Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati takes the form of Mata Dhumavati

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord vishnu thinking in mind, mahadev you promised to eat all the food. Mahadev eats all the food as promised. Lord Vishnu thinks now we will see my leela.

After everyone’s food. Parvati meets nandi in the kitchen and says nandi have you given food to everyone? Nandi says yes mata, I gave food to all animals too. parvati says then you have food now nandi. Nandi says yes mata, you too sit as I have kept mahadev’s plate for you like always. Parvati sits and then she removes the cover and sees the plate, she sees no food is left for her. Parvati is shocked and says how is this possible? Parvati gets up and checks all utensils, no food is left. She is shocked and says how could mahadev do this? Lord Vishnu comes. parvati says brother you? Lord Vishnu says I was worried

for you parvati, you gave everyone such delicious food but I was worried if you ate food? Parvati says no brother, mahadev always keeps food for me but today he did not, he very well knows I eat what he leaves for me in his plate. Lord Vishnu says what? Sister, mahadev did not leave you any food? That shouldn’t have happened, he should know that you are his wife and he should have thought about you. Parvati says yes, I fed everyone and I made the food, but mahadev didn’t respect me and he did not leave any food for me even when he knew that. Lord Vishnu says you should go and confront mahadev.

There mahadev is meditating and parvati comes, she says mahadev how could you do this? You did not leave any food for me in the plate even when you knew I eat only what you leave, you did not care about me, I made food and preparations for everyone but you did not respect me and were too selfish. Even now when I confront you, you are busy meditating. Mahadev keeps meditating which increases the anger of parvati. She gets angry and becomes very huge, everything becomes red with parvati’s eyes. Parvati says give me the answer mahadev, why did you do this? Parvati says okay, now I will calm my hunger. Parvati opens her mouth and sucks all trees and planets inside her mouth, then she sucks mahadev and eats him inside her stomach. Mahadev comes inside the universe as he floats around it. Parvati then suddenly turns into the form of mata dhumavati, her clothes become white and her ornamenst disappear with only rudraksh mala on her body, she looks like a widow. Parvati realizes her mistake and she starts crying and says how could I do this? I ate my swami, prabhu where are you? Parvati is in pain in her form, suddenly mahadev appears and parvati takes her normal size and again becomes normal in her parvati form with all clothes and ornaments. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev appear. Mahadev says uma, what you did was right. Parvati says forgive me swami, my body suddenly took a form where all my clothes and ornaments had gone and I felt widowed, in each of my forms you are there with me but in this form I felt your absence. Mahadev says uma, this form will from now be known as dhumavati and you will linger like dhumra. Lord Vishnu says forgive me sister parvati, I had to do this leela to get your true form of mata dhumavati for the world. Brahma dev says devi, from now your form of dhumavati shall be given the duty to give all beings in the universe their result of their karma, you will give everyone the punishment they deserve and the reward they deserve if they be dharma or adharmi. Mahadev says uma, you have to take this form for the sake of the universe and to provide everyone the result of their karma. Parvati says mahadev, if you can drink the hala hal poison for the sake of the world then even I shall take the dhumavati form without your presence for the sake of all beings. Parvati turns into a fire bolt and goes in the clouds, she then takes the form of dhumavati and sits on her throne.

Precap: ganesh asks mata kali about taking her next form. Mata kali takes her next form to destroy a demon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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