Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: son flies with vajrantak in the sky.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start with son in his bedroom and he looks at the wooden toy. He says wow this toy is so beautiful, I saw it in the forest too. Vajrantak then speaks in a voice and says yes I am a toy like that. son says oh my god, you can talk too? Toy says yes I can talk. Son says wow what a nice toy. Then he says can you talk? Toy says yes I can, he then walks. Son laughs and says wow it is so fun. Son then says, so you can dance too if you can walk. Vajrantak thinks I am a demon not a playing toy that I will do anything, but I have to dance to make him believe me. Vajrantak dances as a toy and son laughs and enjoys. Son says what else can you do apart from this? Toy says I can also fly. Son is amazed and says will you show me please? Toy says yes but lets go out. The toy gets down and son walks

behind it and enjoys looking at toy walk. As they reach outside palace son says wait friend, even I am here, don’t go alone and will you be able to fly in this small size? Son thinks my grandparents gave me such an amazing toy. The toy now becomes very huge. Son says wow he increased his size too. The toy then bends down and says get on my back. vajrantak takes son on his back and says I will take you in the sky. The toy now flies in the air. Son says wow this toy can actually fly, it is so fun to be in the sky and watch the clouds and mountains from here. as toy flies son looks down and says wow everything look small. The toy thinks don’t worry child today you are going to die, this is the last time you will see anything. Vajrantak turns on his back and son starts falling down, son says what happened? I am falling down, where is the toy? Suddenly toy comes and takes son on his back again. son laughs and says oh you were playing with me, but it was fun.
As they fly in the air, toy now turns into vajrantak and vajrantak laughs and says you foolish child I will take with you, not at your house but with me to kill you. son says kill me? You are a demon. Son thinks once again I failed my mother’s teaching, she told me to always stay alert and think but I in my excitement have put myself in danger. Son thinks I have to do something. Son then smiles and says you will take my life? Vajrantak says yes. Son says you should have told me before, my life is not with me. Vajrantak says what? Son says if you had told me I would have brought my life with me. Vajrantak thinks is he trying to fool me? Vajrantak says where is your life kid? I will kill your body otherwise. Son says my father has hidden my life in a mountain here at its base, if you want me to die, you first have to kill my life. Vajrantak says where is it? you are angering me. Son says see in this mountain. Vajrantak flies towards the mountain through it and destroys it. he says I destroyed it but you are still alive, where is your life? Don’t lie to me. Son says why would I lie? I am just a child, how will I remember where my life is kept, my father kept it and kept in a mountain here somewhere, let me remember.
There parvati comes in the room to check and sees mother sleeping. She wakes up maina and says mother what happened? You look tired and sleeping. Maina says yes actually I travelled entire day that is why I slept. Parvati says we have to make food preparations. Parvati says mother where is my son but? Maina says see here, as she sees she is shocked and says he was right here, where did he go? parvati calls son! Son where are you? parvati and maina find son now.
There vajrantak says tell me where is your life? Son says yes see this mountain, vajrantak then destroys it. vajrantak says where is your life? Son says I don’t know, I just know it is here somewhere in any mountain. Vajrantak is angry and says I am a demon and you cannot fool me, I will destroy all mountains. Vajrantak destroys many mountains together which are some volcanic too, vajrantak is on fire and in pain. Son thinks this way even I will get hurt, son with his trunk blows air and removes fire from vajrantak’s body. Vajrantak says where did this air come from on my body? All the fire disappeared. Vajrantak says tell me kid where is your life?

Precap: vajrantak is in Kailash and huge he attacks rocks angrily on son. As son is there, parvati and all gan and mother father are there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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