Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali kills demon babuk.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with demon athak using his gadha and attacking on indra dev to take his power. Suryadev says no, I wont let you do that. suryadev comes in between and says try and take my power you demon, my urja shakti is too much to drain out. Athak says I will make you weak too. athak starts taking suryadev’s power. Tarkasura says athak, this is the right time now use your powers and attack atyasura kill him now! Athak continues to pull suryadev’s power in his gadha. indra dev says no suryadev, if his urja is gone then the sun’s power will be gone.
Kartikeya is worried and says suryadev’s power is the life to everyone in this universe. Atyasura says I am scared kartikeya ji, tarkasura can do anything to kill me. kartikeya says don’t be worried atyasura.
As athak

pulls the power of suryadev, suryadev says devraj my urja is going weak and the universe wont have the sun! slowly the sun starts going down and everything in the universe turns dark, kailash, vaikunth dham and brahma lok with entire universe turns dark, all the god soldiers get weak and gods feel their powers getting a bit weak because of the sun’s absence. Indra dev says this is a huge problem as our soldiers wont be able to defend their positions.
Tarkasura says babuk, use your spear and now aim at atyasura and kill him, while everyone is distracted. Babuk uses his spear and attacks it on atyasura. mata maha kali comes in between and she starts killing all demon soldiers with her swords, she pulls the spear towards her and throws it back at babuk. Mata kali then uses her paash and attacks on babuk. Tarkasura is worried for babuk. Mata kali pulls babuk in the air and smashes him on the ground and then puts the spear inside babuk and kills him. tarkasura is sad and closes his eyes, tarkasura then says bahuka go and bring atyasura and kill him, I want revenge from everyone. Kartikeya thanks maha kali.
Kartikeya tells atyasura to hold his hand and not worry, because he wont let anything happen to him. suddenly the ground starts to tremor and atyasura says kartikeya ji, it feels like something is coming from under the ground towards us. Kartikeya says yes atyasura, it does feel like something is coming. Atyasura says tarkasura’s demon is coming for me. bahuka comes and makes a hole and pulls kartikeya and atyasura under the ground.
Devi sarla asks ganesh, if bahuka pulled them under the ground? Did he kill atyasura? ganesh says no mata, he did not kill atyasura because even kartikeya was with him, he rather pulled them into another lok.
Kartikeya and atyasura fall into patal lok. Atyasura says where are we? Kartikeya says this is patal lok. Bahuka comes and says kartikeya, you guessed it right! You are in the lok of demons where we are powerful. Bahuka shows his various hands and weapons. Atyasura is scared and says now he will kill me. kartikeya says don’t worry atyasura, I will protect you.

Precap: Tarkasura holds atyasura and lands a cut from his dagger on atyasura’s stomach. Kartikeya fights to kill bahuka.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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