Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan attack sindhura in retaliation.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sindhura reaches the final level and looks at the amrit and smiles cunningly. There indra dev says gajanan please come with us and help us, you have to kill sindhura otherwise he will take the amrit and destroy everything. Gajanan says I cannot come with you devraj. Indra dev says but gajanan we need your help. Gajanan says vayudev, agnidev , suryadev and you yourself devraj, couldn’t defeat sindhura then I am just a kid how will I do anything to him? indra dev says forgive me gajanan, only you are the one who can do anything to him, I couldn’t see your capability and for that forgive me.
There sindhura comes towards the amrit and says there are no huge cobra snakes her, indra dev was fooling me. Sindhura walks ahead, the ground shakes suddenly and 2 huge cobra snakes appear. Sindhura

is shocked to see those snakes and says devraj was right, I have to kill these snakes first. The snakes start attacking sindhura. Sindhura runs to save himself and dodges the attacks. He runs ahead near some rocks and hides behind one. Sindhura says how do I kill these snakes? Sindhura falls down as he tries to run and is shocked to see snakes coming to attack him.
Indra dev sits on his knees and says gajanan forgive me. Gajanan says devraj stop. Don’t do this, an elder should never touch the feet of a younger, my mother taught me we should respect our elders. Gajanan says you should ask forgiveness from mother because your words hurt her. Indra dev gets up and says that is right. He says mata please forgive me for what I said, I had become egoistic and now understand what mistake I did. Parvati remembers what she said about gajanan and says a person who understand his mistake and makes it right, he should be forgiven so I forgive you, parvati says I am a mother and will not keep her children sad, she says it is time and gajanan you have to go as there is no time, you have to remember everything you have been taught as this is the day you were getting ready for. Gajanan says I remember everything you told me mother, he goes and takes mahadev’s blessings.
There sindhura saves himself from the snakes attacks. He then goes behind the rocks and comes out saying are you finding me? He attacks the snakes with his power and kills them. Then he goes to the amrit and looks at the pot and says now I will have my amrit. From behind gajanan comes with another same looking pot and says asur ji wait. Sindhura looks at gajanan and says kid you here? Gajanan says I just came here to see you. Sindhura says now even you cannot stop me from drinking the amrit. Gajanan says I have not come here to stop you, go ahead and drink it. Sindhura looks at the pot in gajanans hand and says what is that same looking pot? Gajanan says what is it to you? You got your amrit then drink it. Sindhura says yes no one can stop. Sindhura then opens the pot and sees normal water and says this looks like normal water. Gajanan opens the pot he has and the inside shines. Sindhura says the real pot is with him. gajanan runs away with the pot. Sindhura runs behind him. gajanan runs and runs and comes out from all levels, sindhura comes out and says give me the pot. Gajanan says mother says those who deserve get what they should, so take the pot. Gajanan gives the pot and sindhura opens it, the shine disappears, there is nothing inside the pot. Sindhura is angry, gajanan brings him to a huge planet. Sindhura sees all levels come back and all gods and gandharv come back. Sindhura says you foolish child, I had crossed all levels but you brought me here without my amrit. Sindhura says now I will use my powers to kill you. Sindhura removes his bow and arrow and says iw ill attack my vish astra on you. Sindhura attacks. Gajanan thinks he has powers given by mata parvati and thinks mother has taught me everything. Gajanan says to remove darkness, light always come and in the same way my drishastra will destroy your weapon. Gajanan attacks and his arrow turns into a lion destroying the poison arrow of sindhura. Sindhura is shocked and thinks I have to fight him with more dangerous weapons. Sindhura says I will attack my weapon with all my anger in it. Sindhura attacks and the ground shakes. A demon arises from sindhura’s anger. Gajanan sees and thinks this demon looks more dangerous and powerful.

Precap: gajanan summons the wrath of mata from his weapons and mata kills everyone. Sindhura turns into clones and attacks gajanan from all sides.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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