Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati blesses Bhom.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhom saying you are very arrogant, rude and egoistic gan! Nandi gets angry and says I will kill you before you enter here. bhom says this time I am going to punish you for your shameful attitude. Ganesh uses hi shell and blows it, its holy sound calms down nandi and bhom’s anger. Ganesh then comes and says brother bhom, you are welcome in Kailash with all hearts! Bhom smiles and says pranam ganesh ji. Nandi thinks so this is the special guest of ganehs ji and he had come last time too, he is mahadev son! Nandi realizes his mistake and says bhom ji, because of my lack of knowledge I did not recognize and said what not to you, we all welcome you to Kailash and please forgive me. Bhom smiles and says okay. Everyone enter inside the palace and ganesh says brother bhom,

mata parvati and father will be so happy to see you, we will go and meet them. Bhom says yes.
There parvati says to mahadev, I am very sad from what I have heard mahadev. You have another son and I did not even know about it! it isn’t wrong right? That i being a woman is sad about this as her husband has another son! Mahadev says uma, I am the jagat pita of this universe, everyone is my children. Ganesh comes and says mother, parvati looks behind and ganesh introduces bhom to mahadev and parvati. Bhom does pranam and smiles. Parvati looks at bhom and is impressed and amazed. She looks at the divya form of bhom as his body shines with all positive energy. Mata smiles and says this is amazing! So holy and divya his form and body is, I feel so much positivity inside bhom. Parvati thinks I was stupid to be angry and sad, I and mahadev are the mother and father of this universe and everyone is our children, I should be happy that I have another son. Bhom says pranam mata, I am lucky and grateful to ganesh ji today that I got to meet you and my father, mahadev! Bhom says I was born from mahadev’s drop of sweat which emerged from his intense anger, that is why my body is red and I have this inborn anger inside me. Parvati says son bhom, mahadev is your father and I am your mata from now! mata parvati blesses bhom and says I am very amazed to see your divya form. Ganesh says yes mother, the day I saw brother bhom, I could see his anger but I saw positivity inside him. kartikeya smiles. Bhom says mata, what happened to Chandra dev was my fault, I did not do it intentionally as my anger always affected ganesh ji, I cant do anything as my body produces anger which affects anyone near me. Nandi says forgive me bhom ji, I don’t know what happened to me that day when you came on ganesh ji’s birthday, I insulted you and I am really sorry about that. bhom says nandi ji, it is not your fault as even you got affected by my anger that day! Parvati says when I saw you today bhom, I could see your divya form and only one word comes to my mind, Mangal. Mahadev says son bhom, you are welcome to our family, your divya form and your anger has a cause because of which you were born. Devi prithvi says mahadev, you gave me my son bhom and I am thankful for that. mahadev says bhom, from now you shall be also known as mangal because of your divya from like mangal, and you shall live on the planet mars and shall rule there and do your duty, at the start of every week, the first day shall be known after your name, mangalvar! And your animal shall be the wild goat. Bhom thanks mahadev. Ganesh says brother bhom, even I shall give you a wish, because you are connected to me, whenever my Pooja is done, I shall be known as mangalmurti and with your Pooja, the entire years hard work shall be given their result by doing just your Pooja. Bhom thanks ganesh and parvati covers bhom’s body with the clothes of a god. Kartikeya says brother mangal, you and me we both are warriors so even I shall give you a wish, whenever someone prays to you, I shall appear for that disciple of yours for protection as well and I shall fulfill their wishes as well, and as mahadev said, I give you your animal vehicle, the wild goat. The goat appears. Bhom says I have attained salvation by getting a family and by the wishes that you all have given me, I shall always be grateful to all of you. Bhom goes on the planet mars in his palace as Mangal.
There durbuddhi’s son gyarahi sees his father’s body and is shocked, who has done this? The soldier says ganesh killed your father. Gyarahi says I will avenge my father’s death, I will kill ganesh. Gyarahi’s wife comes and says swami, I am pregnant and my son will be born anytime, please wait till my son is born and go after that. gyarahi says okay and in a day, gyarahi’s son is born. Gyarahi says my son shall also be a great demon and like me and my father, he will be a huge enemy of the gods and fight to overthrow the gods, my son will fight after me and kill the gods. Gyarahi says now I shall go to kill that ganesh and punish him for killing my father. As ganesh’s name is taken, gyarahi’s baby son joins his hand and prays to ganesh. Gyarahi’s wife thinks my son is praying to ganesh ji, this is very wrong and swami will be angry if he knows this.
Gyarahi is coming to Kailash with his soldiers. Ganesh hears this and tells mahadev and others that durbuddhi’s son gyarahi is coming to fight him but he wants everyone to disappear. Kartikeya says why ganesh? If he is coming then I shall kill that demon, I will not leave him. ganesh says please trust me brother, we all have to vanish. Everyone vanish.
Gyarahi enters Kailash with his soldiers and is finding ganesh, he goes everywhere and says come out ganesh. You killed my father then why are you hiding now? come out. Gyarahi comes near mahadev’s praying place, everyone is there invisible and kartikeya says this demon is coming near father’s meditation place, I will kill him if he comes closer. Gyarahi then stops and goes out of Kailash as he doesn’t find anyone and says I will come again ganesh.
Everyone become visible and kartikeya says this is not right ganesh, I should have fought that demon. Kartikeya goes away angrily and ganesh goes behind him. parvati says why was kartikeya so angry? Mahadev says uma, kartikeya is a warrior and for a warrior protecting his house and people from demons is foremost, gyarahi came to kartikeya’s house which kartikeya did not like and that is why he wanted to kill him.
Ganesh tells kartikeya, brother please don’t be angry, trust me. Kartikeya says then what do I do? I should have killed that demon but because of you I had to see him enter Kailash. Ganesh says brother I have another way to punish him. kartikeya says which way?

Precap: ganesh says brother, gyarahi is following his father’s footsteps, I just have to remove the hatred for gods out of him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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