Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh frees devi laxmi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and jeshta going inside the room. Laxmi sees jeshta and gets up, she says sister you here? Jeshta says rudely, yes I am here! As jeshta walks, everything turns black. Ganesh says mami! He goes running towards laxmi, laxmi says ganesh I missed you a lot, I am happy to see you. Laxmi says sister what are you doing here? Jeshta says laxmi you want everything right? You wanted vaikunth and it became yours, now you have also come to patal lok? My swami rishi darshap is in patal lok, from now I will rule patal lok. Ganesh says yes jeshta aunty, but I was telling you, see how beautiful you are, even more than mami laxmi. Laxmi thinks what is ganesh doing? Jestha says yes, that I am. Ganesh says but to compare you both, you have to come near to each other! Ganesh jeshta

aunty you come near to mami laxmi. Laxmi says to ganesh slowly, ganesh where there is untidiness, I cannot stay there, ganesh says mami that is the whole plan, if jeshta aunt comes here, then it means the place has become untidy and as you said to andhkasura, if even one speck dirt was seen, you wouldn’t live there, then even you will be free, this way the decorum of the wish will be upheld. Laxmi says that is true and smiles. Jeshta starts walking near laxmi. Laxmi says sister stop, laxmi then acts and says sister you cannot have patal lok, I don’t know if you will not put your eyes on vaikunth after that. Jeshta says I will not come to vaikunth, but patal lok will be mine only. Laxmi says okay then you can have patal lok, I will go back to vaikunth. Jeshta comes ahead walking and comes to the seat, everything turns black and gets rotten. Laxmi walks out, jeshta says ganesh you didn’t tell who looks beautiful? Ganesh says mami laxmi while going from here look beautiful and you coming inside the palace look beautiful, jeshta smiles. Ganesh goes with laxmi.
There kartikeya and all gods have become weak. Indra dev and other gods fall down unconscious without power. Kartikeya is attacked by arrows from a demon as he dodges all arrows. Mahadev sees as the shield starts falling. All gods are weak with their powers diminishing.
Inside as laxmi is walking out from the palace, she is fainting from the smell, ganesh comes and says don’t worry mami, I will help you. Ganesh holds the hand of laxmi and walks her, he says mami we are soon going to reach outside of the palace, don’t worry. They see light coming inside and come near the door. Laxmi smiles.
There lord vishnu’s chakra gets its power back. Mahadev sees. Lord Vishnu says this is a good sign, our powers are coming back, the shield is made again. Indra dev’s Vajra astra starts moving and thundering with lightning. Indra dev sees his Vajra. A demon swings his sword to kill indra dev, indra dev takes his Vajra and gets up, he strikes the demon with lightning and kills him. All gods start regaining their powers. Vayu dev kills a demon with his tornado power as does agni dev with his fire power. Kartikeya kills the fast demon using his arrows and then attacks other demon thus killing them. Andhkasura is shocked and says how is this happening? Why are the demons losing their powers? The arrows are weak. Andhkasura says this cannot happen. There ganesh and laxmi come out. Andhkasura sees laxmi. All gods see laxmi and say jai laxmi mata! Jai laxmi mata! Everyone cheer. Everyone get their strengths back. Tridev remove the shield. Andhkasura runs to laxmi and says mata why did you come out? Laxmi says I told you something andhkasura! I cannot live in the palace anymore. Ganesh goes with laxmi. Andhkasura sees the palace is all dirty, he runs inside and sees everything rotten and black and sees jeshta, he says you old fool! Who are you? Jeshta says I rule patal lok from now! No one will come here. Andhkasura is called on the battlefield, he says old woman I will see you later. Andhkasura goes out and is terrified to see his demon army die. Andhkasura says no! guru shokracharya! Please help us. Rishi shokracharya stops his Pooja and says they need me now!
Laxmi goes to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu smiles and says you are back devi! Laxmi says swami you still didn’t ask mahadev about devi parvati and didn’t ask forgiveness from me. Lord Vishnu smiles and says devi, you are my wife, I will always do what you need, and definitely sorry about what happened but with you only I am complete. Laxmi smiles.

Precap: ganesh says to mahadev, rishi shokracharya has been using mrit sanjeevani and bringing back demons from dead, he is misuing the knowledge father. Ganesh says punish him father. Mahadev eats shokracharya!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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