Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali kills chund and mand.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts mata kali fighting chund and mand. Chund and mand command their army to attack mata kali and take her captive. kartikeya, ganesh and all gods watch everyone. Kartikeya says mata’s anger will increase with every second, I hope it doesn’t turn destructive.
The army heads towards mata kali and mata chandmari rides her donkey and fights and kills the soldiers. Chund and mand say come on, we will take that devi kali and kill her. Chund and mand go towards mata kali who looks at them angrily. Chund and mand then throw their mayavi chakras which can be stopped only one at a time. Mata kali uses her different hands in her divya form and she stops all the chakras and throws the chakras at the soldiers, killing many demons. Chund and mand are shocked, they remove their electric

mayavi paash and then fly in air and surround mata kali on the ground. Chund says brother mand, attack and lets kill this devi. Chund and mand rotate their paash and then start raining weapons on devi kali. Mata kali makes a shield around her to protect herself. Chund and mand rotate very quickly around devi kali.
Ganesh says mata will be angry and soon thirsty for blood.
Mata kali then disappears from the battlefield. Mata chandmari kills all the soldiers of chund and mand. Chund and mand then say brother I cannot see that devi, where did she go? chund and mand say lets stop rotating, they both stop rotating in circles and then search for devi kali. Mand says brother, she has vanished somewhere, where did she go? suddenly mata kali’s voice comes and says I will kill you both demons, you have done sins and insulted women, you will die in the hands of a woman. You both will know the power of a woman. Mata kali holds their paash. Chund and mand say she has held our paash, our powers are not working. Mata kali uses the paash and starts rolling them around chund and mand, she then ties chund and mand around with their paash and throws them down, the paash starts burning chund and mand. Chund, mund scream in pain and they use their mayavi powers and break the paash. Mata kali lands down on ground and looks at them angrily. Chund and mand bleed and get angry, they say we will never die from the hands of a woman. Chund and mand remove their axe and run towards mata kali. Mata kali pushes them behind and chund mand get up again. they say woman, you will come with us, not for shumbh but we will drag you for us, we will have you. mata kali takes her weapon and cuts the heads of chund and mand, she then screams loudly in anger. The scream reaches all over the universe, to brahma lok, vaikunth dham, to mahadev and in swarg lok as well.
The swarg lok tremors and shumbh says what was that?
Suddenly an injured demon soldier comes to swarg lok and he says maharaj shumbh, chund and mand have been killed by that devi, she is very powerful and she even killed all the demon soldiers. Nishumbh is shocked and he has tears and says no! our brothers are dead. Shumbh says how is that possible? My demon brothers and soldiers are dead.
Raktbeej says I knew this would happen, because she is jagat janni, she is mata parvati and the mother of all, no one can kill her. Shumbh says what are you saying? Are you with me or you support that devi? Shumbh says maharaj shumbh, you don’t understand this situation, you don’t want to accept that a woman can defeat you but mata parvati can, she is jagat janni and no one can kill her, she will kill each one of us just the way she has killed, dhumralochan, chund, mund, ruru and mahishpondurak.
Raktbeej says I will not fight against the devi knowing that I am anyway going to die from her hands.

Precap: raktbeej says I will fight mata kaushaki but I will die and the reason will be you shumbh. Raktbeej fights mata kali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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