Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: indra dev goes to brahma ev and lord vishnu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gajanan doing pranam to parvati and says I succeeded because of you and even you father, please give me your blessings. Parvati says after this son, now you have to introduce yourself to the world with your leela.
There sindhura says vishwakarma take me ahead. Sindhura has a gandharva and holds his neck and says I will kill him otherwise. Vishwakarma says I will take you, first free him. sindhura leaves gandharva. Vishwakarma then prays and stops the next traps and levels, sindhura kills the gandharva and comes ahead and says I freed him from life. vishwakarma is shocked. They both come to the start of the next level where huge blades swing around, these blades stop and sindhura says now I will get the amrit.
Indra dev says prabhu brahma dev please protect

us, sindhura will destroy everything. Brahma dev says I cannot help you in this indra dev. Indra dev says brahma dev sindhura will reach and drink the amrit and this will be destructive for the world. Saraswati is shocked. Brahma dev says I know but ask lord Vishnu, he can help you.
There sindhura sees the blades, vishwakarma thinks I should go otherwise he will hurt me. Vishwakarma goes and the blades start swinging again. Sindhura comes back and says where did vishwakarma go? he cheated on me, but I have to go inside soon. Sindhura sees and says I have to see the speed of blades and go accordingly.
There indra dev goes to lord Vishnu and says narayana we need your help. Lord Vishnu closes his eyes and then opens and says yes there is a problem indeed but I cannot help you in this problem anyway. Indra dev says narayana you had helped us during the war between demons and gods, please help us. Lord Vishnu says I cannot help as sindhura had been cursed that only mahadev’s son can kill him.
Indra dev goes to kartikeya who is at the west guarding. Indra dev says commander kartikeya, a problem has arose as a powerful demon sindhura has come against the gods and will take the amrit if not stopped which will cause destruction everywhere, we need your help to kill him. kartikeya says devraj I will not help you. Indra dev says what? Kartikeya says I will not help that man who insulted my brother and mother and anyway that son of mahadev whose help you need is my brother gajanan and not me. Kartikeya smiles.
Indra dev is in his court and says to stop that demon sindhura we need the help of that child gajanan. Suryadev says gajanan? Indra dev says yes suryadev, on one side there is this evil demon sindhura and other side a child gajanan, what do we do? Bu the name suggested by lord Vishnu, brahma dev and kartikeya were gajanan. Devi sachi comes and says what happened swami? Why don’t you go and ask for the help of gajanan? Indra dev says you don’t understand ruling and politics. Sachi says swami, you don’t want to gajanan because of your pride and honor, you insulted gajanan in front of mata parvati and everyone, now you know the solution to killing sindhura and it is gajanan then why don’t you go and ask for his help from mata parvati? Indra dev is angry. Suryadev says devi is right devraj, we need the help of gajanan. Indra dev then says maybe yes, we have to go to mata parvati.
There sindhura finds a solution and he jumps over the huge blades one by one, at the end he comes at the last 2 blades and is about to get cut but jumps over the blades and he sees the naag’s with the amrit in front of them. Sindhura says it is not impossible for me to do anything.
There gajanan is sitting and served food, everyone is there. Mahadev watches his son. Gajanan says to parvati that mother I was so tired during the meditation, I wanted to rest but then I saw 2 eyes in the fire and all my tiredness went away and I did the meditation. Parvati smiles and says son I trusted in you and knew you would complete your meditation. Parvati feeds gajanan food as gajanan sees food and says so much for me? Indra dev comes with all gods and devi sachi. He comes and everyone get up. Parvati says all gods here? Indra dev does pranam to mahadev and mata parvati. He then says a powerful demon sindhura has come against all gods. Indra dev tells entire story of how sindhura is going for the amrit and will become indestructible if he is not killed. Indra dev says mata parvati we need your help. Parvati says what do you want? Indra dev says mata we need your son gajanan’s help to kill sindhura. Parvati says my son gajanan? But he is a child as you gods got defeated by sindhura, take the help of brahma dev and narayana. Indra dev says mata, brahma dev and Vishnu dev told us to come and take the help of gajanan as only he can kill sindhura. Parvati then talks in sarcasm and says but my son is incapable as he is just a child right devraj? Parvati says as you said, he needs karma and not birth to be a god, then how can he help you? You said he is just a child. Indra dev looks at mahadev who smiles. Parvati then says indra dev if mahadev is the father of worlds then even I am the mother of everyone, I am cared about everyone as everyone are my children, you too! parvati says I will do everything to protect you and all gods, but it is gajanan whose help you need so ask him, if he says yes then I permit him to go. indra dev looks at gajanan and says gajanan, we need your help today so please come with us as if sindhura drinks amrit then he will become a problem for everyone. Gajanan says no indra dev, I cannot come with you.

Precap: sindhura says to the cobras, are you finding me? He attacks and kills them and is about to pick the pot of amrit when gajanan from behind comes and says hey asur ji! Is that the pot you want? Gajanan has another pot of same type in his hand, sindhura is confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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