Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya go to play dice.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya saying indra dev has lost everything, now it is time to make things right. Ganesh says brother, now we shall go and play this game of dice, the demons will be taught a lesson, they cheated like always and I am shocked that even rishi shokracharya helped them do this, he is a very knowledgeable rishi and he shouldn’t have done this.
There all demons laugh and shumbh says indra dev, you have lost everything now. Indra dev is angry and thinks these demons are always what they are, it was my mistake to think of them as friends, these apsaras belong to the demons, I should have known they would at last support the demons only as they belong to their race. All gods say what do we do now indra dev? we have lost everything.
Ganesh and kartikeya

come and say gods, now we will play dice with the demons. Shumbh says what? The game is over now, devraj indra and the gods have lost to us, how can you play? Ganesh says we have something to put at stake too and there is still the last chance left, so the game still continues, ask rishi shorkacharya if you want, the last chance is remaining. Rishi says yes ganesh ji, there is one chance still left, but remember according to the rules you have to put something that is more valuable to you and the gods than what they have already lost. Ganesh says okay asur guru. Shumbh says okay then, if you have something more valuable then you can play your last chance, otherwise you shall all go away from here now. Ganesh says calm down asur mahanayak shumbh, we have something to put at stake which you all cant resist, I put the Amrit at stake, only the gods own it, and you have always wanted it, here is your chance to win it. Rishi shokracharya thinks, is this some trick of ganesh? Is he actually putting the amrit at stake? This is what we demons have always wanted! Shumbh thinks this cannot be true! He looks at rishi shokracharya and rishi nods his head. Shumbh says okay then, we allow you to play with the amrit at stake. Ganesh says yes, but I will put amrit at stake only if you will put everything you have at stake plus everyone that devraj indra lost to you. Shumbh thinks and says okay I put that at stake against the amrit. Shokracharya thinks that is fair, if we get the amrit then we don’t need anything.
Ganesh says okay but I will throw the dice, remember that! Shumbh says why? Why will you throe the dice? I will throw it. Ganesh says you threw the dice all this time, that is why the gods have lost everything. Indra dev says ganesh ji, please think, if we lose the amrit then we will lose everything. Kartikeya says indra dev you have lost everything because of your greed and foolishness.
ganesh says I will throw the dice, I am playing this game of dice for the first time. Shumbh says okay then, and he gives the dice to ganesh. Ganesh takes the dice and rolls it, he says but asur guru, I have never played dice before and you all have knowledge in it, let me practice first, if I do that then we can play fairly. Shumbh is annoyed and says what practice now? Come on! Ganesh says I need to practice first. Shumbh says okay then, but we will play a practice game as well with your practice chance, in that you have to put something at stake which is not of much importance to you because anyway it is a practice chance. Ganesh says okay then, that is fair! Shokracharya says okay, but after the practice chance, we wont stall much and play the actual chance for the amrit that you have put at stake. Ganesh says okay asur guru.

Precap: ganesh throws the chance and the demons are shocked. Shumbh tells chund and mund and other demons to take ganesh and all gods captive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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