Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Trikura prays to brahma dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying mata why did you take your next avatar? Mata kali says the next avatar of mine was very important, her purpose was to stop the powerful and evil demon trikura. Ganesh says trikurasur? Mata I have heard about trikurasur, how did you stop him? mata kali starts saying the story.
In flashback, trikura prays to brahma dev for years and years, he says om brahma devay namah! As he prays, his 2 demoness wives wait and watch him, they say swami is praying to brahma dev, he will soon get many powers, he will be all powerful and will control the entire universe. Trikura prays and prays for years in harsh conditions until one day brahma dev appears. Brahma dev says get up son, I am impressed by your prayers, ask what you want, I had to come after your prayers. Trikura

says yes prabhu, because I have done harsh prayers you had to come. Trikura says brahma dev, I want to live forever which means I want amrutva, no one should be able to kill me. brahma dev says son I cannot grant you this wish, no one can grant you this wish, no one is allowed to have amrutva, ask for something else. Trikura says okay brahma dev, then I have 2 wishes, promise me you will grant them, brahma dev promises, trikura says one I want the power of a cosmic tornado, one that can destroy the entire universe and 2nd, no god in this universe or rather anyone, even the tridev cannot disarm me with their mantras and powers. Brahma dev is shocked and he thinks why does he want such immense power? Brahma dev says son, why do you want these powers? What are you planning to do with such power? Trikura says brahma dev only 2 things I shall say, I don’t want anymore questions and 2nd, grant me my wishes as I have earned them with years of harsh prayers. Brahma dev thinks I have to grant him his wishes as if I don’t then I wont maintain the decorum of my promise. Brahma dev grants trikura his wishes.
After trikura becomes very powerful, he goes back to his palace. Both his wives say swami, we have been waiting for you, we kept watching you everyday. One says no swami, only I saw you everyday, she did not. Both wives fight and trikura says stop your stupid squabble, let me get in now. Trikura gets inside his palace.
Ganesh asks what happened after that mata kali?
In flashback, trikura sits with his commander of his army. Trikura says I always wanted to control the entire universe, though I cannot live forever but there is no one who can kill me or defeat me, even the tridev cannot kill me, I will take control of the universe by using the cosmic tornado, I will hold it inside the tornado.

Precap: trikura uses his power and puts the cosmic tornado that takes all planst inside it. Brahma dev says stop trikura, you are causing destruction. Trikura says brahma dev, even you will go inside this tornado now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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