Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: parvati and mahadev are in graveyard.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone saying where is mahadev and mata parvati? Lord Vishnu says I know how to find them ganesh, you have to go to graveyard, you will find them there. Ganesh says yes mama ji, I and brother kartiekya will go with rishi durvasa. Indra dev says ganesh ji, even we gods shall come as you may need our help in any danger there. Ganesh says okay indra dev. lord Vishnu says yes everyone shall come to the graveyard.
Everyone together go to the graveyard and ganesh see mata parvati and mahadev in a black form. Ganesh says what form is this mama ji? Lord Vishnu smiles it is the start of holi my nephew they have taken these forms as the recitation of mata parvati’s form of mata kali and her 10 stories has started.
There all the spirits of dead bodies come out as mata

parvati plays the veena and mahadev dances and throws bhasma powder everywhere. The spirts dance.
There ganesh sees nagraj Vasuki and says mama shree why is nagraj Vasuki looking sad? Lord Vishnu says ganesh nagraj Vasuki is not sad, he knows mahadev and parvati have taken the matank and matnki forms away from everyone and have come in this graveyard, it is time for parvati to soon take her mata kali form.
There a rishi martand is praying on a mountain and suddenly he hears the voice of parvati in his head saying come and meet me my son! Martand opens his eyes.
There mahadev and parvati play veena and dance. Mahadev sits and parvati sits beside mahadev on a vine. Ganesh says I am worried for mother and father, what if they don’t come back to Kailash? Rishi durvasa says I have to go to them and ask for forgiveness, I have to convince mahadev and mata parvati to come back to Kailash.
Rishi martand appears suddenly and everyone look at him. Rishi says I was meditating on a mountain and suddenly I heard the voice of my mata parvati, she said come and meet me son but I should have appeared on Kailash, lord Vishnu what am I doing in this graveyard? Where is mahadev and mata parvati? Ganesh says rishi martand, see mata and mahadev are sitting there. Rishi sees and is worried, he says why have mata parvati and mahadev taken the matank and matanki form? Why have they gone away from everyone and are alone? Wont they come to Kailash? Ganesh thinks even I am worried for father and mother, have they sacrificed Kailash forever?
Lord Vishnu smiles and says martand, it is time for parvati to take her form of mata kali?
Ganesh says but mama shree, if mata and father have taken the form of matank and matanki, then how will mother take mata kali’s form?

Precap: parvati starts walking into a lake. Kartikeya says why is mother going inside the lake? Parvati appears as mata kali!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Interesting episode. Liked the way Shiv ji and mata danced with the ghost. Nicely picturised

  2. Jai shree ganesh

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