all are born from him and his children, and Ishwar is Ganesh! Prabhu ganesh is greater than everyone, he is not an embodiment and can not exist as a form but as a whole in this universe, ganesh ji is in the form of a child and also naughty, he has very beautiful eyes and a trunk as well, his divya form is truly phenomenal. Subodh says I want to be the disciple of ganesh ji, I want to have his darshan and see him. kartikeya says to get ganesh ji’s darshan you need to meditate and say his mantra, he will always protect you. kartikeya and subodh say om gan ganpateya namaha!
There gyarahi reaches vaikunth dham, ganesh goes to lord Vishnu and laxmi and tells them to disappear and come to Kailash. They go. gyarahi comes and says where are you Vishnu? Even you ran away scared from me? Gyarahi says all gods have gone and the tridev are scared from me, I shall go to devlok and take control from there.
There ganesh tells tridev, now gyarahi will go to devlok and I have to tell idnra dev not to engage with gyarahi, only then my plan will work. Ganesh goes to swarg lok.
There in swarg lok, gyarahi comes with his army. Indra dev says we have to fight him and punish this demon. Ganesh says no devraj indra, please think, we can kill gyarahi but if we kill him the his son will come for revenge and then after him, his son! This will go on and the war will never end, we have to disappear from here so that after brother kartikeya once teaches subodh the peace and happiness, then we can kill gyarahi. All gods disappear and gyarahi comes, he says even the gods have gone, which means now I am the king of all trilok! Gyarahi sits on the throne.
There gyarahi comes back from his quest and his wife tells him that subodh is doing really good nowadays because of his new guru! He has been attending all his classes at the guru and there has been a huge change in him. gyarahi says what change? Datinki says before all children ued to be scared from subodh but now they love him and play with him, he has become more respectful towards others, he loves to get taught from his guru. Gyarahi says what? My son is not feared now? who is that guru? How dare he teach all this to my son.
Gyarahi comes to the ashram and says who are you? how dare you teach this to my son? Kartikeya gets up. Suddenly subodh comes and takes gyarahi’s blessings and then says father forgive me, I was so deep in meditation that I did not see you arrive. Gyarahi thinks datinki was right, my son has become very soft spoken and respectful towards others, he took my blessings for the first time. Gyarahi says son, come and hug me. Subodh says father, this is rishi skang and he taught me that the real peace and happiness is in taking the blessings of my father and when I touched my head to your feet, I felt the true peace and happiness. Gyarahi thinks my son has truly changed, this rishi has after all not done a bad job. Gyarahi then says what all did you learn? Subodh says about my god, and I have found him father. Gyarahi says who god? Subodh says that god who lives in everything, he is infinite and everything is inside him, he is you! gyarahi thinks, my son has made me god, that is very good. Gyarahi says yes son that is true, I am god. Gyarahi says do you want to meet your god? Son says yes father, and he thinks I will get to meet ganesh ji! I am very happy. Gyarahi thinks subodh will meet the god in his father, I am a god for my son. Subodh then takes kartikeya’s blessings and kartikeya says subodh always remember, never leave your bhakti in your god and remember the mantra, always say that mantra and pray, you will meet your god. Gyarahi thinks I hate looking at my son bending before someone else. Gyarahi and subodh go. kartikeya says subodh, now your bhakti will decide the fate between gods and demons.

Precap: gyarahi beats subodh with a whip and says I will remove your bhakti of ganesh out from you. as subodh is beaten his eyes are closed as he prays to ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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