Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati goes to her disciple.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev saying to vastram that a child who is undefeatable and will live forever cannot be granted to you as a wish. Demon says mahadev, I prayed to you for years, is this what I get of my bhakti? Mahadev says vastram, I can grant you a wish, your son will be all powerful as he is born. Mahadev grants the wish.
There indra dev in heaven says mahadev granted this demon his wish. Indra dev says now we all gods are again in danger, every time such demons arise and get what they wish for, all gods and the world is put in danger. Narad muni comes and says I was just coming to tell you that vastram got what he want and another trouble in the form of his son has arisen. Indra dev is worried.
There ganesh and parvati wait and parvati is holding the flower, parvati

says mahadev has not yet come, for him his disciples come first before I do. The flower dries up. Parvati looks at the flower and closes her eyes, she hears rishi karthiayan praying to her saying, at least come now maa! Come and give me darshan as my daughter, please maa, give me the fruit of my bhakti towards you. Parvati opens her eyes and says I have decided now, from now I will look at my disciples first, like mahadev who has always kept his duty over me, I will do the same. Parvati says till now I was waiting here as mahadev’s wife and you and kartikeya’s mother but now I will act as the goddess that I am. Ganesh is sad.
There nandi and all gan are waiting and they see mahadev coming, nandi says mahadev has come mata mahadev has come. Mahadev comes quickly and all gan go behind him towards the hut. Ganesh is standing there. Mahadev comes excited and says where is parvati? Uma where are you? Mahadev goes inside and looks in the hut and says uma, where are you? Mahadev comes out and stands near ganesh and says uma where are you? Then he says ganesh where is your mother, where did she go? Ganesh says I am sorry father, mother has gone. Mahadev is shocked. Mahadev looks at the dried fallen flower and remembers what ganesh told him that he had promised parvati he would bring mahadev back before the flower dries. Mahadev is shocked. Ganesh says father you are late, you broke my promise, mother has gone, she said from now she will tend to her disciples first. Ganesh says what happened, in flashback parvati says I will look after my disciples first from now. Ganesh says mother please wait, father will be coming any time now, please wait don’t go. Parvati says I have to go and takes the form of a young girl and the flower falls down, she smiles and says ganesh I have to go, parvati goes to rishi karthiayan. Ganesh tells mahadev he tried to stop mother a lot but she did not stop, she went away. Mahadev is sad.
There rishi karthiayan sits and prays and says mata come now at least. Parvati comes to rishi karthiayan in the form of his little daughter. Rishi is happy as parvati says father!
There indra dev in heaven is worried and says to all gods, that demon’s son has grown up now, mhaishasur will start destroying everything and taking control when he grows up fully. There mhaishasur, vastram’s son is in his teenage and runs towards his palace. Vatsram says come here son, come fast. As mhaishasur comes, a wild elephant starts running towards him to attack him. Vatsram is worried and says you will get hurt son. Mhaishasur jumps in air and hits the elephant, the wild elephant is hurled in air and goes and lands far away on ground and is killed. Vastram smiles and mhaishasur says to him, father I am very powerful, nothing will happen to me. Vatsram says yes son, I will see everything that you do with your powers in the future, it will be fun. Vastram says loudly, all gods be ready for my son. The world shakes and in heaven, lightning happens, indra dev says mhaishasur will come in time to defeat everyone.

Precap: parvati in her anger form kills mhaishasur as ganesh aids her. Mahadev waits for parvati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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